Naming a child is one of the most important and personal things a parent can do. It’s a decision that many family members and friends get so invested in – maybe even too much! But it just shows that names have special meaning and value to everyone.

It’s not a decision that parents make lightly, and at the same time, it should be an exciting and hopeful time. And there are many sources of inspiration to find a wonderful middle name for your baby!

Naming a child after a relative or family member is a tradition in many cultures. For example, in Spanish culture, it’s common to name a child after a grandmother or grandfather. Many parents choose a unique name, either first or middle, to go along with a family name. It may also be a great way to have a name that is modern combined with a name that is classic and traditional. 

If you are considering Ophelia for your baby girl, then you are likely wondering what middle name would be a great choice for Ophelia. A middle name is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your child’s name. A middle name can honor a loved one, pay tribute to a special person or place, or remind you of something you love about nature!

There are many beautiful names to choose from, but picking the perfect middle name for your daughter can be tough. Below we’ve outlined some helpful sources of inspiration as well as language tools you can use to choose a middle name for Ophelia that you will love for years to come.


What Does the Name Ophelia Mean?

The name Ophelia is of Greek origin and means “aid or benefit.” Ophelia is also a variant of the name Seraphina (Latin). Seraphina is derived from the word seraphim, which means “fiery serpents” or “burning ones.” Ophelia is most notably the tragic heroine in Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet

The name Ophelia is also associated with the flower ophelia. The ophelia is a white flower that symbolizes innocence and purity. It is a popular name in Shakespearean literature and has been a beautiful girl’s name since the 19th century. In terms of popularity, the name Ophelia ranks #608 for a girl in the United States, making it a unique name choice for your little girl.


Famous People Named Ophelia

Ophelia Benson – American author and blogger

Ophelia Lovibond – English actress

Ophelia Todd – character in the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë 


How to Choose the Best Middle Name for Ophelia

Family Ties

One of the best sources of inspiration for names is to consider the names of loved ones, including family members and friends.

My son is named John William for his dad, but William is also my dad’s middle name. So it worked perfectly to name him after his dad but call him “William.” The name has fit him perfectly!

My friend named her baby girl Ida Mae after her beloved grandmother.

Ophelia is a classic and old-fashioned name without being too traditional. It is still a rather rare name, and being unique means that a family name might be a great middle name choice!

Think of your heritage, family history, and areas of origin. It can be a fun exercise to ask family members their parents’ names, as well as that of siblings, cousins, and so on. Do any of the names stand out to you? How do they sound with Ophelia?


Special Places

This can be a really fun one! Think of places you have visited and loved.

Family vacation spots, hiking trails, camping areas, lakes or rivers, all places that can serve as inspiration for middle names!

For example, Sydney and Adelaide are names of cities in Australia; Savannah and Charlotte are names of cities in the southern United States; and Shannon and London are European cities. If you’ve been anywhere with a cool name, it may be worth considering for your Ophelia!


Celebrity Names

Have you ever thought of considering a celebrity’s name for your baby’s middle name? And if not a celebrity, what about a favorite teacher, author, or musician?

Helen, Viola, Nora, Nicole, Mae, Greta, Audrey, and Laura are all names of actresses from the early part of the century.

Or you could go with a royal name like Elizabeth, Margaret, Victoria, or Charlotte. Peruse a list of names of famous people (who often create their own unique stage names), and see if any names appeal to you!


Nature Inspired

Since Ophelia is often associated with the flower, have you considered another nature-inspired name for Ophelia? There are so many options in this category!

You could go with Lily, Magnolia, Sage, River, Briar, Grove, Laurel, Ivy, Willow, Skye, Robin, or Wren. You could also go with a season or month, such as Spring, June, Summer, Autumn, or April. There are many great choice that could pair beautifully with Ophelia and give credence to your nature-loving side!


Favorite Books or Shows

As a writer and avid reader, this is my favorite category. It’s amazing how many unique and original names can be found in books and television shows!

My friend named her little girl Perrey after hearing the name on a TV sitcom. When I read the famed book Where The Crawdads Sing, I loved the name Kya (short for Catherine in the book).

You could simply walk through the library and come up with a whole list of names just from the authors! But the characters they create can be particularly interesting and unique.

Think of Beth Finch and all her sisters. Cadi and Fia were interesting names from Francine Rivers’ book The Last Sin Eater. There’s also Allie, Celie, Coraline, Estella, Hazel, Leia, Matilda, Pippi, Romona, and Scarlett!


Syllable Balance

There are sources of inspiration all around if we consider family, friends, places in nature, seasons, books, television, and other places where names abound! And one of the elements that makes some names so memorable is how they sound!

Consider, for example, Anne of Green Gables. We don’t always remember her last name, but that title sure does stick in your memory! Since Green Gables has alliteration, it tends to be easier to remember. It also helps that the syllables are mixed (one and two syllables, respectively).

Syllable balance is the idea that we mix syllables in each word to create a more balanced phrase – and this applies to names as well!

While some names with a 1:1:1 syllable ratio have made it (like James Earl Jones), most names are more memorable when each name – first, middle, and last – has a different set of syllables. Also, James Earl Jones is probably memorable because of its alliteration! Common syllable arrangements include 3:2:1, 1:2:1, 2:2:2, and 4:2:1. 



Lastly, let’s talk about a special tool called cadence. This is something most common in music but also applicable to names! Cadence simply refers to a pleasing sound – rhythm or flow! Why do some names sound great and others sound like a mouthful?

Cadence has a lot to do with that! Of course, there’s only so much we can do about our last names. But considering our last name to choose the best first and middle names is important!

Since Ophelia has four syllables, you may like to consider a shorter middle name, say something with only one or two syllables. If your last name is already short, then perhaps you don’t need a short middle name for Ophelia.

Whatever the case, the best way to see how the name sounds – and if it has cadence – is to practice saying it aloud!



Some nicknames for Ophelia may include Lia, Effie, or Phe (all nicknames of Ophelias in books or shows)!

Picking the perfect middle name for your daughter can be tough, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, these popular middle names for Ophelia might be just what you need.

Whether you want a name that’s traditional, unique, or has special meaning, there’s sure to be something on this list that will fit your needs. So take a look and see if any of these middle names for Ophelia strike your fancy.


Best Middle Names for Ophelia

  1. Ophelia Adair
  2. Ophelia Adeline
  3. Ophelia Adora
  4. Ophelia Alexis
  5. Ophelia Annabel
  6. Ophelia Anne
  7. Ophelia Anneliese
  8. Ophelia April
  9. Ophelia Astrid
  10. Ophelia Audrey
  11. Ophelia Belle
  12. Ophelia Bette
  13. Ophelia Blair
  14. Ophelia Blythe
  15. Ophelia Bridget
  16. Ophelia Bronwyn
  17. Ophelia Brynn
  18. Ophelia Camille
  19. Ophelia Carys
  20. Ophelia Catherine
  21. Ophelia Cecile
  22. Ophelia Celeste
  23. Ophelia Charlotte
  24. Ophelia Christine
  25. Ophelia Claire
  26. Ophelia Clarisse
  27. Ophelia Clover
  28. Ophelia Colette
  29. Ophelia Corinne
  30. Ophelia Cosette
  31. Ophelia Daphne
  32. Ophelia Dawn
  33. Ophelia Delphine
  34. Ophelia Diane
  35. Ophelia Eden
  36. Ophelia Elaine
  37. Ophelia Eleanor
  38. Ophelia Elise
  39. Ophelia Elle
  40. Ophelia Emerald
  41. Ophelia Emery
  42. Ophelia Erin
  43. Ophelia Estelle
  44. Ophelia Eve
  45. Ophelia Faith
  46. Ophelia Flora
  47. Ophelia Florence
  48. Ophelia Frances
  49. Ophelia Garnet
  50. Ophelia Genevieve
  51. Ophelia Gisele
  52. Ophelia Grace
  53. Ophelia Greer
  54. Ophelia Grier
  55. Ophelia Gwyn
  56. Ophelia Helene
  57. Ophelia Hope
  58. Ophelia Ingrid
  59. Ophelia Iris
  60. Ophelia Isabel
  61. Ophelia Isla
  62. Ophelia Ivy
  63. Ophelia Jade
  64. Ophelia Jane
  65. Ophelia Jasmine
  66. Ophelia Jean
  67. Ophelia Joan
  68. Ophelia Jocelyn
  69. Ophelia Jolene
  70. Ophelia Josephine
  71. Ophelia Joy
  72. Ophelia Juliet
  73. Ophelia June
  74. Ophelia Juniper
  75. Ophelia Kate
  76. Ophelia Kaye
  77. Ophelia Lainey
  78. Ophelia Lane
  79. Ophelia Lark
  80. Ophelia Laurel
  81. Ophelia Lauren
  82. Ophelia Leigh
  83. Ophelia Lilac
  84. Ophelia Lily
  85. Ophelia Lorelei
  86. Ophelia Louise
  87. Ophelia Lucille
  88. Ophelia Lucy
  89. Ophelia Lynn
  90. Ophelia Mabel
  91. Ophelia Madeleine
  92. Ophelia Mae
  93. Ophelia Maeve
  94. Ophelia Mallory
  95. Ophelia Maren
  96. Ophelia Marguerite
  97. Ophelia Marie
  98. Ophelia Marin
  99. Ophelia Marion
  100. Ophelia Martine
  101. Ophelia Mary
  102. Ophelia Mathilde
  103. Ophelia Maude
  104. Ophelia May/Mae
  105. Ophelia Maya
  106. Ophelia Millie
  107. Ophelia Moon
  108. Ophelia Nadine
  109. Ophelia Natalie
  110. Ophelia Nell
  111. Ophelia Noelle
  112. Ophelia Onyx
  113. Ophelia Paige
  114. Ophelia Peace
  115. Ophelia Pearl
  116. Ophelia Plum
  117. Ophelia Quinn
  118. Ophelia Rae
  119. Ophelia Raven
  120. Ophelia Reese
  121. Ophelia Renee
  122. Ophelia Rhiannon
  123. Ophelia River
  124. Ophelia Rosalind
  125. Ophelia Rosamund
  126. Ophelia Rose
  127. Ophelia Rosemary
  128. Ophelia Rue
  129. Ophelia Ruth
  130. Ophelia Sabine
  131. Ophelia Sage
  132. Ophelia Sandrine
  133. Ophelia Sarah
  134. Ophelia Seren
  135. Ophelia Simone
  136. Ophelia Sophie
  137. Ophelia Star
  138. Ophelia Sue
  139. Ophelia Susan
  140. Ophelia Sybil
  141. Ophelia Sylvie
  142. Ophelia Tempest
  143. Ophelia Tess
  144. Ophelia Therese
  145. Ophelia Victoria
  146. Ophelia Violet
  147. Ophelia Vivienne
  148. Ophelia Willow
  149. Ophelia Wren
  150. Ophelia Zoe


Final Thoughts

Ophelia is a lovely name for a baby girl. It has the perfect blend of elegance, sophistication, and flair. There are many great middle names for Ophelia, whether you want a traditional, unique, or meaningful name. We hope this list helped to narrow your search for the perfect middle name for Ophelia. Congratulations on your baby girl! If you discover other amazing middle names for Ophelia, let us know in the comments below!


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