Finding a first name for your little girl is tough enough, but sometimes finding the perfect middle name can be just as challenging!

As you’ve been considering great options for middle names, no doubt you want to find a middle name that pairs well with your daughter’s first name, isn’t too common, and carries a special meaning to you and your family. If you are still searching for the best middle name for your baby girl, we have some ideas to help!

If you’re reading this article, then you have chosen the name Rachel as your daughter’s first name. Rachel is a very pretty and classic name. It has been more popular at some times than others, but it never loses its classic stature as a beautiful name for little girls. So what good middle names that go with first name Rachel? 

Whether you’re hoping to go traditional or modern, we cover some helpful tools, creative tips, and inspiration in this post. There are sources of inspiration all around us, whether in nature or in our favorite movies. Let’s consider some special sources of inspiration for a great middle name for Rachel!


What Does the Name Rachel Mean?

This beautiful name has Hebrew origins and means “female sheep.” It is the name of one of the wives of Jacob in the Bible, making it a popular choice for parents who are spiritual. In this context, Rachel was described as “beautiful in form and countenance.” Rachel is a feminine and elegant name, but it’s also strong and independent.

Rachel has many nicknames such as Rach, Rae, and even Chel. You can choose one of these nicknames for your daughter or come up with one of your own.

There are a few different ways to spell Rachel, so if you’re looking for something unique, you have options. You can spell it “Rachelle,” “Rachael,” or “Rachele.”  some variations also call it “Raquel”. No matter how you spell it, Rachel is a gorgeous name for a baby girl.

Traditionally, Rachel is a beloved name in  the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In the United States, it was the 13th most popular name for baby girls in 2018. If you’re looking for a name that’s not too common but still has a lot of meaning behind it, Rachel is the perfect choice. And there are many middle names that pair beautifully with Rachel!


Famous People Named Rachel

– Rachel Weisz: English actress

– Rachel McAdams: Canadian actress

– Rachel Bloom: American actress, writer, and producer.

– Rachel Greene: from the famed television series, FRIENDS


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Rachel

Family Ties

Consider family members and friends who could be good sources of inspiration for the best middle name for Rachel.

Grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, and best friends could carry a name that you just love – especially since we don’t often know each other’s middle names!

Who in your family could you honor? Which of your friends or mentors has made a positive impact on your life? Have you perused the names on your family tree?

For example, my mom chose my middle name for her favorite cousin. At the same time, my dad’s sister’s middle name was the same one! Choosing names from family members can be a great way to carry on family tradition. 


Special Places

How about a special place that is meaningful to your family? A traditional family vacation spot or birthplace or city with lots of memories?

Maybe you could choose the middle name of a place with personal significance. Did you travel to a beautiful city during college? Do you have precious memories of a particular spot? Choosing a sentimental place to use as a middle name can help keep that place in your memory a bit longer!


Celebrity Names

This might be a celebrity, like a famous movie star, but it may also be a person less “on the scene.” Perhaps a writer, artist, or musician has inspired you. Or maybe you just really love their name! This might also include characters in a book or the author herself. Think Delia Owens or Shauna Niequist. 


Nature Inspired

If you love nature, the elements, hiking, swimming, fishing, or being one with nature, then choosing a middle name that speaks to this aspect of your personality could be a special way to honor your love of nature.

Some popular girls’ names inspired by nature include Dawn, Autumn, Clementine, Coral, Dove, Hazel, Ivy, Meadow, or Sunny.

If you’re looking for a more unique and modern name, names inspired by nature can offer many great options!

A more recent idea is to also consider names inspired by space – Astrid, Halo, Heaven, Estella Soleil, Stella, and Venus. Any of these names make great partners for Rachel!


Favorite Books or Shows

Are you a big reader? Would a literary middle name be a great fit for your baby girl? Considering names from books, movies, and television shows can be a great way to come up with an original name.

My friend heard the name Perrey – played by a female character – on a television show and decided to use the name for her daughter! The main character from the famed book Where The Crawdads Sing (now a movie!) is called “Kya,” and it’s definitely a unique name!

If you’re looking for a more classic middle names, you could peruse works of classic literature. Some female literary names include Alice, Arwen, Bella, Charlotte, Hazel, Imogen, Jane, Madeline, Rosalind, or Sophie, plus many more!


Syllable Balance

Besides inspiration for names, there are other factors to consider when choosing the best middle name for Rachel. The number of syllables in each name and how they pair together can be an effective tool for choosing a middle name you love.

How many syllables are in your last name? Since Rachel is a two-syllable name, either a short or long middle name could work well, depending on your last name. You don’t want Rachel’s name to feel too short – but a mouthful is not favorable either!

If you have a one-syllable last name and also love a one-syllable middle name, you may consider reordering your daughter’s name to help with the flow.

For example, Rachel Jane Grey may sound better and Jane Rachel Grey. But it depends on the name! It’s really up to you how you would like the name to flow. Syllable balance is the notion that there’s a variety of syllables between each name in order to create a better-sounding name. And that leads me to cadence!



For those of us who don’t have a musical background, cadence is simply the flow or rhythm of a set of sounds or words. It’s that special thing that makes music and words and names sound pleasing or memorable to our ears.

Cadence involves the flow of a name – so the syllable balance and other literary devices to make the name a good one.

Consider a name like Rachel Rachele Reed. Ultimately, it’s a good name, but the flow could be better. The triple “Rs” make it difficult for the name to flow well. Something like Rachel Elizabeth Reed may work better in this case.

Whatever the case, the best way to test for cadence is to practice saying Rachel’s name aloud, practicing it enough to see if you like it!

Now, without further discussion, let’s consider some of the best middle name ideas for Rachel!


Best Middle Names for Rachel 

  1. Rachel Abigail
  2. Rachel Addison
  3. Rachel Adelaide
  4. Rachel Adele
  5. Rachel Adeline
  6. Rachel Alexis
  7. Rachel Amara
  8. Rachel Amelia
  9. Rachel Amira
  10. Rachel Angelica
  11. Rachel Annabelle
  12. Rachel Anne
  13. Rachel Anneliese
  14. Rachel Antonia
  15. Rachel Aria
  16. Rachel Aubrey
  17. Rachel Audrey
  18. Rachel Augusta
  19. Rachel Avalon
  20. Rachel Avery
  21. Rachel Bleu
  22. Rachel Brinley
  23. Rachel Brynn
  24. Rachel Calliope
  25. Rachel Cameron
  26. Rachel Camille
  27. Rachel Carina
  28. Rachel Caroline
  29. Rachel Cassandra
  30. Rachel Catherine
  31. Rachel Cecelia
  32. Rachel Celeste
  33. Rachel Charlotte
  34. Rachel Christine
  35. Rachel Claire
  36. Rachel Clarissa
  37. Rachel Claudia
  38. Rachel Cora
  39. Rachel Cordelia
  40. Rachel Daisy
  41. Rachel Danae
  42. Rachel Daphne
  43. Rachel Delaney
  44. Rachel Delilah
  45. Rachel Dinah
  46. Rachel Edith
  47. Rachel Eleanor
  48. Rachel Elisabeth
  49. Rachel Elise
  50. Rachel Eliza
  51. Rachel Elizabeth
  52. Rachel Eloise
  53. Rachel Ellora
  54. Rachel Emeline
  55. Rachel Emerson
  56. Rachel Emily
  57. Rachel Emma
  58. Rachel Emmeline
  59. Rachel Evangeline
  60. Rachel Eve
  61. Rachel Evelyn
  62. Rachel Everly
  63. Rachel Faith
  64. Rachel Fawn
  65. Rachel Faye
  66. Rachel Felicity
  67. Rachel Finley
  68. Rachel Fiona
  69. Rachel Flora
  70. Rachel Frances
  71. Rachel Genevieve
  72. Rachel Georgette
  73. Rachel Grace
  74. Rachel Guinevere
  75. Rachel Gwendolyn
  76. Rachel Hadley
  77. Rachel Hannah
  78. Rachel Harper
  79. Rachel Harriet
  80. Rachel Heather
  81. Rachel Helena
  82. Rachel Hope
  83. Rachel Imogen
  84. Rachel Inga
  85. Rachel Iris
  86. Rachel Irene
  87. Rachel Isabelle
  88. Rachel Isobel
  89. Rachel Ivy
  90. Rachel Jade
  91. Rachel Jane
  92. Rachel Jean
  93. Rachel Jessica
  94. Rachel Josephine
  95. Rachel Joy
  96. Rachel Judith
  97. Rachel Julia
  98. Rachel Juliet
  99. Rachel June
  100. Rachel Juniper
  101. Rachel Kate
  102. Rachel Katherine
  103. Rachel Kay
  104. Rachel Kelly
  105. Rachel Kinsley
  106. Rachel Kristen
  107. Rachel Lark
  108. Rachel Lavinia
  109. Rachel Leigh
  110. Rachel Leona
  111. Rachel Lillian
  112. Rachel Lily
  113. Rachel Lorainne
  114. Rachel Louisa
  115. Rachel Louise
  116. Rachel Lucy
  117. Rachel Lydia
  118. Rachel Lynn
  119. Rachel Mackenzie
  120. Rachel Madeleine
  121. Rachel Mae
  122. Rachel Magnolia
  123. Rachel Mallory
  124. Rachel Maren
  125. Rachel Margaret
  126. Rachel Maria
  127. Rachel Mariah
  128. Rachel Marie
  129. Rachel Marigold
  130. Rachel Marissa
  131. Rachel Martha
  132. Rachel Mary
  133. Rachel Matilda
  134. Rachel Meadow
  135. Rachel Meredith
  136. Rachel Miranda
  137. Rachel Molly
  138. Rachel Morgan
  139. Rachel Nadia
  140. Rachel Nadine
  141. Rachel Naomi
  142. Rachel Noelle
  143. Rachel Nora/Norah
  144. Rachel Odelia
  145. Rachel Olive
  146. Rachel Olivia
  147. Rachel Paige
  148. Rachel Penelope
  149. Rachel Peyton
  150. Rachel Phoebe
  151. Rachel Piper
  152. Rachel Quinn
  153. Rachel Ramona
  154. Rachel Rebecca
  155. Rachel Reverie
  156. Rachel Rosalie
  157. Rachel Rose
  158. Rachel Savannah
  159. Rachel Scarlett
  160. Rachel Seraphine
  161. Rachel Sharon
  162. Rachel Sierra
  163. Rachel Simone
  164. Rachel Skye
  165. Rachel Sloane
  166. Rachel Sophia
  167. Rachel Susannah
  168. Rachel Tabitha
  169. Rachel Tessa
  170. Rachel Theodora
  171. Rachel Unity
  172. Rachel Vera
  173. Rachel Verbena
  174. Rachel Victoria
  175. Rachel Violet
  176. Rachel Vivian
  177. Rachel Willa
  178. Rachel Willow
  179. Rachel Zara
  180. Rachel Zoe


Final Thoughts

There are plenty more ideas from here! Consider the names that have the most meaning and impact for you, as well as which name flows best with your last name. Your baby girl will grow into the wonderful name you give her! We hope this list of ideas was helpful.

Comment below with the special middle name you choose for your Rachel. And congratulations on your new arrival!


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