Naming your baby girl is one of the most important and precious decisions you’ll make as a parent. It’s a decision that will stay with her for her entire life, and we’re certain you’re here to know all your options!

If you have chosen Ruth as the first name for your baby girl, congratulations!

Ruth is a beautiful name with a rich history. You can pair Ruth with a classic middle name like Elizabeth or Anne, or you can choose a more unique option like Rose, Lila, or Camden. Whichever route you decide to go, we have some ideas that may help you along your naming journey!

We’ve put together a list of great middle name ideas that goes good with the first name Ruth. Below, we also share tips and tools that you can use to find the perfect middle name for your baby girl. Let’s dive in!


What Does the Name Ruth Mean?

Ruth is a Hebrew name meaning “companion” or “friend.” The meaning of Ruth can also be interpreted as “friendship” or “loyalty.” With either definition, the name implies a tenderness and generosity that makes it a beautiful name for a baby girl. 

One of Ruth’s first appearances is in the Christian Bible in the Book of Ruth, where Ruth is the name of the main character. Ruth was a Moabite woman who became the great-grandmother of King David of Israel. She is known for her loyalty and devotion to her family, as well as her kindness and compassion. After losing her husband, she traveled a great distance in order to stay with her mother-in-law and care for her. 

Ruth is a popular name in the Jewish community. Its meaning, “companion” or “friend,” is especially relevant to the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam, which means “repairing the world.” Tikkun Olam is the responsibility of every Jew to make the world a better place. Similarly, Ruth is also a popular name among Christians, in reverence to the biblical character who was especially devoted to her family. 

In the United States, Ruth has held a steady spot in the top 100 most popular names for girls. It remains a timeless and classic name. Ruth is also a popular name in many cultures, including among English, Hebrew, German, and Scandinavian peoples. 


Famous People Named Ruth

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg: American Supreme Court Justice

-Ruth Gordon: American actress, screenwriter, and director

-Ruth Hussey: American actress

-Ruth Prawer Jhabvala: German-born British novelist, short story writer, and two-time Academy Award-winning screenwriter


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Ruth

Family Ties

Many parents choose middle names from family members or friends. A few friends have named their daughter for grandmothers or great aunts who were special to them.

Elizabeth, Madeline, Charlotte, Alice, Geneva, Margaret, Ida Mae, and Anna are all names typical of a few generations ago. And they make for beautiful middle names for Ruth!

You may ask around to see if any member of your family has created a family tree or kept up with names over the years.

Maybe there are no family names that you would like to use, but what about a friend? We don’t often know our friends’ middle names, but they can make great choices for our baby’s names.

Giving your baby girl a middle name shared by a loved one or a close friend can be a precious way to honor your relationship. You could start with a list of names and consider which may be the most meaningful.


Special Places

Have you traveled to another city or country where you were mesmerized? Was there a memorable street name, water fountain, or park? It’s easy to overlook the names of these places when babies are not on our brain!

There’s a park near my house that sports walking trails, an elegant fountain, and doves that land on the pond. It’s called Shelby Park, and I think the name Ruth Shelby could go far!

Maybe there’s a favorite vacation spot, amusement park, or beach villa? Common places that inspire girl names include Madison, Savannah, Aurora, Alexandria, Georgia, and Madison. 


Celebrity Names

What do you think about choosing a celebrity name as your little one’s middle name? This could be a great way to pay tribute to someone you admire or have been inspired by.

Maybe the celebrity is a TV star or actor, but it could also be an author, speaker, or philanthropist.

Is there anyone well-known whose name you have thought, “That’s a cool name!” I can’t help but think of Rachel Greene from the hit sitcom FRIENDS, but she’s only one of many!

There’s also Ally from The Notebook and Angel from Redeeming Love.

Some actresses with important roles include Scarlett Johanesson, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Wagner, Amy Adams, Zoe Kravitz, Natalie Portman, and Tessa Thompson. 


Nature Inspired

Nature can provide a lot of inspiration for a beautiful girls’ name!

Consider the obvious ones like Lily, Daisy, Meadow, Magnolia, Sunny, and River, as well as some less known ones like Petal, Season, Sparrow, Tempest, and Vesta. There are all sorts of elements in nature, but there may also be a favorite place or area that has special meaning for you.

Consider the names of places where you like to walk, swim, or run.

What are some memorable outdoor and indoor spots of yours? Do any of them provide inspiration for a great middle name? There are also several beautiful names inspired by outer space, including Astrid, Stella, and Nova.  


Favorite Books or Shows

Another option is to choose a name inspired by your favorite book or television show. This could be a great way to introduce your child to some of your favorite things.

Growing up, I loved classic books like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women. Eventually, Gilmore Girls also came on the scene, and the name “Rory” became a fan favorite.

What are some shows or books that have exposed you to some wonderful names? If you want something especially unique, it’s possible that even a last name or gender neutral name could make a great middle name for Ruth.

Syllable Balance

One important element to consider is the number of syllables in each name.

For example, a name with only one-syllable names may feel too short and truncated, but a name with too many syllables could easily feel like a mouthful.

Syllable balance implies that there are various syllables in each name and it helps create an ideal balance.

The better a name flows, the easier it is to remember! I may go with a name like Ruth Marie Williams or Ruth Penelope Williams, but Ruth Jade Williams doesn’t flow as seamlessly.

It all depends on the name, but generally, syllable balance gives names a better flow! 



Lastly, an important factor to consider is cadence! This can be a great way to add flair to your baby’s name. Cadence refers to the flow or rhythm of a set of sounds or words.

It’s that special thing that makes music and words and names sound pleasing or memorable to our ears.

Cadence can be achieved in many ways, including balancing syllables as we discussed above, but the best test is to practice your daughter’s name aloud until you find a middle name that fits perfectly between Ruth and your last name!

Does it flow and sound nice together? Does it elicit feelings of happiness, peace, and completion? Then you’re on the right track!


Best Middle Names for Ruth

  1. Ruth Abigail
  2. Ruth Adele
  3. Ruth Adeline
  4. Ruth Adriana
  5. Ruth Alena
  6. Ruth Alexandra
  7. Ruth Alice
  8. Ruth Alison
  9. Ruth Alyssa
  10. Ruth Amaya
  11. Ruth Amelia
  12. Ruth Amélie
  13. Ruth Angelina
  14. Ruth Anita (little Ann)
  15. Ruth Annabelle
  16. Ruth Annabeth
  17. Ruth Annaliese
  18. Ruth Anne
  19. Ruth Ansley
  20. Ruth Antonia
  21. Ruth Anya
  22. Ruth Arabelle
  23. Ruth Ariana
  24. Ruth Ashley
  25. Ruth Audrey
  26. Ruth Aurora
  27. Ruth Averie
  28. Ruth Azalea
  29. Ruth Bailey
  30. Ruth Brigitte
  31. Ruth Callista
  32. Ruth Camilla
  33. Ruth Camille
  34. Ruth Carina/Ruth Karina
  35. Ruth Caroline
  36. Ruth Cassandra
  37. Ruth Cecilia
  38. Ruth Celeste
  39. Ruth Celia
  40. Ruth Charlotte
  41. Ruth Cheyenne
  42. Ruth Christina
  43. Ruth Clara
  44. Ruth Clarissa
  45. Ruth Clementine
  46. Ruth Colette
  47. Ruth Colleen
  48. Ruth Constance
  49. Ruth Corinne
  50. Ruth Cosette
  51. Ruth Daisy
  52. Ruth Daniela
  53. Ruth Delilah
  54. Ruth Diana
  55. Ruth Elaine
  56. Ruth Eleanor
  57. Ruth Elena
  58. Ruth Elise
  59. Ruth Eliza
  60. Ruth Elizabeth
  61. Ruth Ellen
  62. Ruth Eloise
  63. Ruth Elora
  64. Ruth Elsie
  65. Ruth Emerson
  66. Ruth Emilia
  67. Ruth Emily
  68. Ruth Emmalyn
  69. Ruth Estelle
  70. Ruth Evangeline
  71. Ruth Eve
  72. Ruth Evelyn
  73. Ruth Everly
  74. Ruth Felicity
  75. Ruth Francesca
  76. Ruth Freya
  77. Ruth Gabrielle
  78. Ruth Genevieve
  79. Ruth Georgia
  80. Ruth Georgina
  81. Ruth Gianna
  82. Ruth Gracelyn
  83. Ruth Haley
  84. Ruth Hannah
  85. Ruth Harmony
  86. Ruth Helena
  87. Ruth Holly
  88. Ruth Imelda
  89. Ruth Imogen
  90. Ruth Irene
  91. Ruth Iris
  92. Ruth Isabella
  93. Ruth Isadora
  94. Ruth Isla
  95. Ruth Isobel
  96. Ruth Ivory
  97. Ruth Ivy
  98. Ruth Jane
  99. Ruth Jasmine
  100. Ruth Johanna
  101. Ruth Josephine
  102. Ruth Juliana
  103. Ruth Juliet
  104. Ruth Juniper
  105. Ruth Kate
  106. Ruth Katrina
  107. Ruth Kiara
  108. Ruth Layla
  109. Ruth Leah
  110. Ruth Lenore
  111. Ruth Leona
  112. Ruth Liliana
  113. Ruth Lillian
  114. Ruth Liora
  115. Ruth Louisa
  116. Ruth Lydia
  117. Ruth Mabel
  118. Ruth Macy
  119. Ruth Madeleine
  120. Ruth Madelyn
  121. Ruth Mae
  122. Ruth Magnolia
  123. Ruth Margaret
  124. Ruth Margot
  125. Ruth Marianna
  126. Ruth Marietta
  127. Ruth Marigold
  128. Ruth Marissa
  129. Ruth Marley
  130. Ruth Matilda
  131. Ruth Melinda
  132. Ruth Mia
  133. Ruth Michaela
  134. Ruth Millie-Rose
  135. Ruth Mirabel
  136. Ruth Miriam
  137. Ruth Molly
  138. Ruth Naomi
  139. Ruth Natalia/Natalie
  140. Ruth Natalie
  141. Ruth Noami
  142. Ruth Noelle
  143. Ruth Odette
  144. Ruth Olive
  145. Ruth Olivia
  146. Ruth Paige
  147. Ruth Paloma
  148. Ruth Patricia
  149. Ruth Penelope
  150. Ruth Phillipa
  151. Ruth Phoebe
  152. Ruth Scarlett
  153. Ruth Selene
  154. Ruth Simone
  155. Ruth Skylar
  156. Ruth Sophia
  157. Ruth Sophie
  158. Ruth Susannah
  159. Ruth Sylvia
  160. Ruth Tamara
  161. Ruth Tara
  162. Ruth Tatum
  163. Ruth Theodora
  164. Ruth Tiana
  165. Ruth Torrie
  166. Ruth Vera
  167. Ruth Veronica
  168. Ruth Victoria
  169. Ruth Violet
  170. Ruth Viviana
  171. Ruth Vivienne
  172. Ruth Willow
  173. Ruth Winifred
  174. Ruth Winter
  175. Ruth Zoe


Final Thoughts

Congratulations on your newest family member! Ruth is a classic and beautiful name, and so many middle names flow nicely with it. From traditional choices like Anne or Elizabeth to more modern ones like Mae and Quinn, there are many lovely options for Ruth’s middle name.

We hope this list has been helpful in giving you some inspiration. Wishing you all the best in choosing the perfect name for your little one!



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