One of the most important – and exciting! – decisions you’ll make as a parent is choosing your child’s name. It gives your little one an identity, a title by which others will come to know her.

And while it can feel overwhelming to choose the “perfect” name, it’s also a privilege to name this precious person who you will welcome into your family soon. Watching her grow into that identity is one of the greatest joys of parenthood! 

Before my son was born we had an idea of what to name him, but it was when we cradled him in our arms for the first time that we knew what his name should be.

These days, we see so clearly how that name defines him! Names hold special meaning, and we want to help you in the discovery of the best middle name for your little one.

Perhaps you’re feeling the pressure because you haven’t heard a middle name you just love yet. In an effort to eliminate endless searches on parenting forums and social media, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best middle names for Sage.

The sound of your daughter’s name should evoke peace, joy, and even a sense of uniqueness! It’s important to give her a name that is both precious to you and also flatters your last name!

If you are still looking for baby first names this book has more than 100,000+ baby names suggestions that are trending right now. If you haven’t decided a first name yet, then take a look at the article on popular combination of first and middle name ideas for girls


The name sage is of Latin origin, and means “wise”. Sage as a middle name can be used for both boys and girls, but is more common as a middle name for girls.

It may also be regarded as a variant of the French word Seagal which means “liquid”. Another meaning attributed to it is from an Arabic language word meaning “to flow”.

In Welsh, it means “magical plant” or “plant of wisdom.” The root word is from the Latin sapius which also means wisdom.

Sage is also considered as a nature / plant inspired name meaning “herb.” Sage is an herb that has been used medicinally since ancient times and was even burned as incense during medieval coronations. The flowers of the plant, which grows up to three feet high, bloom in greenish-white bunches and its knotted stems grow fragrant leaves that are used to flavor food or make medicinal tea.



  • How does each middle name sound with Sage? 


The name Sage has a beautiful simplicity which allows it to pair wonderfully with many different middle names. It’s elegant and graceful enough to be used with both traditional and modern middle names.

Have you ever said a name and thought, Wow, that felt like a mouthful! or Hmm, I don’t love how that sounds…? Generally, that’s because the name lacks cadence. Cadence is the rhythmic flow of a set of sounds or words. Like a meter in a song, cadence gives words a pulse or beat. A desirable cadence can be achieved by following a pattern of syllables and sounds.

For example, the name Sage Marie Everett follows a 1:2:3 syllable pattern so the name has a good “beat.” It flows easily as you say it and doesn’t sound awkward or feel like a mouthful of words. Since Sage is a one-syllable name, it may pair best with middle names that have multiple syllables!

For example, if you choose a one-syllable middle name, say Sage Jane, the name is still pretty but feels “choppy.” On the other hand, Sage Marie has a nice ring because the middle name is at least two syllables.

This is not always the case but is a good general rule to follow. Typically, mixed syllable names sound best because they create cadence!

When trying to determine the cadence of your baby’s potential name, take time to say it out loud in different tones.

What does it sound like in a comforting tone? How about when you introduce her to a new teacher? And now in your high-pitched mom voice (you know the one)?

If it feels like too much, makes you laugh, or just doesn’t flow, then you’ll know it’s not the right combination!

While cadence is important, naming is also a kind of art – sometimes it has to make sense to the eye (or ears!) of the beholder.


  • What do the two names mean together?


Your daughter’s first name needs a good companion! And that’s why it matters how her middle name complements her first name.

Is there another name that has a special meaning to you? For example, my son’s first name means, “God has been gracious,” and his middle name means, “valiant protector.” Together his name loosely translates “gracious protector,” and we find it perfect for an eldest son!

It doesn’t always work effortlessly, but sometimes the meanings of names can complement each other as much as the names themselves! 

Another advantage of a middle name that you love – not just one that “works” – is that you can call your daughter by this name if another Sage enters the family or your daughter goes to school with 20 other girls named Sage!

It’s also constructive to think of how potential nicknames will sound with the middle name you choose. . Although Sage is pretty nick name proof, you can work out something unique based on her middle name. Example Sage Bridget can be shortened to Sadie. Sage Eloise can become Sagie. 

It may be hard to predict what nickname your baby girl will be called. (Sometimes a family member says something and it just sticks! My husband’s grandmother, Roselyn, was called “RoRo” most of her life because a younger cousin couldn’t pronounce her name.) But if you suspect that she’ll be called “Sadie” one day, consider that with her middle name!



Are there names that are significant to your family? 


While you’re contemplating meanings and cadence, are there other classic names in your family that sound fluid with the name Sage?

Perhaps a great aunt or grandmother has a first or middle name that you would love but don’t know about yet!

Selecting a family name is a thoughtful way to show honor or remembrance for loved ones, given that your families respect your decision and don’t feel like you are showing preference. (Further proof that names are so important to everyone!)


Best middle names for Sage

So what are the best middle names for Sage? Below is a list of the top 131 middle names that go with first name Sage.

  1. Sage Adela
  2. Sage Adeline
  3. Sage Agatha
  4. Sage Alicia
  5. Sage Alison
  6. Sage Amanda
  7. Sage Amelia
  8. Sage Anastasia
  9. Sage Angela
  10. Sage Anita
  11. Sage Annabelle
  12. Sage Annalise
  13. Sage Antoinette
  14. Sage Athena
  15. Sage Audrey
  16. Sage Augusta
  17. Sage Aurora
  18. Sage Beatrice
  19. Sage Belinda
  20. Sage Bernadette
  21. Sage Bethany
  22. Sage Bianca
  23. Sage Brienne
  24. Sage Brooklyn
  25. Sage Bryony ( very unique)
  26. Sage Camilla
  27. Sage Carmella
  28. Sage Catherine
  29. Sage Charlotte
  30. Sage Christina
  31. Sage Christine
  32. Sage Claudia
  33. Sage Clementine
  34. Sage Coraline
  35. Sage Corinne
  36. Sage Danielle
  37. Sage Daria
  38. Sage Delilah
  39. Sage Diana
  40. Sage Elaine
  41. Sage Eleanor
  42. Sage Elena
  43. Sage Elianna
  44. Sage Elise
  45. Sage Elizabeth
  46. Sage Eloise
  47. Sage Emily
  48. Sage Erica/Erika
  49. Sage Estella
  50. Sage Eudora
  51. Sage Evangeline
  52. Sage Evelyn
  53. Sage Farrah
  54. Sage Faye
  55. Sage Felicity
  56. Sage Fiona
  57. Sage Frances
  58. Sage Francesca
  59. Sage Gabrielle
  60. Sage Georgina
  61. Sage Gillian/Jillian
  62. Sage Gloria
  63. Sage Hadley
  64. Sage Harper
  65. Sage Helena
  66. Sage Hillary
  67. Sage Holland
  68. Sage Ida
  69. Sage Iliana
  70. Sage Imelda
  71. Sage Ingrid
  72. Sage Iris
  73. Sage Isabel
  74. Sage Isabella
  75. Sage Jeanine
  76. Sage Joanne
  77. Sage Josephine
  78. Sage Julia
  79. Sage Juliana
  80. Sage Juliet
  81. Sage Justina
  82. Sage Katherine
  83. Sage Katrina
  84. Sage Lenora
  85. Sage Leona
  86. Sage Lillian
  87. Sage Lorena
  88. Sage Louisa
  89. Sage Lydia
  90. Sage Madeline
  91. Sage Mallory
  92. Sage Margaret
  93. Sage Marie
  94. Sage Marisa/Marissa
  95. Sage Meadow ( unique hippie middle name )
  96. Sage Melinda
  97. Sage Milena
  98. Sage Meredith
  99. Sage Monica
  100. Sage Nadia
  101. Sage Natalie
  102. Sage Noelle
  103. Sage Olivia
  104. Sage Patrice
  105. Sage Paulina
  106. Sage Penelope
  107. Sage Quinley
  108. Sage Ramona
  109. Sage Rebecca
  110. Sage Reagan ( for a classic twist )
  111. Sage Regina
  112. Sage Renee
  113. Sage Sabrina
  114. Sage Skylar
  115. Sage Sophia
  116. Sage Sylvia
  117. Sage Theodora
  118. Sage Theodosia
  119. Sage Theresa
  120. Sage Valentina
  121. Sage Valerie
  122. Sage Vanessa
  123. Sage Verona
  124. Sage Veronique
  125. Sage Victoria
  126. Sage Virginia
  127. Sage Vivienne
  128. Sage Winter (nature inspired)
  129. Sage Willow
  130. Sage Wren
  131. Sage Zoe




A few of my favorites

I love the meaning of the name Sage and how it’s nature inspired but also means a virtue. Speaking to which middle name sounds best with Sage, consider which one gives your daughter’s name a richer meaning and also achieves cadence with your last name.

Personally, I love Sage Meadow for a cool hippie name; Sage Brooklynn for a modern touch;  Sage Elizabeth, Sage Reagan, and Sage Victoria for the way they sound together but also the touch of elegance and class with each.

Whichever name you choose, may you delight in the gracious little girl who bears it!



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