The name Ivy has a wonderful earthy feel and timeless sound.

It makes me think of those vivid green branches of ivy that are so strong and effervescent they grow upwards on the sides of houses and trees, creating a beautiful tapestry of leafy green cover. And much like the vine, the name Ivy is strong and resilient, often representative of faithfulness.

What a wonderful name for a little girl

Now that you’ve decided on her first name (or maybe you’re still wondering if Ivy would be a good middle name!) you need a favorable match. So what are some beautiful middle names for Ivy? If you’re still searching for options, this list is just for you! We’ve compiled some of the most stately middle names for Ivy from all around. 

You can also find inspiration from your own life experiences, family, and other memorable connections. Is there a place that’s special to you? My friend decidedly named her baby girl Sydney because it was her way of honoring the city she was from in Australia.

Or maybe there is not one place in particular that has made a significant impact, but you love the idea of travel and adventure. You could still choose one of these names for your baby girl’s middle name. Other famous city names that could work beautifully for Ivy are:

  • Shannon (Ireland)
  • Florence (Italy)
  • Paris (France) 
  • Chandler (Arizona) 
  • Savannah (Georgia) 
  • Brooklyn (New York) 
  • Camden (New Jersey) 
  • Charlotte (North Carolina)
  • Madison (Wisconsin)
  • London (England)
  • Aspen (Colorado)
  • Helena (Montana)
  • Alexandria (Egypt)
  • Adelaide (Australia)
  • Aurora (Illinois)
  • Cheyenne (Wyoming)
  • Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Logan (Utah) 


How To Find Inspiration for Ivy


Did you know that even a few hundred years ago the art of giving children middle names was not a common practice?

Granted there were some families who gave their children as many as 30 names! The famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso was given 23 names to honor saints and family members! (His full name was Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso.)

Other royal families and nobility gave their children several names to attest to their high place in society and belonging in a certain family.

Commoners, as they were called, rarely gave their children more than two names – a first name, often in honor of either a relative or a saint, and a last name, the surname. Some families in Europe did follow the practice of giving their children a first name and a middle name along with their surname, but it was usually because they could not decide between a saintly name or another favored name. 

By the 18th century, immigrants settling in North America were beginning to give their children middle names and moving away from naming them after family or saints. It turns out that three is the perfect number! This practice of giving a middle name to each child has stayed with us for generations. (And we’re here for it!)


If you don’t take your inspiration from cities or other places in the world, where else might you find inspiration for an original and dignified middle name for Ivy?

Have you considered your family tree?

Sometimes we may not know the first name of a great aunt or distant cousin, who unbeknownst to us, could inspire the perfect middle name for Ivy.

The name Clementine is offered on the list both because it is gaining popularity as a classic girl’s name and because it was the name of my great-great-grandmother’s sister. I would have never known had my father not recently taken an interest in our family genealogy! 


Here’s another idea: what about your favorite book or movie? Beth makes me think of Beth March (full name Elizabeth) from the famous novel, Little Women. Or how about a woman who is famous for doing something monumental?

When I think of the name Amelia, I immediately associate Amelia Earhart, who bolstered the advancement of women in the field of aviation. Then, there’s my friend who fell in love with the name Perrey when she heard the name on a television show! 

Another place for inspiration is to consider the milieu to which Ivy already belongs, i.e. nature itself!

Dawn describes the rising sun and is a wonderful way to stick with the theme of nature.

Hazel originates from the hazelnut tree; and Magnolia is an evergreen tree whose hind leaves bear a beautiful golden brown color. And these aren’t the only name options that reflect the stunning feats of nature. There is also Laurel, Palmer, and Rose!

Lastly, there are classical and traditional names which have stood the test of time. They have within them their own timeless beauty, and many would pair excellently as a middle name for Ivy. Abigail, Eleanor, Madeline, or Victoria all add elegant grace to the name Ivy. (Oh, Grace is another one!)


Double Names and Nicknames


One fantastic benefit to finding a middle name that you love (maybe even as much as you love her first name!) is that you can choose to call your daughter by her middle name instead should the need arise.

For example, are there five other girls named Ivy in her class? Or maybe someone else in the family decides to name their little girl Ivy as well. (I know…what a quandary!)

Having given her a middle name that you also love gives the flexibility that you can call her by this name, too!

And then there’s the case of double names, which usually includes a person’s first and middle names said as one name.

A friend from years ago was called Mary Margaret the whole time she was growing up. By the time she moved away to college, it didn’t feel right to only introduce herself as Mary – so Mary Margaret she is!

Many one-syllable middle names become oft-said with their first name counterpart. Ivy Beth and Ivy Kate are great examples of first and middle names which become double names!

It’s also helpful to consider what nicknames may result from the name combination and your middle name of choice. It may be hard to predict what nicknames some members of your family may come up with, but it’s good to let them know if you don’t want any! 


What Is Cadence

This word comes up frequently in our middle name series! So what is cadence and what does it have to do with names? Cadence is a word typically used to refer to tempo, rhythm, or beat. The idea is to put complementary sounds together in order to create the most pleasing sound to the ears.

When you are considering middle names for Ivy, cadence matters because it can tell you whether a name pairing sounds charming or discordant. The best way to know is to practice saying the names aloud with your last name. Say them fast and slow, loud and quiet, and consider how they sound.

Does it feel like a mouthful?

Does it sound short or edgy? Or does each name flow well together in pleasing harmony? 

In some cases, alliteration can be your best friend! In other cases, it won’t create the elegant flow that you’re looking for. Consider the name Ivy Mary.

The consonants create the same ending sound for each name. Does it sound sweet or choppy?

Do you like the way it sounds or does it sound too similar? What about the name Ivy Brooklyn?

They both have consonants rounding out the end of the name, but the names sound more complementary and less identical in their endings. Let your ears tell you what works!


115 Inspired Middle Names for Ivy

I hope these tools for finding inspiration have been helpful for you in considering the perfect middle name for Ivy. Without further adieu, here is our list of beautiful middle names for Ivy!


  1. Ivy Abigail
  2. Ivy Adelaide
  3. Ivy Alexandria
  4. Ivy Alice
  5. Ivy Amelia
  6. Ivy Annabelle
  7. Ivy Aspen
  8. Ivy Augusta
  9. Ivy Aurora
  10. Ivy Beth
  11. Ivy Blanche
  12. Ivy Bridget
  13. Ivy Brooke
  14. Ivy Brooklyn
  15. Ivy Caitlin
  16. Ivy Camden
  17. Ivy Camille
  18. Ivy Candance
  19. Ivy Caroline
  20. Ivy Cassandra
  21. Ivy Celeste
  22. Ivy Chandler
  23. Ivy Charlotte
  24. Ivy Cheyenne
  25. Ivy Christian
  26. Ivy Christina
  27. Ivy Claire
  28. Ivy Clementine
  29. Ivy Constance
  30. Ivy Corinne
  31. Ivy Dakota
  32. Ivy Dawn
  33. Ivy Delilah
  34. Ivy Denise
  35. Ivy Drew
  36. Ivy Elaine
  37. Ivy Eleanor
  38. Ivy Elizabeth
  39. Ivy Elyse
  40. Ivy Faith
  41. Ivy Florence
  42. Ivy Francine
  43. Ivy Gabrielle
  44. Ivy Geneva
  45. Ivy Georgiana
  46. Ivy Gloria
  47. Ivy Greta
  48. Ivy Gwendolyn
  49. Ivy Hannah
  50. Ivy Harlow
  51. Ivy Harper
  52. Ivy Harriet
  53. Ivy Hazel
  54. Ivy Helena
  55. Ivy Hope
  56. Ivy Isabella
  57. Ivy Jacqueline
  58. Ivy Jade
  59. Ivy Joanna
  60. Ivy Josephine
  61. Ivy Julia
  62. Ivy Juliette
  63. Ivy June
  64. Ivy Juniper
  65. Ivy Kate
  66. Ivy Katherine
  67. Ivy Laurel
  68. Ivy Leigh
  69. Ivy Logan
  70. Ivy London
  71. Ivy Lorraine
  72. Ivy Lucille
  73. Ivy Luella
  74. Ivy Mabel
  75. Ivy Madeline
  76. Ivy Madison
  77. Ivy Mae
  78. Ivy Magnolia
  79. Ivy Mareen
  80. Ivy Marian
  81. Ivy Marie
  82. Ivy Marilyn
  83. Ivy Marlena
  84. Ivy Matilda
  85. Ivy Michelle
  86. Ivy Miranda
  87. Ivy Nadine
  88. Ivy Nicole
  89. Ivy Noelle
  90. Ivy Norah
  91. Ivy Palmer
  92. Ivy Paloma
  93. Ivy Paris
  94. Ivy Rachel
  95. Ivy Ramona
  96. Ivy Rayne
  97. Ivy Reagan
  98. Ivy Rosalie
  99. Ivy Rose
  100. Ivy Roselyn
  101. Ivy Rowan
  102. Ivy Sabrina
  103. Ivy Savannah
  104. Ivy Serena
  105. Ivy Shannon
  106. Ivy Shay
  107. Ivy Sophia
  108. Ivy Susanna
  109. Ivy Sybil
  110. Ivy Tamara
  111. Ivy Taylor
  112. Ivy Therese
  113. Ivy Victoria
  114. Ivy Willow
  115. Ivy Winifred


Final Words of Encouragement

Do you know the best part of this whole assignment? You have the privilege of naming your sweet little girl!

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to choose “the perfect name,” but truly, she will grow into the name that you give her. Your own intuition will guide you to give her a name that fits both her unique person and your own family. 

I remember still being torn between two names when I was preparing to give birth to my son. As I held him in my arms those first few hours of his life, the name that I should give him became crystal clear. Filling out his birth certificate was the sweetest moment.

To this day, four years later, he continues to live up to his name. Together, his first and middle names loosely translate “gracious protector,” and as the eldest brother, this is amazingly who he is becoming.

One day, you will be touched to find that your Ivy, strong and faithful, bears a middle name that describes her just as well. I hope this list has been a source of consolation as you decide on the perfect middle name for Ivy. Congratulations to you!

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