What We Love About the Name Zoey

Zoey is a beautiful name meaning “life.” It is of Greek origin and has steadily risen in popularity over the last decade.

In 2020, one out of every 328 baby girls were named Zoey. In Latin, Zoey also translates to mean “honest” or “happy.”

Given that names are so important – they give us an identity for life – the meaning of Zoey couldn’t be better!

Every time you speak your little girl’s name, you can know that you are speaking life, honesty, and happiness. It is a wonderful name for a baby girl, and it needs an equally wonderful middle name to pair with it. 


What’s In a Name? 


The power of middle names is often underestimated, but middle names can add so much beauty and originality to our names.

Just think of all the memorable people throughout time and history who used their middle names!

Henry David Thoreau, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ralph Waldo Emerson are memorable authors and poets. Or there are famous actors like Jamie Lee Curtis, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neil Patrick Harris, and Mary Tyler Moore who always used their full names as stage names.

It would be hard to imagine referring to these famous folks without including their middle name! Sometimes a middle name adds a little magic! 

I love to include my youngest son’s middle name wherever I can because it makes his name sound more stately. Since his first name is two syllables and his last name is only one syllable, including his middle name makes it sound more pleasing. Often, middle names give significant power to otherwise short names! 


It is also a common case that if a person doesn’t like their last name (after all, we can’t exactly choose that one), they may use their first and middle name, especially in the worlds of entertainment and publishing.

For example, I think of the actress Tea Leoni (pronounced Tia), whose full name is actually Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni.

Her full name is beautiful but difficult to remember, so she shortened it to create a more memorable name – and it worked! When her parents named her, they likely never imagined that one day her middle name would be her stage name!


How Do I Choose the Perfect Middle Name? 

Middle names can be short and sweet or long and sophisticated, depending on what best suits your family and your last name.

For example, my family’s last name is only one syllable, so most long names worked really well when we were considering baby names.

However, my husband and I wanted to name our boys after their grandfathers, to honor them for the consistently supportive and caring roles they played in our families.

But both names were only two syllables. So when it came time to choose a middle name for each of our sons, the middle names that made it onto the final list were all names with at least two syllables.

In the end, we found ways to honor not only family members but also things that were important to us – for my husband, the meaning of names; for me, an influential author (whose books helped change the course of my life).

Ideas to Choose a Best Middle Name

That brings me to a very important aspect of naming: where do you find inspiration? Here are a few places to consider:

Family Names:

Would you like to honor a family member or friend with the middle name you give your little girl?

Do you have a grandmother, aunt, or childhood best friend who would be over the moon if you gave your little girl her name?

For example, a close friend gave her little girl the middle name Penelope in honor of her grandmother who took care of her when she was young. Or sometimes there’s a family name that would be wonderful to continue with a new family member.

My husband’s grandmother is 93 years old as I write this, and while we don’t have a little girl (yet), her name, Roselyn (or another form such as Rosalind) has been discussed as the perfect choice for a baby girl in our family. It helps that she is also an incredible woman – kind, strong, funny, principled, feisty, and giving – and a very talented painter.

Is there someone in your family who sparks inspiration? 

Special places:

Does a particular city or town hold a special place in your heart?

For example, a close friend recently gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Alexandria.

Her father was in the military, so they moved and lived all over the world. But one place that became seared in her memory was the town of Alexandria, Virginia. She also loved that common nicknames for Alexandria are Alex and Lexi. (P.S. They decided to go with Lexi, and it’s the perfect fit!)

Other beautiful city names include Aurora, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chelsea, Cheyenne, Helena, London, Madison, Savannah, Siena, Sydney, and Vienna. 


Would you like your little girl to have a middle name that is entirely unique? Maybe you are going for a name like Zoey Avalon or Zoey Kai since they are not common or well-known names.

Depending on your last name, you may need to choose either a short (i.e. one syllable) middle name or a lengthy (i.e. three-syllable) middle name. Whichever the case, our list contains ideas for both short and long middle names. 


Lastly, you may want to choose a middle name from your favorite author or character in a book.

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. If anyone mentions “book club,” I’m in! And there are some amazingly unique names on the pages of my favorite stories!

For example, the name Kya started gaining in popularity after the release of the can’t-put-down coming of age novel Where the Crawdads Sing. (If you haven’t read the book, don’t worry – a movie is coming, and we’ll all know the absolute best way to pronounce “Kya.” Fun fact: her full name is actually Catherine!)

Famous People Named Zoey:

Zoey has an appeal that has graced the floors of the red carpet for years. There are several famous performers who bear the name Zoey; interestingly, they are spelled in different ways. Zooey Deschanel from some of our favorite sitcoms; Zoe Saldana and Zoe Kravitz from several action-packed and thriller movies; and Zoey Deutch from the Disney Channel. 

101 Middle Names for Zoey

If you are feeling the pressure, it’s time to take a breath and practice saying some of the names below!

How do they sound with your last name? Do they have cadence – a rhythmic flow of first, middle, and last name? Can you tell what sounds best, a short or long middle name?

A desirable cadence can be achieved by following a recognizable pattern of syllables and sounds. The name should flow easily as you say it.

If her full name sounds forced or feels like a mouthful, then it might be time to cross those names off the list! However, if you just love the way a name sounds every time you say it, then that name should definitely make it to the final list!

Once you narrow your list to a few favorite middle names for Zoey, take time again to determine how they sound to your ears and how they feel to your heart!

Names that go well with first name Zoey:

  1. Zoey Abigail
  2. Zoey Adelaide
  3. Zoey Alice
  4. Zoey Amelia
  5. Zoey Angelou
  6. Zoey Anne
  7. Zoey Aurora
  8. Zoey Autumn
  9. Zoey Avalon
  10. Zoey Belle
  11. Zoey Beth
  12. Zoey Blair
  13. Zoey Blake
  14. Zoey Blume
  15. Zoey Blythe
  16. Zoey Bronte
  17. Zoey Brooke
  18. Zoey Catherine
  19. Zoey Camille
  20. Zoey Caroline
  21. Zoey Celeste
  22. Zoey Charlotte
  23. Zoey Coco
  24. Zoey Dakota
  25. Zoey Danielle
  26. Zoey Dawn
  27. Zoey Dove
  28. Zoey Drew
  29. Zoey Eleanor
  30. Zoey Elise
  31. Zoey Elizabeth
  32. Zoey Elora
  33. Zoey Eve
  34. Zoey Evelyn
  35. Zoey Faith
  36. Zoey Fallon
  37. Zoey Faye
  38. Zoey Fitzgerland
  39. Zoey Florence
  40. Zoey Francesca
  41. Zoey Grace
  42. Zoey Greer
  43. Zoey Gwendolyn
  44. Zoey Harper
  45. Zoey Hope
  46. Zoey Isabel
  47. Zoey Imogen
  48. Zoey Jaymes
  49. Zoey Jayne
  50. Zoey Joy
  51. Zoey Juliet
  52. Zoey Juniper
  53. Zoey Kai
  54. Zoey Kate
  55. Zoey Kensington
  56. Zoey Layne
  57. Zoey Lauren
  58. Zoey Leigh
  59. Zoey Louise
  60. Zoey Luna
  61. Zoey Mackenzie
  62. Zoey Madison
  63. Zoey Mae
  64. Zoey Margaret
  65. Zoey Marie
  66. Zoey Meredith
  67. Zoey Mila
  68. Zoey Moriah
  69. Zoey Nadia
  70. Zoey Nicole
  71. Zoey Noel
  72. Zoey Olive
  73. Zoey Olivia
  74. Zoey Paige
  75. Zoey Paloma
  76. Zoey Pearl
  77. Zoey Peyton
  78. Zoey Piper
  79. Zoey Quinn
  80. Zoey Raven
  81. Zoey Rae
  82. Zoey Rayne
  83. Zoey Reagan
  84. Zoey Riley
  85. Zoey Rose
  86. Zoey Ruth
  87. Zoey Sage
  88. Zoey Savannah
  89. Zoey Scarlett
  90. Zoey Simone
  91. Zoey Skye
  92. Zoey Skylar
  93. Zoey Sloane
  94. Zoey Tara
  95. Zoey Veronica
  96. Zoey Victoria
  97. Zoey Violet
  98. Zoey Vivienne
  99. Zoey Wilde
  100. Zoey Willow
  101. Zoey Wren

Sibling or Twin names that go with Zoey:

If you are looking for twin girl or boy names that go with Zoey, here are some good name combinations to consider. Zoey can be paired with plenty of other rhyming names that end with a sound “Y” to make a great sibling name.

Girl twin/sibling names that go with Zoey:

  • Zoey and Amelie
  • Zoey and Amity
  • Zoey and Amy
  • Zoey and Ashley
  • Zoey and Aubrey
  • Zoey and Audrey
  • Zoey and Avery
  • Zoey and Bailey
  • Zoey and Bethany
  • Zoey and Brittany
  • Zoey and Callie
  • Zoey and Carly
  • Zoey and Chelsea
  • Zoey and Chloe
  • Zoey and Courtney
  • Zoey and Darby
  • Zoey and Darcy
  • Zoey and Destiny
  • Zoey and Ellie
  • Zoey and Elsie
  • Zoey and Emery
  • Zoey and Emily
  • Zoey and Emmy
  • Zoey and Everly
  • Zoey and Faye
  • Zoey and Felicity
  • Zoey and Hadley
  • Zoey and Haley
  • Zoey and Harley
  • Zoey and Harmony
  • Zoey and Hayley
  • Zoey and Heidi
  • Zoey and Ivy
  • Zoey and Julie
  • Zoey and Kaylee
  • Zoey and Kennedy
  • Zoey and Kimberly
  • Zoey and Lacey
  • Zoey and Lily
  • Zoey and Lucy
  • Zoey and Mackenzie
  • Zoey and Macy
  • Zoey and Mae/May
  • Zoey and Maggie
  • Zoey and Maisie
  • Zoey and Mallory
  • Zoey and Marley
  • Zoey and Melanie
  • Zoey and Melody
  • Zoey and Molly
  • Zoey and Naomi
  • Zoey and Natalie
  • Zoey and Paisley
  • Zoey and Poppy
  • Zoey and Rani
  • Zoey and Reese
  • Zoey and Riley
  • Zoey and Rory
  • Zoey and Rosalie
  • Zoey and Sally
  • Zoey and Serenity
  • Zoey and Sophie
  • Zoey and Sydney
  • Zoey and Temily
  • Zoey and Tracey

Boy twin/sibling names that go with Zoey:

  • Zoey and Ainsley
  • Zoey and Andy
  • Zoey and Antony
  • Zoey and Benji (short for Benjamin)
  • Zoey and Bradley
  • Zoey and Brady
  • Zoey and Brody
  • Zoey and Charlie
  • Zoey and Chelsea
  • Zoey and Coby
  • Zoey and Cody
  • Zoey and Colby
  • Zoey and Corey
  • Zoey and Darcy
  • Zoey and Finley
  • Zoey and Harley
  • Zoey and Harry
  • Zoey and Harvey
  • Zoey and Henry
  • Zoey and Jeffrey/Geoffrey
  • Zoey and Jesse
  • Zoey and Jordy
  • Zoey and Kennedy
  • Zoey and Koby
  • Zoey and Larry
  • Zoey and Lenny
  • Zoey and Rey
  • Zoey and Riley
  • Zoey and Stanley
  • Zoey and Timothy
  • Zoey and Toby
  • Zoey and Ty
  • Zoey and Wesley
  • Zoey and Zachary

Final Thoughts

Sometimes when you hear a middle name, it just clicks right there on the spot!

When my husband and I were deciding on our youngest son’s middle name, we cycled through the same three names over and over – but none of them were standing out.

Then, one day, I saw an author’s name on the binding of a book (did I mention my affinity for novels?) The name stuck with me as a potential middle name – and it had a wonderful cadence – so I looked up the meaning of it. My husband and I both loved it!

And in time, the middle name has already come to suit him. He is a thinker, a processor, thoughtful and cautious – a deep well. The middle name Maxwell was perfect.

I share all that to say – trust your intuition. Whatever name you choose for your Zoey, she will grow into it and wear it well because you, beloved mom, gave it to her!

I do hope this list of middle name ideas for Zoey has helped you discover a middle name for your little one.

Zoey has an elegant charm, and the names on this list are a natural fit! If you would like more middle name inspiration, consider browsing our lists of middle names for first names similar to Zoey. We hope this list inspires the most precious middle name for your little one!

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