If you are here looking for a feminine first and middle name for your baby girl, you are in good company.

Some parents choose to keep a baby’s gender a surprise until D-day. Others want to know as soon as the Ultrasound report is out, and others still choose to reveal it at a gender-reveal party.

Whichever group of parents you fall into, most parents still want to prepare a name, or a short-list of names, to bestow upon their baby when they finally arrive in the world.

When it comes to girls’ names, you are in luck. There are so many original and feminine names to consider, that you will be spoiled for choice. From bold to soft, long to short, the choices are endless.

In this article, we will help you find a name that is as special and as feminine as your little girl will be.

Making A choice

Welcome to every parent’s dilemma.

As your child grows up, they will take on the responsibility of making decisions for themselves, (hopefully with your help and guidance.)

But one choice that you get to make for them, from the get-go, Is the name you choose to give them. Inhale. Exhale. Do not stress mamas and papas, that is actually a good thing, though it might scare you at first.

It means that the gift of a name you give to your baby girl, will always be there to remind her of how much you loved her before you even met her.

Take your time

As we have established what an important decision this is, expect that it might take some time to find the right name or names that will suit your child and will be with them for life.

For some parents, the process may be quick, like love at first sight, or rather, first sound, where they recognize their Daughter’s name the minute they hear it, and for others it can be a lengthier process requiring some time ,some research and some testing.

But whether you stumble upon the name right away or after some time, you will need to test it thoroughly, so make sure to read the tips below before you make your final decision.

Word to the wise

Know that a name you found strange at first might become a name you love, so don’t dismiss new names too fast. As far fetched as a name may sound at first, it may grow upon you.

How many times have you met someone new or heard a new name mentioned to you for the very first time and thought to yourself “what a strange name! I’ve never heard that before!” only to have that unfamiliar name become familiar, or even dear and close to your heart after some time.

So, don’t be quick to judge a name by it’s cover, test the feel for it first before you dismiss it.


Things to think about


Most names have meaning, even if the meaning is not well known, so be sure to research any name you choose for its meaning. A Name also carries some impressions in its vowels and consonants, so consider the sound it makes as you ponder your choice.

This is especially important if you are planning a middle name too, as clashing or contrasting meanings between the first and middle names could become problematic in the future.

Consider names with benevolent, positive meanings, or settle on a meaning you would like first; perhaps you have a certain characteristic, or value you are hoping to inspire in your child, and then choose the name accordingly.



If there is one thing a schoolteacher can tell you, it’s how quick kids are at coming up with nicknames (both kind and unkind) for each other.

Be sure to test and consider common and uncommon possible abbreviations for a name you chose, especially when it comes to selecting two names, a first and a middle name.

Make sure that you are comfortable with common nicknames for a name you chose, like Abby for Abigail or Maggie for Margaret. Even if you chose to go by Abigail, her classmates may still insist on calling her Abby.

Too common vs. too different; two sides to one coin

Whether you enjoy standing out in a crowd, or you enjoy disappearing in one, remember that your child may be an extrovert to your introvert, or vice versa.

While choosing a quite common or popular name is not a disadvantage, it may annoy your child if both of her names are commonplace if she wants to stand out.

It is also good to remember that names that are very different can also be problematic and can sometimes affect the child negatively.

Roll it out from top to bottom

Like a red carpet, a string of names can only be seen properly when they are rolled out. Sound out all the names, starting with first, then middle, then last name. See what that feels like.

Repeat it a couple of times and listen for how the syllables fit together. Is there an awkward pause in the middle?

Do you feel that the names are forced?

Or do they have a nice rhythm?

If it sounds like music to your ears, you know you have got it.

Specific names or initials

Perhaps you have always wanted to name your baby after your grandma or love a certain letter of the alphabet. Or maybe you and your partner share the same initial and would like to add your baby to your unified initial team.

For whichever reason, if you have already chosen a first name, middle name or an initial, make sure the rest of the set fits nicely.


Initial here please

When it’s time for your child to get a custom-made license plate for her smashing new car (or used second -hand one) it’s a good idea to check  the initials that go on are ones she can live with.

She will use her initials on bank forms, legal contracts, and a lot of other paperwork, and you will be happy that you took the time to think ahead.


Test drive

Once you have arrived at a name or names that you like, it’s time to take them for a test drive.

Take advantage of small talk while waiting in line at the grocery store or on a chair in the doctor’s waiting room, and if asked, mention your baby’s intended names.

See if that sits comfortably with you. Roll out the name or names you’ve chosen, and see if it leaves you full of excitement, or with an uncomfortable feeling.

Listen to your gut feeling.

Do it again at home, practice talking about and to your baby (or rather your belly) and referring to her by her chosen name. If the more you repeat a name the more uncomfortable it makes you, it’s time to consider a change


Visualize it

Visualize your girl as a grown woman, a professional with children of her own, carrying that name or names you chose. Cute names for babies might not be so cute for a full-grown woman.

If the names feel off, or you are not comfortable picturing her as an adult with such names, it’s time to reconsider.

Remember, that while she will always be your baby, she will want a mature feminine name to go by when she’s all grown up. Repeat the process with as many names as you like, till you have found the one.


Why feminine names

Being feminine does not mean being weak or dependent. In fact, femininity is strength, beauty and vulnerability, all rolled into one.

Choosing a feminine name is a gift that celebrates your girl’s gender and allows you to enjoy having a baby girl too.

And in that spirit, allow us to introduce our list of 100+ feminine first and middle names for your baby girl.

Feel free to mix and match, but as mentioned in the tips above, remember, although certain names will stand alone well, they do not necessarily flow well together, so be sure to say all the name combinations together when making your selection.


First names that start with A

  • Alice May
  • Anna Taylor
  • Ava Mary
  • Aria Rose
  • Amelia Kate
  • Abigail Joy (other middle names for Abigail here)
  • Aurora Grace
  • Aubrey Stella
  • Ayla Jane
  • Aaliyah Victoria
  • Addison Marie
  • Audrey Michelle
  • Ariana Beth
  • Adriana Paige
  • Allison Joy
  • Andrea Lynn
  • Angelina Gabrielle
  • Annabel Louise
  • Amber Faye

First Names that start with B

First Names that start with C

First Names that start with D

  • Delilah Grace
  • Daisy Michelle
  • Dianna Olivia
  • Dana Victoria

First Names that start with E

First Names that start with F

  • Faith Emilia
  • Fiona Rose

First Names that start with G

First Names that start with H

First Names that start with I

First Names that start with J

  • Julia Paige
  • Juliana Rose
  • Jade Marie
  • Jasmine Hope
  • Josephine Grace

First Names that start with K

  • Kinsley Louise
  • Kennedy Victoria
  • Kaylee Paige

First Names that start with L

  • Lillian Elizabeth
  • Lilah Evelyn
  • Leia Mae
  • Luna Marie
  • Layla Rose
  • Laila Michelle
  • Lucy Grace

First Names that start with M

  • Mae Addison
  • Maria Abigail
  • Mary Louise
  • Mariam Victoria
  • Madeline Kate
  • Mila Sophia
  • Madison Avery
  • Meghan Elizabeth
  • Meadow Brooke
  • Maya Jade
  • Mariah Alexis
  • Mackenzie Hope
  • Mia Joy

First Names that start with N

  • Nina Sophia
  • Nora Michelle
  • Nicole Grace
  • Natalie Paige
  • Naomi Alexis
  • Nyla Mae
  • Naya Beth

First Names that start with O

First Names that start with P

  • Piper Avery
  • Penelope Victoria
  • Paisley Jane
  • Peyton Faith
  • Paige Michelle

First Names that start with Q

  • Quincie Rose
  • Quenna Faith

First Names that start with R

  • Rachel Ann
  • Rose Lynn
  • Rosa Joy
  • Ruth Abigail
  • Riley Elizabeth
  • Regan Grace

First Names that start with S

  • Scarlett Avery
  • Sophia Rose
  • Stella Elizabeth
  • Skylar Kate
  • Sloane Josephine 
  • Sophie Lynn
  • Sage Elizabeth (more middle names for Sage)
  • Savannah Alexis
  • Sarah Mae
  • Serenity Jade
  • Sadie Faith
  • Sienna Michelle
  • Summer Jane

First Names that start with T

  • Taylor Rose
  • Teagan Gabriella

First Names that start with V

  • Victoria Rose
  • Valeria Louise
  • Vera Elizabeth
  • Violet Mary
  • Viviana Jade
  • Viola Charlotte
  • Vanessa Avery
  • Veronica Abigail
  • Valentina Sophia

First Names that start with W

  • Willow Daisy
  • Winona Alexis
  • Waverly Victoria
  • Wendy Grace

First Names that start with X

  • Xena Jade

First Names that start with Y

  • Yvette Jane
  • Yolanda Jade

First Names that start with Z

  • Zara Elizabeth
  • Zayna Charlotte
  • Zoey Michelle
  • Zahara Sophia
  • Zaina Maria
  • Zia Rose

Do you have a favorite yet? Let us know which one made it to your list and feel free to comment other suggestions. we would love to hear from you.

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