A baby girl is a special and wonderful addition to your family. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

One of your first jobs as a parent is to choose a meaningful name for your little one. If you’re reading this article, then you’ve likely settled on the name Evelyn as your little girl’s first name.

But how do you know what middle name to give her? What middle name could be special to you while also being complementary to Evelyn?

Below we’ve compiled a list of the most precious middle names for Evelyn, as well as some tools and tips to help you find a middle name you’ll love!


What We Love About Evelyn

The name Evelyn is of English origins and means wished for child or, in some translations, desired. Evelyn is a diminutive of the German name Aveline, which is also a beautiful name for a girl.

Evelyn has been a well-loved name for centuries, becoming the second most popular baby girls name at the start of the 20th century. Shortly after, it declined in popularity, but as classic and “old timey” names have been making a comeback in recent years, Evelyn has been once again climbing the charts.

Spelling variations of Evelyn include Evalyn, Eveline, Evalynn, and Evelynn. Evelyn is a beautiful, classic name that has stood the test of time. If you are looking for a strong yet feminine name for your little girl, Evelyn is a wonderful choice.


Famous People Named Evelyn

Evelyn Waugh – English author

Evelyn “Champagne” King – American singer

Evelyn Salt – a character portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt

Now that you know a bit about the meaning and history of the name Evelyn, as well as some popular people who share the name, let’s consider some ways to choose the best middle name for little Evelyn.


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Evelyn

Family Ties

Have you ever researched your ancestry or family tree? Do you know the names of great-grandmothers or other women in your family history? Tracing back to your roots and learning the names of family members can be a great source of inspiration.

Common classic names include Sarah, Madeline, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Margaret, and June. All of these names would make beautiful middle names for Evelyn.

Do you have aunts, sisters, or cousins who bear first or middle names that you love? Sometimes we don’t know all the names of our relatives, and asking our family is a great start. Family and friends are so honored when we choose to name our children after them!


Special Places

A friend of mine recently named her little girl Ireland. I love how original and special this name is for them.

Her husband was originally born in Ireland, and they met in Canada while they were both studying abroad. A few years later, they returned to their home countries of Ireland and the United States and dated long-distance for two years!

They were elated when they finally married and he moved to the States to be with her. It was not lost on her, however, that Ireland was a dear and precious place to her husband.

When they were pregnant with their first little girl and she recommended the name Ireland, he was elated!

Many girls’ names have been inspired by famous cities and places all over the world!

Consider Madison, Charlotte, Alexandria, Shannon, Aurora, Savannah, and Logan.

If not a city, state, or other similar place, how about a park or place in nature? Many sites are named either for their natural beauty or people before them. If you have a favorite spot, look around at the street names or names of schools and parks!


Celebrity Names

Do you have a favorite celebrity or author? Is there someone you admire who you would like to commemorate in a special way? Perhaps even a mentor or teacher?

Sometimes when we are stuck and don’t love any of the name options on internet lists, we can consider someone personal as our child’s namesake. That kind of name tends to grow on us because it holds such a special place in our hearts.

Famous people also have a way of utilizing their middle names that makes us thinking twice about stage and pen names!


Nature Inspired

Is there a flower, tree, or object in nature that could inspire a middle name? Pine, Lily, or Rose from plants; Wave, Blue, or Aqua for oceanic vibes; or Lake, River, and Skye for other elements.

If you are a nature lover then choosing a middle name reminiscent of nature and her beauty is a great way to honor your own passions.

Months and seasons of the year have also made a steady comeback – consider April, June, August, Spring, Winter, Summer, Autumn, and May. 


Favorite Books or Shows

Another option is to choose a name inspired by your favorite book or television show. This could be a great way to introduce your child to some of your favorite things.

Are you a Disney fan? Given the endless list of characters and movies over the years, it’s very possible to find a Disney name that you’ll love for Evelyn’s middle name!

Older Disney movies offer names like Aurora, Jasmine, Alice, Jane, Belle, and Tiana. Some of the new hits include Anna, Kiara, Kate, Lily, and Addie.

Or how about characters from your favorite novels?

So many authors have created otherworldly characters and names in their books. Think Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) and Kya Clark (Where The Crawdads Sing). One only needs to read a few books to gather some unique but beautiful names for girls. 


Double Names

Evelyn is not commonly used as a double name, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a good one! Since Evelyn is three syllables, a one-syllable middle name would probably work best to create a memorable double name. For example, it could be Evelyn June, Evelyn Kate, or Evelyn Joy. 


Syllable Balance

Syllable balance is the idea that we should partner different syllables together to create name flow. Many people like the combinations 2:3:2, 3:2:1, and 2:1:2.

There are no hard and fast rules to this idea – it’s simply a matter of playing with names until it’s clear which sounds balanced and full! The objective of syllable balance is to create cadence. 



Cadence is a music term traditionally applying to the rhythm or flow created in a song or production. Cadence is necessary for beautiful and memorable music. Names follow similar logic in that, while not as particular, names that are unbalanced can be hard to remember or sound “off-beat.”

Consider, for example, that not many people have three one-syllable names – like Jane Leigh Wilt. It doesn’t sound bad necessarily, but giving this name a longer middle name would create better syllable balance (more so than the current 1:1:1 ratio).

A name like Jane Evelyn Wilt sounds a bit more elegant and full. That is also to say that if Evelyn fits better as a middle name, then you could place it there but still call your daughter Evelyn. (Our son’s middle name is William, but this is the name we call him by for several reasons!)



Sometimes nicknames are inevitable, but sometimes as parents we can give the nicknames ourselves!

For example, if you choose either Evelyn Jane, Evelyn June, or Evelyn Jay, “EJ” can make a great nickname! Other nicknames may include Evie or Eve. 

Now that we’ve discussed some perfect places for inspiration, let’s peruse a list of names perfect for Evelyn!


Best Middle Names For Evelyn

  1. Evelyn Abigail
  2. Evelyn Ada
  3. Evelyn Adair
  4. Evelyn Alice
  5. Evelyn Amelia
  6. Evelyn Anna/Anne
  7. Evelyn April
  8. Evelyn Ashley
  9. Evelyn August
  10. Evelyn Beatrix
  11. Evelyn Beth
  12. Evelyn Blair
  13. Evelyn Bliss
  14. Evelyn Blythe
  15. Evelyn Bree
  16. Evelyn Bridget
  17. Evelyn Brooke
  18. Evelyn Cecelia
  19. Evelyn Charlotte
  20. Evelyn Chloe
  21. Evelyn Claire
  22. Evelyn Clara
  23. Evelyn Collette
  24. Evelyn Constance
  25. Evelyn Cora
  26. Evelyn Coral
  27. Evelyn Courtney
  28. Evelyn Daphne
  29. Evelyn Dawn
  30. Evelyn Diane
  31. Evelyn Drew
  32. Evelyn Eliah
  33. Evelyn Faith
  34. Evelyn Faye
  35. Evelyn Fern
  36. Evelyn Fiona
  37. Evelyn Florence
  38. Evelyn Frances
  39. Evelyn Grace
  40. Evelyn Hazel
  41. Evelyn Holly
  42. Evelyn Hope
  43. Evelyn Iris
  44. Evelyn Ivy
  45. Evelyn Jade
  46. Evelyn Jane
  47. Evelyn Jo
  48. Evelyn Joy
  49. Evelyn June
  50. Evelyn Juniper
  51. Evelyn Kate
  52. Evelyn Katia
  53. Evelyn Kay
  54. Evelyn Lake
  55. Evelyn Lark
  56. Evelyn Leigh
  57. Evelyn Leslie
  58. Evelyn Lily
  59. Evelyn Lou
  60. Evelyn Louise
  61. Evelyn Lucy
  62. Evelyn Lynae
  63. Evelyn Mabel
  64. Evelyn Madison
  65. Evelyn Maeve
  66. Evelyn Maisie
  67. Evelyn Margaret
  68. Evelyn Margot
  69. Evelyn Marie
  70. Evelyn Marigold
  71. Evelyn Marla
  72. Evelyn May/Mae
  73. Evelyn Mercy
  74. Evelyn Nora
  75. Evelyn Odelle
  76. Evelyn Paige
  77. Evelyn Pearl
  78. Evelyn Penelope
  79. Evelyn Perrey
  80. Evelyn Phoebe
  81. Evelyn Piper
  82. Evelyn Primrose
  83. Evelyn Raine
  84. Evelyn Rea
  85. Evelyn Reese
  86. Evelyn Rose
  87. Evelyn Ruby
  88. Evelyn Rue/Roux
  89. Evelyn Ruth
  90. Evelyn Sage
  91. Evelyn Shea
  92. Evelyn Sidney
  93. Evelyn Skye
  94. Evelyn Snow
  95. Evelyn Star
  96. Evelyn Summer
  97. Evelyn Susannah
  98. Evelyn Sylvie
  99. Evelyn Tess
  100. Evelyn Vera
  101. Evelyn Willow
  102. Evelyn Wren
  103. Evelyn Zoe


Final Thoughts

Choosing a middle name is no easy feat. We hope this article has given you ideas for how to find the best middle name for your Evelyn.

Keep in mind that whichever middle name you choose, it will be perfect because you chose it and it is special to you.

We would love to know which information you found most helpful and the middle name that you finally choose for your daughter!


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