First, let us say congratulations on welcoming a little girl into your family! We know how precious and overwhelming and tender and wild this time can be. Especially as you try to find the perfect name for your little girl, it can feel like so many important decisions have to be made quickly. And choosing your child’s name is one of the first and most important ones!

If you are reading this article, then you have settled on the name Mae for your daughter’s first name. Mae is a beautiful and classic name, and as a short name with only one syllable, there are many possible middle name options for Mae. 

There are many sources of inspiration to find the best middle name, including family and friends’ names, nature-inspired names, favorite places, favorite characters, and so on.

Below we’ll also discuss tools like cadence and syllable balance, which help us put together a name that we love the sound of!

Once we’ve considered some of these important elements, we’ll conclude with a list of middle names that pair wonderfully with Mae.

With our list of helpful tips and great middle name options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your little girl!


What Does the Name Mae Mean?

Mae is a diminutive form of the names Mary or Margaret. It is most often thought to mean “pearl.” Various spellings of Mae include Mei, May, and Maye. 

May is an Anglo-Saxon name that was derived from the Latin word maiores, meaning “great.” It can also be a diminutive of the name Margaret, which means “pearl.” Mae is a popular name in the United States, while May is more popular in the United Kingdom.


Popular People Named Mae

Mae West – American actress, playwright, and singer in the 1920s

Mae Jemison – the first African American woman to travel in space

Mae Whitman – Actress from the popular TV series Parenthood

Now that you know a bit about the meaning and history of the name Mae, it’s time to dig into some tools for choosing the right middle name for little Mae.


How to Choose the Best Middle Name for Mae

Family Ties

A few years ago, my dad decided to use an ancestry site to trace our relatives and history. When he showed us the list of names, I was amazed; there were so many family names I had never heard!

Considering family names or names of important people in your life is a great source of inspiration. One of my friends named her little girl after her grandmother, Madeline.

Another friend chose to honor her aunt, who had been a special part of her life. Considering family names is a great way to honor a loved one while also finding a name that is classic and unique. It’s also a great way to honor your heritage and culture!


Special Places

Think back over the places you’ve visited throughout your life. Which ones have been special or unforgettable?

Did you travel to a city whose name you love?

Or are you a nature lover who would appreciate a nature-inspired middle name for your little girl?

Wren, Rosemary, Daisy, Willow, River, Sage, Laurel, and Magnolia are all beautiful names. A friend traveled to Sydney, Australia with her family during high school and never forgot her experience there. She also loved the name!

There are other city names, including Adelaide, Helena, Savannah, Shannon, Aurora, Brooklyn, and Charlotte. There may even be smaller places, such as parks, hiking trails, or lakes, that may inspire your favorite middle name. 


Celebrity Names

Have you ever considered a celebrity name for your baby? Do you have a favorite singer and author? Maybe an actress or performer? You could consider her name – first or middle – for your Mae.

For example, Reese Witherspoon’s first name is Laura. As a stage name, Reese was definitely a more unique choice. This is also a great example of how many people go by their middle name instead of their first!

Since Mae is a short first name, you could always rearrange the order of her names, if needed!


Nature Inspired

Nature-based middle names are a popular choice for baby girls. They bring a certain sophistication and elegance to the name Mae. If you want to go this route, consider using the name of a flower, plant, or tree. For example:

Rose – elegant and classic

Lila – soft and romantic

Willow – graceful and nature-inspired  


Favorite Books or Shows

How about considering a favorite book or television show for middle name inspiration? This could be a great way to find a middle name you love.

Disney is a great source for both old-fashioned and unique middle names, especially for little girls! Think Elsa, Anna, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Alice, Jane, Kiara, and Tiana. There’s also Maribel, Isabella, or Luisa from the hit movie Encanto. (But…we don’t talk about Bruno, no, no, no.) .

If television names don’t offer much inspiration, consider your favorite authors – whether their names or the names of characters from their books! Arwen, Bella, Bridget, Clarice, Eloise, Imogen, Lucy, Emily, Ramona, Scarlett, and Windy are all popular characters from classic novels. 


Double Names

With the right pairing, Mae could also make for a great double name! Mae Louise, Mae Ellen, or Mae Claire are all beautiful double names. Since Mae is only one syllable, it makes a great name to combine with another name. Double names can be a unique way to help your little girl stand apart!


Syllable Balance

The reason some names sound better than others is typically because they have some form of syllable balance – or maybe even alliteration! This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but a mix of syllables usually makes names sound better.

For example, my name isn’t too unique or interesting (most popular name in the 1980s, hi!), but my full name follows a 3:2:1 syllable balance and flows well together. Some popular syllable combinations include 2:1:2, 4:2:1, 3:2:1, and 2:1:3. It’s not an exact science (and some super popular people have made a name for themselves with a 1:1:1 ratio), but creating a balance of syllables does add sophistication to the name!



Lastly, an important factor to consider is cadence! This can be a great way to add extra flair to your baby’s name. For those of us who don’t have a musical background, cadence is simply the flow or rhythm of a set of sounds or words. It’s that special thing that makes music and words and names sound pleasing or memorable to our ears.

Cadence can be achieved in many ways, including balancing syllables as we discussed above, but the best test is to say your daughter’s whole name aloud and see how it sounds. You will be able to tell whether you love the middle name you’ve chosen for Mae or would rather go with another option. It’s all in the ears of the beholder!

Now that we’ve covered some great ways to be inspired to choose the best middle name, let’s consider this list of great middle names for Mae.


Best Middle Names for Mae

  1. Mae Abigail
  2. Mae Alessandra
  3. Mae Alexandra
  4. Mae Alice
  5. Mae Allison
  6. Mae Amanda
  7. Mae Amelia
  8. Mae Anastasia
  9. Mae Angelica
  10. Mae Angelina
  11. Mae Annabelle
  12. Mae Anneliese
  13. Mae Arabella
  14. Mae Ariana
  15. Mae Ashley
  16. Mae Augusta
  17. Mae Beatrice
  18. Mae Beatrix
  19. Mae Brianna
  20. Mae Camille
  21. Mae Carlotta
  22. Mae Caroline
  23. Mae Cassandra
  24. Mae Catalina
  25. Mae Cecily
  26. Mae Charlotte
  27. Mae Christina
  28. Mae Clementine
  29. Mae Constance
  30. Mae Coralie
  31. Mae Cordelia
  32. Mae Corinne
  33. Mae Danica
  34. Mae Daphne
  35. Mae Delilah
  36. Mae Delphine
  37. Mae Dorothea
  38. Mae Eleanor
  39. Mae Eliana
  40. Mae Elisabeth
  41. Mae Emmaline
  42. Mae Evangeline
  43. Mae Evelyn
  44. Mae Felicity
  45. Mae Florence
  46. Mae Frances
  47. Mae Francesca
  48. Mae Gabriella
  49. Mae Genevieve
  50. Mae Georgiana
  51. Mae Grace
  52. Mae Gretchen
  53. Mae Gwendolyn
  54. Mae Hannah
  55. Mae Harriett
  56. Mae Helene
  57. Mae Henrietta
  58. Mae Hermione
  59. Mae Imogen
  60. Mae India
  61. Mae Isabel
  62. Mae Isadora
  63. Mae Jacqueline
  64. Mae Jessica
  65. Mae Jordan
  66. Mae Josephine
  67. Mae Juliet
  68. Mae Katerina
  69. Mae Katherine
  70. Mae Kathleen
  71. Mae Kiara
  72. Mae Leonie
  73. Mae Liliana
  74. Mae Lorelei
  75. Mae Louisa
  76. Mae Louise
  77. Mae Lucia
  78. Mae Lydia
  79. Mae Natasha
  80. Mae Noelle
  81. Mae Olive
  82. Mae Olivia
  83. Mae Patricia
  84. Mae Penelope
  85. Mae Philippa
  86. Mae Priscilla
  87. Mae Rebekah
  88. Mae Rosalie
  89. Mae Rosamund
  90. Mae Roseanne
  91. Mae Rosemary
  92. Mae Ruby
  93. Mae Sabrina
  94. Mae Samantha
  95. Mae Saren
  96. Mae Scarlett
  97. Mae Seraphina
  98. Mae Serena
  99. Mae Sophia
  100. Mae Susannah
  101. Mae Tabitha
  102. Mae Tessa
  103. Mae Victoria
  104. Mae Violet
  105. Mae Willow


Final Thoughts

Middle names are the perfect way to add personality to your child’s name. But choosing a middle name for your baby girl is not always easy. We hope these tools have given you some ideas for where to start, if not led you to the best middle name for Mae! Once you narrow your options of best middle names, practice saying the names aloud with Mae and your last name to see if you like the sound of it! 

Have fun with this process and enjoy trying out different combinations until you find the perfect name for your little one. When you find a middle name for Mae that you love, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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