Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent – and one of the first!

There are so many factors to consider, from meaning to pronunciation to family history, and it can feel overwhelming to choose the best name for your daughter.

We want to help you find a name that is both classic and unique, one that you will love and that will bring you joy for years to come!


If you’re reading this article, then you have chosen the name Camila as your baby girl’s first name. Now you are on the search for the perfect middle name to go with Camila.

A middle name can provide the perfect finishing touch to your daughter’s first name. But how do you decide on the best middle name for Camila? What factors should you consider? Meaning, syllables, family names, and different spellings are all important considerations!

What Does the Name Camila Mean?

Camila is a beautiful name that means “religious attendant” or “priest’s helper.” It is of Portuguese origin and was popularized by 16th century Spanish Saint Camila de Jesus. 

Camila is a very popular name in Latin America. In fact, it is the most popular name for girls in Chile. It is also a top ten girls name in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. If your family has Spanish origins or ties to Latin America, choosing the name Camila is a beautiful way to honor your heritage.

The name Camila is also commonly used in Italian, Portuguese and Scandinavian cultures. In the United States, the name Camila has been ranked in the top 100 names for girls for several years. 


Other variations or spellings for the name Camila include:

– Camilla

– Kamila

– Camelia

– Cammila

– Camyla

– Kamilla

– Camille.


Famous People Named Camila

Here are some notable people named Camila:

– Camila Cabello, Cuban-American singer

– Camila Alves, Brazilian model and actress

– Camila Morrone, Argentine actress

– Camila Giorgi, Italian tennis player


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Camila

Family Ties

Have you considered the name of a grandmother, sister, or aunt for your daughter’s middle name? Giving a family name to your child is a great way to honor a loved one or even carry on a family legacy.

Both my dad and my father-in-law have the middle name “William,” so it felt like the perfect name for our son to carry on.

If there’s not an obvious choice, looking through your family tree is a great way to discover names of family members that you may love.

What name do you think sounds best with Camila? Which name would be most meaningful for your little girl? 


Special Places

How about a special place that your family loves?

A traditional family vacation spot or birthplace or city with lots of memories? One of my boys’ favorite places to go is a park near our home named Sarah Benson Park. There are many other places that would make great names for girls.

Some baby girls’ names inspired by places include London, Adelaide, Alexandria, Virginia, Sierra, Juno, Savannah, Victoria, Sydney, Regina, Odessa, Madison, Charlotte, Helena, Caroline, and Brooklyn.

Think back through your experiences and times at special places. Does anything come to mind as a possible middle name for Camila? 


Celebrity Names

Celebrity names don’t just have to mean movie stars. Do you have a favorite author, musician, speaker, or philanthropist? Someone who has inspired you or helped improve your life in some way?

Choosing a middle name for someone you admire is a great way to pay tribute to that person.

You may also find a creative way to choose a great middle name for Camila. For example, my friend heard the last name “Perrey” on a TV show and liked it for her little girl.

Sometimes last names can work well as middle names (which is why some women keep their maiden name as a middle name when they get married)! Many actors go by middle names as well, which shows just how powerful middle names can be!


Nature Inspired

Inspiration for names can be found everywhere, but nature is one of the best sources!

Is there a park, hiking trail, lake, or street name that inspires you? Do you have a favorite season? Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are all sweet girls’ names.

Another idea is to choose a name inspired by space! Names like Astrid, Skylar, Ayla, Luna, Skye or Sunny are unique and beautiful middle names for Camila.

If you love nature, the elements, hiking, swimming, fishing, or being one with nature, then choosing a middle name that speaks to this aspect of your personality could be a special way to honor your love of nature. 


Favorite Books or Shows

Another option is to choose a name inspired by your favorite book or television show. This could be a great way to introduce your child to some of your favorite things.

Do you remember a time before on demand television and movies? I certainly do! Do you remember your favorites?

One of mine was the show Seventh Heaven, and the sisters were Lucy, Mary, and Ruthie. I liked these classic, biblical names for a long time.

Do you have shows or books that you read as a child or even recently that inspired you? The novel Where The Crawdads Sing introduced us to the name “Kya” as a nickname for Katherine.

Character names are a great inspiration for unique middle names!


Syllable Balance

When you’re considering middle names, one of the most important factors is how your middle name of choice fits with your first and last names.

Since Camila has three syllables, a short or long middle name could work well depending mostly on your last name.

For example, if your daughter’s last name will also be three or four syllables then you may want to choose a short middle name.

Consider Camilla Hope Pemberton over Camilla Victoria Pemberton. Both names can work just fine, but one tends to flow a little better!

When you say the full name aloud, are the syllables balanced? Do they flow well together? Common syllable pairings are 3:2:1, 2:1:2, 4:1:2, and similar variations. 



Lastly, an important factor to consider is cadence!

Put simply, cadence is the flow or rhythm of a set of sounds or words. It’s that special thing that makes music and words and names sound pleasing or memorable to our ears.

Cadence can be achieved in many ways, including balancing syllables as we discussed above, but the best test is to say your daughter’s name aloud and see how it sounds with your potential middle name.

Does it flow and sound nice together? Does it sound happy and complete? Cadence will give your daughter’s name a special flair you’ll love!

Now, without further adieu, let’s consider some of the best middle name options for Camila!


Best Middle Names for Camila

  1. Camila Abigail
  2. Camila Adriel
  3. Camila Alexandra
  4. Camila Alice
  5. Camila Alina
  6. Camila Amilia
  7. Camila Amy
  8. Camila Ann
  9. Camila Annalise
  10. Camila Aria
  11. Camila Ashley
  12. Camila Astrid
  13. Camila Avery
  14. Camila Belle
  15. Camila Beth
  16. Camila Blair
  17. Camila Brooke
  18. Camila Catherine
  19. Camila Celeste
  20. Camila Claire
  21. Camila Colette
  22. Camila Coral
  23. Camila Corrine
  24. Camila Cosette
  25. Camila Daisy
  26. Camila Daphne
  27. Camila Darcy
  28. Camila Dawn
  29. Camila Dolores
  30. Camila Elena
  31. Camila Elizabeth
  32. Camila Eloise
  33. Camila Estelle
  34. Camila Esther
  35. Camila Eve
  36. Camila Evelyn
  37. Camila Faith
  38. Camila Faye
  39. Camila Florence
  40. Camila Gabrielle
  41. Camila George
  42. Camila Giselle
  43. Camila Gloria
  44. Camila Grace
  45. Camila Gwendolyn
  46. Camila Helene
  47. Camila Hope
  48. Camila Iliana
  49. Camila Iris
  50. Camila Isabel
  51. Camila Isadora
  52. Camila Ivonne
  53. Camila Ivy
  54. Camila Jacqueline
  55. Camila Jade
  56. Camila Jane
  57. Camila Jasmine
  58. Camila Jean
  59. Camila Jess
  60. Camila Jewel
  61. Camila Joanne
  62. Camila Jocelyn
  63. Camila Jordyn
  64. Camila Josephine
  65. Camila Joy
  66. Camila Judith
  67. Camila Julianne
  68. Camila Juliette
  69. Camila Justine
  70. Camila Kay
  71. Camila Kate
  72. Camila Katherine
  73. Camila Kristen
  74. Camila Landry
  75. Camila Lane
  76. Camila Lark
  77. Camila Laurel
  78. Camila Leigh/Lee
  79. Camila Leonie
  80. Camila Lily
  81. Camila Lorraine
  82. Camila Louise
  83. Camila Love
  84. Camila Lucy
  85. Camila Lux
  86. Camila Lynn
  87. Camila Madison
  88. Camila Mae
  89. Camila Margaret
  90. Camila Margot
  91. Camila Marie
  92. Camila Mary
  93. Camila Matilde
  94. Camila Maura
  95. Camila May
  96. Camila Maya
  97. Camila Micaela
  98. Camila Michelle
  99. Camila Naomi
  100. Camila Neveah
  101. Camila Nicole
  102. Camila Noelle
  103. Camila Olivia
  104. Camila Paige
  105. Camila Patrice
  106. Camila Pearl
  107. Camila Penelope
  108. Camila Phoebe
  109. Camila Poppy
  110. Camila Quinn
  111. Camila Rachel
  112. Camila Rae
  113. Camila Raine
  114. Camila Ramona
  115. Camila Regina
  116. Camila Renee
  117. Camila Riley
  118. Camila Rose
  119. Camila Ruby
  120. Camila Ruth
  121. Camila Sable
  122. Camila Sage
  123. Camila Saren
  124. Camila Shae
  125. Camila Simone
  126. Camila Skye
  127. Camila Sloane
  128. Camila Sophie
  129. Camila Tate
  130. Camila Tess
  131. Camila Therese
  132. Camila Violet
  133. Camila Vivienne
  134. Camila Wren
  135. Camila Zoe


Final Thoughts

With various meanings and a long history of use by aristocratic society, Camila is sure to make your baby girl’s name stand out. We hope this article inspired you to find the best middle name for your Camila!

Let us know in the comments below which was the best middle name for your little girl. And congratulations!

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