One of the most exciting and anticipated parts of becoming a new parent (or adding another child to your family) is choosing her name! The sound of your daughter’s name should evoke peace, joy, and even a sense of uniqueness!

It’s important to give her a name that is both precious to you and also flatters your last name! I remember flipping through name guides, browsing the internet, and perusing the pages of my novels to find a name that I loved for my first son.

You would think that by the time I got pregnant again, my head would be so full of names that I wouldn’t need to even peek at another list! Alas, our brains only have so much space for the memory of names. So, there I was again, unturning every stone to find the perfect name. 

Now, deciding on their first names wasn’t so difficult. Both of my boys carry on our family history by bearing the names of a grandfather and a great-uncle who passed some time ago. I love the classic names that are found in works of literature and have a timeless impact.

Hazel is exactly that kind of name! But when it came to my sons’ middle names, I was a little more perplexed. How did I know what would fit well in the middle, what would be complementary with both their first names and their last name? We feel the pressure when choosing names for our children, don’t we? After all, this will be their signature, their identity, their title, for their whole lives. 

If you’re here, then you’ve already decided on the name Hazel for your little girl who is soon to join your family! Or perhaps you are not 100% decided, but you are certainly leaning heavily towards the name Hazel.

In that case, you’re likely reading this article because you would like some inspiration regarding a middle name for Hazel. If this is the name you go with – if it is the one – then what possible middle names can you choose for Hazel


What We Love About The Name Hazel

First, we have to acknowledge the wonderful things about this beautiful and classic name. When your little girl begins to learn how to speak and spell her name, Hazel will prove to be a gentler name to master. My own first name has eight letters and three syllables.

When I finally mastered the spelling and correct pronunciation of my name, my younger brother nicknamed me because my first name was a mouthful for a two-year-old. Of course, we’re all grown now, but wouldn’t you know it? Nicknames have a way of sticking around!   

Another positive is that you can choose a longer middle name to pair with Hazel if you are partial to long names. Of course, this typically depends on your last name and how many syllables it already contains.

Alexandria Elizabeth Brierman is a long name to say (and write!), but it has a certain elegant ring to it. The important part is to pair names together that complement one another.

Imagine the name, Hazel Elizabeth Brierman – it’s still a long name, but the fact that Hazel is only two syllables helps the name to have more necessary rhythm.

Some of our most beloved names (think of your favorite movie and book characters) are because the names are memorable for special linguistic elements, such as flow, alliteration, or context!

That brings me to my next point: alliteration! Notice that Hazel and Elizabeth both contain the letters “a” and “z,” giving the first name and middle name a certain similarity. More obvious name alliterations would take use of the same consonant letters or sounds.

For example, Hazel Hadassah or Hazel Henley. Depending on your last name, the alliteration may or may not have a pleasing ring. Some names which use alliteration have become very memorable in our culture – Amy Adams, Charles Chaplin, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Steven Spielberg, and the list goes on! 

Now, have you ever said a name and thought, Wow, that felt like a mouthful! or Hmm, I don’t love how that sounds…? Typically, that’s because the name lacks cadence, or a rhythmic flow.

A desirable cadence can be achieved by following a pattern of syllables and sounds. It flows easily as you say it and doesn’t sound awkward or feel like a mouthful of words, then you’re onto something! Even better if you just love the way it sounds every time.

The best litmus test is to say your potential choices aloud. Once you narrow your list to your few favorite middle names for Hazel, take time to say them aloud together to see how they sound to your ears and feel to your heart!


Finding Middle Name Inspiration

Browsing lists of middle names, whether in books or online, can be a great way to find the perfect middle name for Hazel. But if you’re hoping for a middle name that is more original or personal, you can consider other aspects of your family’s life and history for inspiration.

For example, a friend who grew up in Virginia gave this name to her daughter because it reminded her of the place where she had made endless memories. Virginia was also a common name given to girls in the 1920s and 1930s, so someone in the family lineage may have donned this name. 

Or what if you just love nature? Rosemary may be a perfect choice because both Hazel and Rosemary represent beautiful parts of nature. 

You might also look for inspiration from a trip you’ve taken, a book you’ve read, or a friend you’ve met.

Novels can be the best places for unique and unusual names, such as the famous “Kya” from Where The Crawdads Sing. Or many historical novels give names that are desirable but less known nowadays! I think of Osla and Vianne, which were unique names in the 1940s.

With a timeless name like Hazel, historical names make great middle name options!


What does the name Hazel mean:


Hazel is considered to be an old-fashioned name, classic and timeless and still not so popular that every little girl in your daughter’s kindergarten class will be named Hazel. It first became a well-liked name choice for girls at the turn of the 20th century, when it was common to name girls for beautiful elements in nature.

Hazel is of English origin and refers to the hazelnut tree. Interestingly, it was first used as a surname (or last name) around the 12th century to help people in a community know where certain families lived. (Those bearing the name Hazel lived near the hazelnut tree.) Given its ties to the natural world, Hazel has a special undeniable beauty to it. 

So if Hazel is a vintage name rooted in earthen elements, what girl names go with Hazel?

We could choose a middle name which is also traditional or perhaps a middle name which is more unique and modern. When you take into account the harmony of the name and its meaning, there are many middle names that can work beautifully.

One factor to consider is how the meanings of each name fit together. I love this idea that the first name and middle name can complement each other. Together, my first son’s names translate to mean, “gracious protector.”

Consider, for example, the name Astrid as a middle name. Astrid means “divinely beautiful” or, in some translations, “divine strength.” This meaning partners well with the meaning of Hazel. Moreover, if you love the name Hazel but don’t equally love its meaning, a middle name like Astrid gives your daughter’s name a deeper meaning. 


100 Beautifully Classic Middle Names for Hazel

Without further conversation (how could there be so much to say about names, right?), here is a list of 100 middle names for Hazel!


  1. Hazel Andrea
  2. Hazel Anne
  3. Hazel Annalise
  4. Hazel Astrid
  5. Hazel Audrey
  6. Hazel Bridget
  7. Hazel Brynn
  8. Hazel Camille
  9. Hazel Cecilia
  10. Hazel Charlotte
  11. Hazel Chloe
  12. Hazel Christine
  13. Hazel Claire
  14. Hazel Clara
  15. Hazel Claudia
  16. Hazel Cora
  17. Hazel Cynthia
  18. Hazel Daphne
  19. Hazel Darcy
  20. Hazel Darina
  21. Hazel Dawn
  22. Hazel Delia
  23. Hazel Diana
  24. Hazel Dolores
  25. Hazel Dorothy
  26. Hazel Edith
  27. Hazel Elea
  28. Hazel Elena
  29. Hazel Elise
  30. Hazel Elizabeth
  31. Hazel Emily
  32. Hazel Emmaline
  33. Hazel Eloise
  34. Hazel Elora
  35. Hazel Erin
  36. Hazel Esther
  37. Hazel Evelyn
  38. Hazel Faye
  39. Hazel Felicity
  40. Hazel Fern
  41. Hazel Francis
  42. Hazel Georgette
  43. Hazel Gillian
  44. Hazel Grace
  45. Hazel Imogen
  46. Hazel Iris
  47. Hazel Isla
  48. Hazel Ivy
  49. Hazel Jean
  50. Hazel Joan
  51. Hazel Joanna
  52. Hazel Joy
  53. Hazel Julia
  54. Hazel June
  55. Hazel Kaci
  56. Hazel Kate
  57. Hazel Kathleen
  58. Hazel Leona
  59. Hazel Leslie
  60. Hazel Lillian
  61. Hazel Lynette
  62. Hazel Madison
  63. Hazel Mae
  64. Hazel Margaret
  65. Hazel Marjorie
  66. Hazel Mary
  67. Hazel Marlowe
  68. Hazel Meredith
  69. Hazel Michelle
  70. Hazel Miriam
  71. Hazel Molly
  72. Hazel Nancy
  73. Hazel Naomi
  74. Hazel Natalie
  75. Hazel Noelle
  76. Hazel Nora
  77. Hazel Odette
  78. Hazel Olivia
  79. Hazel Pearl
  80. Hazel Penelope
  81. Hazel Perrey
  82. Hazel Raine
  83. Hazel Rebecca
  84. Hazel Renee
  85. Hazel Rose
  86. Hazel Rosemary
  87. Hazel Rosetta
  88. Hazel Rowan
  89. Hazel Ruth
  90. Hazel Sarah
  91. Hazel Scarlett
  92. Hazel Shae
  93. Hazel Skye
  94. Hazel Suzanne
  95. Hazel Valerie
  96. Hazel Vanessa
  97. Hazel Vera
  98. Hazel Vianne
  99. Hazel Victoria
  100. Hazel Virginia

Final Words of Encouragement


Remember how I mentioned at the beginning that I was stumped about my second son’s middle name? Well, when I finally saw it on a list, the name clicked: Maxwell. It simply means “a deep well.”

Interestingly, I can already tell that he is a thinker, a processor, thoughtful and cautious – a deep well. All that to say, trust your intuition. And trust what you like! You will choose the most fitting middle name for your Hazel.


I do hope this list of middle name ideas for Hazel has inspired you as you choose the perfect name for your soon-to-be Hazel.

Personally, I love the charm of the name Hazel, and most of the names on the list sound natural with it! If you are curious about further name possibilities, consider browsing our middle name lists for first names similar to Hazel, such as Ivy, Isabelle, and Abigail.

It will be a tender journey watching your little girl grow into her identity each day. Parenting is hard work, but the reward is too great to count. We are privileged to share this list with you and hope that it inspires you with the most precious middle name for your little one!

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