What’s in a name? 

A name holds special meaning, and choosing your child’s name is perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent.

While it can often feel overwhelming (How do I choose the perfect name for my baby?), it can also be a privilege to name this little person who will enter your family and change your life forever.

It gives your child an identity, a title by which others will come to know her. And a great reward of parenthood is watching her grow into that identity.

We had an idea of how to name our son before he was born, but it was when we cradled him in our arms for the first time that we were able to fully commit to his name. Now we see so clearly how that name defines him!

Perhaps you feel some pressure to choose the perfect middle name for your little girl but haven’t heard a name you just love yet.

To help you in the process (and hopefully eliminate endless searches on parenting forums and social media), we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the middle names that go best with Abigail.

The sound of your daughter’s name should evoke peace, joy, and even a sense of uniqueness!

It’s important to give her a name that is both precious to you and also flatters your last name!



Abigail is originally a Hebrew name translating, “the father’s joy” or “gives joy.” Most notably, it comes from The Bible where King David’s third wife, Abigail was described as both intelligent and beautiful.

Historically, the name Abigail became popular following the Protestant Reformation. But during the 17th century, Abigail became a slang title for servant or handmaid and soon fell out of favor.

In the 1980s, however, the name resurfaced and became the 19th most popular girl’s name by 2020.

The name Abigail has so much timeless charm that it’s probably sticking around for a while! 


  • How does each middle name sound with Abigail? 


Because the name Abigail has such a rich heritage, it’s important to find a middle name that matches its traditional charm.

Some middle names make Abigail sound more traditional, while others give the name a more modern appeal.

It’s also helpful to consider how both names pair with your last name.

Have you ever said a name and thought, Wow, that felt like a mouthful! or Hmm, I don’t love how that sounds…?

Generally, that’s because the name lacks cadence. Cadence is the rhythmic flow of a set of sounds or words.

Like meter in a song, cadence gives words a pulse or beat. A desirable cadence can be achieved by following a pattern of syllables and sounds.

For example, the name Abigail Charlotte Wilde follows a 3:2:1 syllable pattern, and that name has a good “beat.”

It flows easily as you say it and doesn’t sound awkward or feel like a mouthful of words.

Abigail Elizabeth Wilde also has a nice ring to it even though it has a 3:4:1 cadence because the last name Wilde is only one syllable! 

However, if you choose a one-syllable middle name, say Abigail Joy Wilde, the name is still pretty but feels “choppy.”

On the other hand, Abigail Joy Pompano has a nice ring because the last name contains more syllables.

This is not always the case but is a good general rule to follow. Typically, mixed syllable names sound best because they create cadence!

When trying to determine the cadence of your baby’s potential name, take time to say it out loud in different tones.

What does it sound like in a comforting tone? How about when you introduce her to a new teacher?

And now in your high-pitched mom voice (you know the one)? If it feels like too much to say, makes you laugh, or just doesn’t flow, then you’ll know it’s not the right combination!

While cadence is important, naming is also a kind of art – sometimes it has to make sense to the eye (or ears!) of the beholder. 



  • What do the two names mean together?


Your daughter’s first name needs a good companion!

And that’s why it matters how her middle name complements the name Abigail. Is there another name that has a special meaning to you?

For example, my son’s first name means, “God has been gracious,” and his middle name means, “valiant protector.” Together his name loosely translates “gracious protector,” and we find it perfect for an eldest son!

It doesn’t always work effortlessly, but sometimes the meanings of names can complement each other as much as the names themselves! 

Another advantage of a middle name that you love – not just one that “works” – is that you can use it for your child if another Abigail enters the family or your daughter goes to school with 20 other girls named Abigail!

It’s also constructive to think of how potential nicknames will sound with the middle name you choose.

Some common nicknames for Abigail are Abby, Lily, and Gail. Gail is less common nowadays, but Lily and Abby are still popular nicknames among little Abigails!

A name like Abby Anna doesn’t sound as good as, say, Abby Claire. If you think she may be called Abby, then consider a name which will sound sweet with this nickname!


  • Are there names that are significant to your family? 


While you’re contemplating meanings and cadence, are there vintage names in your family that could go with Abigail?

Particularly since it’s a more traditional name, there may be a great aunt or grandmother with a first or middle name you can follow.

Selecting a family name is a thoughtful way to show honor or remembrance for loved ones, given that your families respect your decision and don’t feel like you are showing preference. (Further proof that names are so important to everyone!)

Good middle names for Abigail

So what are the best middle names for Abigail? Below is a list of the top 100 middle name ideas for Abigail!

  1. Abigail Alanna (consider if you like the sound of a double “A” alliteration) 
  2. Abigail Anna 
  3. Abigail Arden
  4. Abigail Aryn
  5. Abigail Ava
  6. Abigail Blaine
  7. Abigail Blair
  8. Abigail Blake
  9. Abigail Blythe
  10. Abigail Bree
  11. Abigail Brooke
  12. Abigail Brigid
  13. Abigail Bryn
  14. Abigail Caitlin
  15. Abigail Camryn
  16. Abigail Carrie
  17. Abigail Caris
  18. Abigail Charlotte
  19. Abigail Chase
  20. Abigail Chloe
  21. Abigail Claire
  22. Abigail Daphne
  23. Abigail Dawn
  24. Abigail Eileen
  25. Abigail Elaine
  26. Abigail Eleanor 
  27. Abigail Elena
  28. Abigail Elise
  29. Abigail Elizabeth (most popular on parenting forums)
  30. Abigail Eliza
  31. Abigail Faith
  32. Abigail Faye
  33. Abigail Fiona
  34. Abigail Georgia
  35. Abigail Grace (Grace has been a very popular middle name in the last 5 years)
  36. Abigail Haley
  37. Abigail Hannah
  38. Abigail Hope
  39. Abigail Iris
  40. Abigail Isadora
  41. Abigail Jacklyn
  42. Abigail Jade
  43. Abigail Jaidyn
  44. Abigail Jane
  45. Abigail Josey
  46. Abigail Joy
  47. Abigail Juliet
  48. Abigail Kate
  49. Abigail Katherine
  50. Abigail Krystan
  51. Abigail Laurel
  52. Abigail Lauren
  53. Abigail Laurette
  54. Abigail Leah
  55. Abigail Leigh
  56. Abigail Lynn
  57. Abigail Madison
  58. Abigail Mae
  59. Abigail Makenna
  60. Abigail Makayla
  61. Abigail Mairin
  62. Abigail Mary
  63. Abigail Mia
  64. Abigail Monique (a little edgy, but pretty and feels more modern)
  65. Abigail Naomi
  66. Abigail Nicole
  67. Abigail Noelle
  68. Abigail Nora
  69. Abigail Olivia
  70. Abigail Paige
  71. Abigail Palmer
  72. Abigail Patience
  73. Abigail Pearl
  74. Abigail Penelope
  75. Abigail Quinn
  76. Abigail Raine
  77. Abigail Reese
  78. Abigail Renee
  79. Abigail Riley
  80. Abigail Rosalie
  81. Abigail Rose (very popular on baby name websites) 
  82. Abigail Rowan
  83. Abigail Ruby
  84. Abigail Ruth
  85. Abigail Sage
  86. Abigail Sarah
  87. Abigail Savannah
  88. Abigail Serena
  89. Abigail Simone
  90. Abigail Sloane
  91. Abigail Sophia
  92. Abigail Taylor
  93. Abigail Tess
  94. Abigail Victoria
  95. Abigail Violet
  96. Abigail Willa
  97. Abigail Willow
  98. Abigail Wren
  99. Abigail Zara
  100. Abigail Zoe


A few of my favorites

Personally, I love the elegance of the name Abigail, and I think most of the names on the list sound natural with it!

But speaking to which sounds best, consider which middle name gives your daughter’s name a richer meaning and also achieves cadence with your last name.

I love Abigail Blair, Blake, Caris, or Riley for a more modern touch. If you’re seeking a more classic feel, Abigail Charlotte, Hope, Nora, or Ruth add to the traditional zeal of Abigail.

And some of the three-syllable names may work well if you have a one-syllable last name, including Abigail Penelope, Victoria, Elizabeth or Madison.

Whichever name you choose, may you delight in the sweet little angel who bears it!


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