A middle name is a great way to honor a loved one, add personality to your child’s name or simply have another option if you don’t like your first name.

There are no hard and fast rules about middle names. You can go the traditional route and choose a family name, or you can be more creative and pick something completely different.

If you’re stuck on what to choose, do not fret. We have got some great middle name ideas for first name Blaise. Even though Blaise is the original spelling of the name , parents are also choosing variations like Blaze as an unique first name for their babies. 

Meaning and Origin of Blaise:

Blaise is an unisex name that suits both boys and girls perfectly. If you are looking for a unique name with an interesting meaning, then Blaise is the perfect choice!

Blaise is a name with Latin/ French origins. It means “blaze” or “flame.” It’s also thought to be derived from the Greek word blax, which means “lion.”

If you’re looking for a strong, regal name for your baby boy, Blaise might be the perfect option. It’s unique and has a rich history, but is still relatively uncommon. If you want your son to stand out from the crowd, this could be the ideal choice.

Originally in French Blaise meant “lisping”. It was given to boys who were born with a speech impediment. However, over time the name has come to be associated with intelligence and wit.

There are a number of famous people who have borne the name Blaise, including the philosopher Blaise Pascal and the writer Blaise Cendrars. If you’re looking for a middle name that is sure to make your little girl stand out, Blaise is definitely a great option.

Middle Names For Blaise ( Boys):

Blaise is a name that carries variations of sounds despite being one syllable. Choosing a middle name that is simple with 2 or 3 syllables will blend well with first name Blaise. 

  1. Blaise Alexander
  2. Blaise Alistair
  3. Blaise Andre
  4. Blaise Andrew
  5. Blaise Arden
  6. Blaise Arlo
  7. Blaise Calvin
  8. Blaise Cameron
  9. Blaise Chandler
  10. Blaise Charles
  11. Blaise Christopher
  12. Blaise Dalton
  13. Blaise Daniel
  14. Blaise Dominic
  15. Blaise Donovan
  16. Blaise Edmund
  17. Blaise Elijah
  18. Blaise Elliott
  19. Blaise Emmanuel
  20. Blaise Emmett
  21. Blaise Ethan
  22. Blaise Everett
  23. Blaise Ezekiel
  24. Blaise Finn
  25. Blaise Frederick
  26. Blaise Gabriel
  27. Blaise Gareth
  28. Blaise Gordon
  29. Blaise Harrison
  30. Blaise Henry
  31. Blaise Jameson
  32. Blaise Jamison
  33. Blaise Jonah
  34. Blaise Joseph
  35. Blaise Joshua
  36. Blaise Julian
  37. Blaise Lachlan
  38. Blaise Leonardo
  39. Blaise Liam
  40. Blaise Lincoln
  41. Blaise Logan
  42. Blaise Lucien
  43. Blaise Madden
  44. Blaise Martin
  45. Blaise Matthew
  46. Blaise Mikhail
  47. Blaise Monroe
  48. Blaise Nathan
  49. Blaise Nathaniel
  50. Blaise Nicholas
  51. Blaise Nolan
  52. Blaise Oliver
  53. Blaise Paul
  54. Blaise Rafferty
  55. Blaise Reid
  56. Blaise Roderick
  57. Blaise Ryan
  58. Blaise Samuel
  59. Blaise Sebastian
  60. Blaise Solomon
  61. Blaise Tate
  62. Blaise Thatcher
  63. Blaise Theodore
  64. Blaise Tiernan
  65. Blaise Tobin
  66. Blaise Vaughn
  67. Blaise Victor
  68. Blaise William
  69. Blaise Willoughby
  70. Blaise Wyatt

Middle Names for Blaise Girls :

Since Blaise is gender neutral name, my preference would be look for a feminine middle name that pairs elegantly with Blaise. I love classic names with a ‘r’ sound like Blaise Victoria, Blaise Catherine  and Blaise Veronica; I think it flows great with the ‘s’ sound in Blaise. 

  1. Blaise Addison
  2. Blaise Adeline
  3. Blaise Adriana
  4. Blaise Alexandra
  5. Blaise Angela
  6. Blaise Arianna
  7. Blaise Aurora
  8. Blaise Caroline
  9. Blaise Catherine
  10. Blaise Chloe
  11. Blaise Coraline
  12. Blaise Diana
  13. Blaise Eden
  14. Blaise Elise
  15. Blaise Elizabeth
  16. Blaise Ellora
  17. Blaise Emerald
  18. Blaise Emerson
  19. Blaise Evangeline
  20. Blaise Evelyn
  21. Blaise Gabrielle
  22. Blaise Hailey
  23. Blaise Harlow/Harlowe
  24. Blaise Hazel
  25. Blaise Isabella
  26. Blaise Ivy
  27. Blaise Joelle
  28. Blaise Jolie/Jolee
  29. Blaise Josephine
  30. Blaise Lauren
  31. Blaise London
  32. Blaise Lyla
  33. Blaise Mackenzie
  34. Blaise Maddison
  35. Blaise Madeline
  36. Blaise Maria
  37. Blaise Marilyn
  38. Blaise McKenna
  39. Blaise Monroe
  40. Blaise Natalie
  41. Blaise Norah
  42. Blaise Olivia
  43. Blaise Pheobe
  44. Blaise Priscilla
  45. Blaise Rapheal
  46. Blaise Reese
  47. Blaise Scarlett
  48. Blaise SunFlower
  49. Blaise Sara
  50. Blaise Veronica
  51. Blaise Victoria
  52. Blaise Violet
  53. Blaise Vivian
  54. Blaise Whitney
  55. Blaise Willow
  56. Blaise Winter

How to Choose the Perfect Middle Name:

Family ties:

Do you have a family member or friend who has impacted your life in an unforgettable way? Or perhaps you just like a family member’s name and you would like to honor them?

Thinking through names of family members, friends, mentors, and leaders you know is a great start for finding middle name inspiration. 

Favorite places:

Have you traveled to a city or place that you would like to hold in your memory forever?

One of my close friends was an au pair in Paris for over two years. The experience was remarkable for her. When her little girl was born last year, Paris seemed like the perfect middle name.  August London, August Paris, August Regina, August Victoria are some examples on how use a place name as a middle name. 

Special Characters:

Is there a character from a novel or television show whose name you love?

One of my friends learned the name Perrey through one of her all-time favorite television shows. It felt unique and she loved it.

Anne was already a classic name, but Anne of Green Gables certainly solidified its regality.

There are also more recent names jumping off the pages from some very popular novels. The name Kya came to my list after I read Delia Owens’ book, Where The Crawdads Sing.

Favorite Books:

Are you a literary person? And if yes, do you have an all-time favorite author?

A friend from college was an English major, and now she writes poetry and short stories for publication. She always loved the name Henry David for a boy. (Henry David Thoreau was one of her favorite authors.) If you would like a rare or obscure middle name, books are often the best place to go! (Think Katniss and Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games!)

Final Thoughts:

Naming your baby can be one of the most exciting and challenging parts of becoming a parent. There are so many things to consider when naming a baby, from finding a name that is unique and special, to making sure the name fits with your family’s heritage. 

Blaise is an unique unisex name that pairs wonderfully with many middle name suggestions above. We hope that we helped you in finding that perfect middle name for Blaise that you were looking for.

Let us know in the comments below what you favourite first name and middle name combo for Blaise is. we would love to hear from you. 



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