The Perfect Middle Name for Charlotte

Your little girl will be here before you know it! The nurse will hand you the certificate signifying your baby’s birth, and right there, in black and white blocks, you’ll write your baby girl’s sweet name. If you’ve already decided on Charlotte for your little angel, then you have made a beautiful choice.

Charlotte is a classic and elegant name dating back to the 14th century, made famous by Queen Charlotte of England in the 18th century. Charlotte is the feminine form of the name, Charles and means, “free woman” or “womanly.” 

So what names pair well with Charlotte? If you’re here, then you are likely searching for a beautiful middle name to complete your darling baby girl’s name. Middle names have important value! And we’ve written our middle name series to inspire and help you discover the perfect middle name for your precious baby.


What’s In A Name? 

Did you know that a few hundred years ago many people were not given a middle name? It was a practice used only by royalty and the elite – but not so much for the layperson or commoner. In fact, many aristocrats gave their children more than one middle name in order to show their high place in society. Some records indicate that certain royal children were given as many as 30 names! 

In ancient Rome, some common citizens were given three names – a personal name, a family name, and a name to indicate which branch of the family they were from. Families in many different cultures gave their children multiple names in order to keep track of their family tree in a time before birth certificates and records were well kept. But this practice of middle names was not always recorded – or practiced – between generations.

The most similar naming system to our current one originates with the Europeans of the 18th and 19th centuries, who gave their children three names – the name of an ancestor or relative, the name of a saint, and their given surname. As they immigrated to North America, they brought this practice of giving middle names with them, and it has evolved over time and culture. 

 Consideration for Family Names

Names are important representations of the family we belong to and our identity as a person. Middle names are invaluable – they can honor a relative or lost loved one, signify an important place, or serve a special purpose in our own spiritual or religious circles.

Consider, for example, that my aunt named her daughter Chloe Margaret to honor both her sister, Chloe, who had passed away in their teenage years, and Margaret for her husband’s Catholic family, who esteem the patron saint of expectant mothers, otherwise known as Saint Margaret of Scotland.

Or take as another example my cousin, who lived for a year in London and fell so in love with the city that she named her daughter London Shay (adding the name “Shay” to honor her best friend from college)!

You may also consider which names are complementary to your other children’s names if this sweet baby is not your first.

For example, if a brother or sister also has a classical name, perhaps you’d like to choose a traditional middle name for Charlotte as well. Or maybe Charlotte is your only girl (we have a family of boys, too!) and you would like for her name to stand out. Either way, there are many great middle name choices that blend seamlessly with Charlotte.  


Finding Middle Name Inspiration

Not all of us have cities or friends or family members who give us easy names to choose from. If you find that none of those ideas inspire you, fret not! Thankfully, there are other ways to create beautiful, heart-warming name combinations.

One important factor to consider is the flow or rhythm of names. (Fun fact: this is often known as cadence!) Depending on the number of syllables in your last name, some middle names will sound much more charming and pleasing to the ear than others. In fact, the pairing of some first and middle names can sound almost musical – like the sound of a grand symphony! 

Is your last name three or more syllables?

Then consider a shorter middle name to bring together with Charlotte. However, if your last name is only one syllable, perhaps you should consider a longer middle name to make her name feel more prestigious.

You’ll want to find that perfect balance between a name that sounds too sharp and short or a name that feels like a mouthful to say. Her first and middle names should flow beautifully and be something that you enjoy saying in the years to come!

Another quintessential element of naming your child is the literary device of alliteration!

Do you like alliteration for her name or does it make the full name sound funny? Charlotte Sharee may sound too similar, while Charlotte Blair or Charlotte Rose gives a nice mix of consonants and sounds more elegant together.

Some names become memorable with a little alliteration. (Remember the unusual movie, Benjamin Button about the man who ages in reverse – i.e., he’s a baby by the end! Or how about the famous author, Elisabeth Elliot?

I’ve always thought her name had a certain memorable ring to it. Both names repeat the same letter – and thus, the initial consonant sound – but that doesn’t mean that every name flows together so well. It’s really a test for the ears!)

How about a part of your heritage or ancestry?

Maybe you have recently discovered that your great-grandmother is from France, so you’d like to honor her with a French middle name. Or perhaps your husband is of Asian heritage and would like to honor his family with a name popular in his family’s culture. Choosing a middle name based on this knowledge is a wonderful way to honor family lineage.

Yet another factor to consider is how the meanings of each name complement each other. If Charlotte means “free woman” or “womanly,” then is there a name with a complementary meaning? Charlotte Joy, for example, would loosely translate to mean “womanly joy” or “free woman of joy!”

Then, there’s the matter of creating a name that is traditional, classic, trendy, unique, or modern.

Since Charlotte dates back to the 14th century (and was the name of a European queen, mind you), perhaps you want to find a middle name that is also timeless and traditional! Or maybe you would like to mix it up and partner Charlotte with a more modern, less familiar middle name? You really can’t go wrong. Which do you prefer?   

Lastly – but not least important – consider what your child’s middle initials will be based on each name. A friend of mine has the initials K.I.P., which she hasn’t always appreciated. “Kip” became a natural nickname for her, so much so that some friends still call her “Kip” instead of “Katie” (her first name). 


Beautiful Middle Names for Charlotte

As you peruse the list below, take time to say these names with your last name multiple times. Practice it in different voices and tones. Imagine signing your little girl up for school or soccer or dance recitals. What nicknames could develop from it?

Give it time to settle on your heart. Remove the pressure that you need to decide today – or even before your baby girl is born! When we named our first son, we had two names in mind and just could not decide on which we liked best. When he was born, we were so overwhelmed with emotion (and exhaustion) that we still weren’t ready to say. A few hours later, when the O.B. came in to check on us, it was all so clear. That was four years ago, and our son has grown into his name every day since!

The choice is yours, parent-to-be! This list is just a tool to hopefully help inspire you. So, without further ado, here are 101 gorgeous middle names for sweet, beautiful Charlotte.  

Best middle names for Charlotte:

  1. Charlotte Abigail
  2. Charlotte Adelaide
  3. Charlotte Addison
  4. Charlotte Adele
  5. Charlotte Ainsley
  6. Charlotte Amelia
  7. Charlotte Andrea
  8. Charlotte Annabelle
  9. Charlotte Anne
  10. Charlotte Augusta
  11. Charlotte Aurora
  12. Charlotte Autumn
  13. Charlotte Avery
  14. Charlotte Autumn
  15. Charlotte Blair
  16. Charlotte Brooklyn
  17. Charlotte Brynn
  18. Charlotte Casey
  19. Charlotte Claire
  20. Charlotte Cora
  21. Charlotte Danielle
  22. Charlotte Dawn
  23. Charlotte Dove
  24. Charlotte Eleanor
  25. Charlotte Elena
  26. Charlotte Elise
  27. Charlotte Elizabeth
  28. Charlotte Elsa
  29. Charlotte Emilia
  30. Charlotte Evelyn
  31. Charlotte Eve
  32. Charlotte Gabrielle
  33. Charlotte Geneva
  34. Charlotte Grace
  35. Charlotte Gray
  36. Charlotte Elea
  37. Charlotte Haley
  38. Charlotte Hannah
  39. Charlotte Harper
  40. Charlotte Hazel
  41. Charlotte Honey
  42. Charlotte Hope
  43. Charlotte Isabelle
  44. Charlotte Isla
  45. Charlotte Ivy
  46. Charlotte Jane
  47. Charlotte Jaymes
  48. Charlotte Joanna
  49. Charlotte Joy
  50. Charlotte June
  51. Charlotte Juniper
  52. Charlotte Kady
  53. Charlotte Kate
  54. Charlotte Kathleen 
  55. Charlotte Kennedy
  56. Charlotte Lilah
  57. Charlotte Lillian
  58. Charlotte London
  59. Charlotte Loren
  60. Charlotte Louanna
  61. Charlotte Luna
  62. Charlotte Madeline
  63. Charlotte Madison
  64. Charlotte Margaret
  65. Charlotte Marie
  66. Charlotte May
  67. Charlotte Mia
  68. Charlotte Natalia
  69. Charlotte Nichole
  70. Charlotte Noa
  71. Charlotte Noelle
  72. Charlotte Nora
  73. Charlotte Odette
  74. Charlotte Paige
  75. Charlotte Pearl
  76. Charlotte Penelope
  77. Charlotte Rae
  78. Charlotte Ruby
  79. Charlotte Odette
  80. Charlotte Olivia
  81. Charlotte Rain
  82. Charlotte Reagan
  83. Charlotte Rhiannon
  84. Charlotte Rosalie
  85. Charlotte Rose
  86. Charlotte Ruth
  87. Charlotte Ryan
  88. Charlotte Sarah
  89. Charlotte Savannah
  90. Charlotte Sophia
  91. Charlotte Sloane
  92. Charlotte Stella
  93. Charlotte Taylor
  94. Charlotte Valeria
  95. Charlotte Victoria
  96. Charlotte Vivian
  97. Charlotte Simone
  98. Charlotte Skye
  99. Charlotte Willow
  100. Charlotte Wren
  101. Charlotte Zoey

Final Encouragement

While it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect middle name, it is also a privilege to give your little girl her first identity! You will have a front row seat to the joy that is watching your daughter grow into the beautiful name you give her. Whether you choose to go classical, modern, or unique, her name will be special because she is special – your little Charlotte!   

The ending to one of my son’s favorite books says this:

“So be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray

Or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea,

You’re off to Great Places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting.

So…get on your way!”


(Hint: It’s from the famous book by Dr. Suess, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! It’s a bedtime favorite in our house!)


The names may be quirky, but the sentiment stands – you’re off to great places, so get on your way! I hope this list has inspired the perfect middle name for your baby Charlotte. Whichever middle name you choose, it will be perfect for your sweet girl because you chose it. Good luck to you – and congratulations!

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