When it comes to naming your baby, there are a lot of important things to consider. You want to choose a name that is meaningful, unique, and easily remembered.

As your baby girl learns to pronounce and spell her name, you also want her to be able to do so simply and effectively. Esther is a beautiful first name for a baby girl, but how do you choose the best middle name for Esther? 

If you are looking for a simple yet timeless and elegant middle name for Ester, you have come to the right place!

We created our middle name series with the use of helpful mnemonic and literary devices, as well as a list of the sources that often provide inspiration when choosing the best middle name for your baby.

If you don’t find your perfect middle name in our list below, then we hope the tools and considerations we present here will guide you to a choice you love!


What Does the Name Esther Mean?

The name Esther is of Hebrew origin and means “star.” In other translations, it also means “hidden; secret.”

It has a rich history, most notably Queen Esther of the Christian Bible. Esther was a brave and wise young Jewish girl who became the Queen of Persia during a difficult political time.

Ultimately, she saved her people from destruction by exercising initiative and courage during a period when her life was on the line for speaking out.

No wonder Esther is a popular name for girls and a beautiful choice for a baby girl. Esther was meant to shine!

In addition to its rich heritage, Esther has various spellings, including:

Ester – This spelling is the most popular in Scandinavia. It has a feminine and elegant sound.

Hester – This spelling is more common in the Netherlands and has a strong, powerful sound.

Ister – This version is used in Germany and Austria. It has a softer, gentle sound.

Sterre – This spelling is used in Belgium and France. It has a beautiful, romantic sound.


Popular people named Esther

  • Ester Rada (born 1985), Israeli singer
  • Ester Dean (born 1986), American songwriter and record producer
  • Esther Williams (1921-2013), American actress and competitive swimmer
  • Esther Phillips (1935-1984), R&B singer


How to Choose the Best Middle Name for Esther

Now that we’ve covered the notable things about the name Esther, let’s look at some tools and sources of inspiration that can help you choose the perfect middle name for your Esther!

Where are places that you can look for inspiration to find the best middle name for Esther?

Are there people, places, or things in nature that inspire you?

For example, my grandmother’s middle name was Rosemary. I’ve been interested in recording our family history as of late, so I asked her why her mother had chosen the name Rosemary. She responded, “My mother was a gardener. She had flowers and plants all around our house, and everything was always beautiful. Rosemary was one of her favorite plants because it survives through the seasons and has the most wonderful taste and smell. I was her first little girl, and she just thought the name was perfect!”

If we think about our own lives and the people, places, or even plants that we have loved, there is name inspiration everywhere!

  • Family Members and Friends

Think about your current family members as well as those who are in your memory. Do any of them stand out or have a name that you just love?

Or is there anyone whom you would like to honor?

Oftentimes, family names are where parents come up with the most creative and unique names.

My husband is a fan of my grandmother’s name, Geneva, but we have yet to have a little girl who could carry the name. On the other side, I am partial to his grandmother’s name, Rosalind. They are both beautiful, classic, and would be unique where we live! You might even give your own middle name or your mom’s or sister’s middle name to your daughter.

You may also consider the names of friends for your baby girl. Has someone made a lasting impact on your life?

Would they be honored and delighted if you gave your baby girl the same middle name? 


  • Special Places

Sometimes a place can make such an impact that you want to find a way to tie it into your family’s DNA. Other times, you just like a name that stems from a special location! My husband’s friend grew up in Austin, Texas but now travels for work. As a special nod to his hometown, he named his second son Austin. A friend who lived in Sydney, Australia for two years gave her baby girl the middle name Sydney. And yet another friend who was an au pair in Florence, Italy named her daughter Florence and gave her the nickname “Flo.” 

When it comes to beautiful and inspiring places, there are so many names to choose from, including:

  • Madison
  • Savannah
  • Charlotte
  • Paris
  • Adelaide
  • Logan
  • Cheyenne
  • Helena
  • Aurora
  • Brooklyn
  • Chelsea
  • Dakota
  • Ireland
  • Georgia
  • Sierra
  • London
  • Verona
  • Catalina


  • Double Names

There is also the option of double names, which is particularly common in the southern United States. Common double names for girls include Mary Margaret, Anne Claire, Emma Grace, Mary Anne, Ava Rose, Emma June, and Emery Ella. (That list could certainly go on!)

For a two-syllable name like Esther, good middle name choices to create a beautiful double name could be Esther Jane, Esther Mae, Esther Claire, Esther Grace, Esther Jade, or Esther Marie. Sometimes if a middle name is too long, it will be disregarded in a double name – so it’s important to find something that lands with the first name! 


  • Favorite Shows or Books

There’s a New York Times bestselling book called, Where The Crawdads Sing. If you haven’t read it, then perhaps you’ve heard of it?

It was a popular conversation topic for about two years following its rise to popularity.

(Also, if you haven’t read it and are interested in novels, I highly recommend this book. It is phenomenal!)

Anyway, the main character is a girl named Catherine Clark, but her nickname is what she is really known by, Miss Kya Clark. She is one of those book characters that you never forget! And her name, Kya, is so interesting and unique. 

If you look to television shows and books, there are countless names to choose from, some of them original and uncommon! My friend saw the name Perrey in the credits after watching a movie one time (actress Perrey Reeves). She loved the name so much that she named her daughter Perrey two years later. Think about your favorite shows and books over the course of your life. Do any names stand out? 


Now that we’ve discussed some sources of inspiration for finding a great middle name, let’s consider some elements and naming devices that help with finding a middle name that complements both Esther and your last name!

  • Cadence

If you are a musician or singer, then cadence is not a new concept to you. Cadence simply refers to a sequence of notes or chords that make up a musical phrase. In essence, cadence is rhythm or flow. It can be upbeat, ominous, rising or falling. But ideally, it is harmonious and memorable. When someone is listening, it makes them feel a certain way.

(Think of how reggae music makes you feel in the summer or Christmas music makes you feel during the holidays.)

Names can have the same power!

In the end, our desire is to create a name that has cadence – or good measure, rhythm, and flow. Besides choosing words or letters that pair well together (think of literary tools such as alliteration), we can also create cadence through our use of syllable balance.

Think of some of your favorite names from movies, television, books, and childhood stories. Which names stand out and why? I’ve always loved the name Elizabeth because of how long and beautiful it is. A long name like Elizabeth – four syllables – requires some syllable balance, i.e. shorter middle and long names, to give the full name better flow. 

  • Syllables

When thinking through syllable balance, we can’t forget of course that our last name determines our starting point.

Is your last name short, only one to two syllables, or is it long, with four or more syllables?

Since Esther is only two syllables, it may work well to pair either a short or long name with Esther, again depending on your last name.

Syllable balance typically works best when there is a variety of syllables, for example 2:1:2 or 3:2:1.

Esther Grace Kannerman is an example of 2:1:3 syllables, and the name flows well together. There’s not a perfect science to it, but it often works best to say names aloud to test their rhythm and general flow!

If the name sounds like a mouthful, you may consider choosing a shorter middle name. However, if the name sounds stunted or choppy, it may be best to choose a long middle name for Esther.


Now, without further adieu, here are gorgeous middle names for Esther! 

Best Middle Names for Esther

  1. Esther Abigail
  2. Esther Adelaide
  3. Esther Agatha
  4. Esther Agnes
  5. Esther Alaska
  6. Esther Alice
  7. Esther Amelia
  8. Esther Anastasia
  9. Esther Anise
  10. Esther Annabella
  11. Esther Anne
  12. Esther Antonia
  13. Esther Anwen
  14. Esther Arian
  15. Esther Aspen
  16. Esther Athena
  17. Esther Aurora
  18. Esther Azalea
  19. Esther Beatrix
  20. Esther Bernadette
  21. Esther Bridgett
  22. Esther Brooke
  23. Esther Calla
  24. Esther Calliope
  25. Esther Camelia
  26. Esther Camellia
  27. Esther Camille
  28. Esther Caris
  29. Esther Cecilia
  30. Esther Charlotte
  31. Esther Christine
  32. Esther Claire
  33. Esther Clementine
  34. Esther Coralie
  35. Esther Coraline
  36. Esther Cordelia
  37. Esther Corinne
  38. Esther Dahlia
  39. Esther Danielle
  40. Esther Dawn
  41. Esther Diane
  42. Esther Eden
  43. Esther Elena
  44. Esther Elise
  45. Esther Eliza
  46. Esther Eloise
  47. Esther Emmeline
  48. Esther Evangeline
  49. Esther Evelyn
  50. Esther Fawn
  51. Esther Felicity
  52. Esther Fiona
  53. Esther Flora
  54. Esther Frances
  55. Esther Gale
  56. Esther Genevieve
  57. Esther Giselle
  58. Esther Grace
  59. Esther Gray
  60. Esther Harmony
  61. Esther Harriet
  62. Esther Hazel
  63. Esther Helena
  64. Esther Henrietta
  65. Esther Illyria
  66. Esther Imogen
  67. Esther Indra
  68. Esther Isabella
  69. Esther Isobel
  70. Esther Ivy
  71. Esther Jade
  72. Esther Jasmine
  73. Esther Jaymes
  74. Esther Jeanne
  75. Esther Josephine
  76. Esther Joy
  77. Esther Juliet
  78. Esther June
  79. Esther Juniper
  80. Esther Kate
  81. Esther Katherine
  82. Esther Laurel
  83. Esther Layla
  84. Esther Lilith
  85. Esther Lillian
  86. Esther Laurene
  87. Esther Lucy
  88. Esther Mabel
  89. Esther Mae
  90. Esther Magnolia
  91. Esther Marceline
  92. Esther Maren
  93. Esther Margaret
  94. Esther Marigold
  95. Esther Marjorie
  96. Esther Maud
  97. Esther Melody
  98. Esther Merida
  99. Esther Minerva
  100. Esther Mirabel
  101. Esther Morgana
  102. Esther Muriel
  103. Esther Naomi
  104. Esther Natalie
  105. Esther Octavia
  106. Esther Olive
  107. Esther Olivia
  108. Esther Ophelia
  109. Esther Pearl
  110. Esther Penelope
  111. Esther Peony
  112. Esther Plum
  113. Esther Poppy
  114. Esther Primrose
  115. Esther Rachel
  116. Esther Rain
  117. Esther Rosalie
  118. Esther Rosanna
  119. Esther Rose
  120. Esther Rosemary
  121. Esther Rowen
  122. Esther Ruby
  123. Esther Ruth
  124. Esther Sage
  125. Esther Scarlett
  126. Esther Skye
  127. Esther Sloane
  128. Esther Sophia
  129. Esther Stella
  130. Esther Summer
  131. Esther Valentina
  132. Esther Violet
  133. Esther Vivian
  134. Esther Willow
  135. Esther Wren


Final Thoughts

There are so many beautiful middle names out there for baby girls named Esther. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a name you love that your little Esther can grow into over time. Congratulations on your new arrival! Wishing you all the happiness in the world as you welcome your shining star!


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