Congratulations on your baby girl!

Whether it’s your first or fourth, how special and wonderful it is to welcome a new baby to your family. And one of your first, and most important, jobs as a parent is to choose your little one’s name.

A name bears so much meaning – it will be with your daughter for the rest of her life!

If you’re reading this article, then you have either chosen or are seriously considering the first name Amber for your little girl. Now you just need a complementary name that has special meaning and purpose to you and your partner!

Here we’ve compiled a list of some beautiful middle names for Amber, as well as tools and guidelines that can assist you in the naming process!


What We Love About Amber

Amber is a beautiful and classic name for a baby girl. Amber is a traditionally feminine name with Arabic and Celtic origins. Its popularity has waxed and waned over many years, but Amber has held steady on popularity charts. In 2018, it ranked #184 in most popular names for girls.

Amber means fierce or beautiful, most commonly associated with jewelry. Amber is also considered as a spiritual gem associated with vibrance and life giving qualities of sun. What a gorgeous and endearing name for your little girl.


Famous People Named Amber:

Amber Rose – American model and actress

Amber Heard –  American actress

Amber Valletta –  American supermodel

Amber Riley – singer and actress from Glee

Amber Stevens West – actress from The Carmichael Show

Amber Portwood – television personality from Teen Mom OG 

Amber Claire –  from Kathleen Winsor’s novel Forever Amber


As you can see, there are many famous people named Amber. With such a pretty name, it’s no wonder that Amber is so popular!

Now that you know a bit about the meaning and history of the name Amber, as well as some popular people who share the name, it’s time to dig into understanding how to choose the right middle name for your Amber.


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Amber

Family Ties

There are plenty of family members who could be sources of inspiration, such as aunts, grandmothers, sisters, or cousins.

You could also choose a male family name or gender neutral name as Amber’s middle name. For example, if her father’s middle name is Andrew, you might choose from the middle names Andrea, Alexandra or even Andy.

Gender neutral middle names might include Ashley, Riley, or Erin.

If you would like to go with a classic or traditional middle name for Amber, looking back through your family tree can be a great way to come up with ideas. I found the names Geneva and Madelina when doing ancestry research and thought they were both great options for timeless girl names.

My husband’s grandmother’s name is Rosalyn, and we’ve loved the idea of passing along her name (she is currently 93 years old) to a little girl and giving her the nickname “Rosie.” There may be names of family members that you haven’t heard yet!


Special Places

Do you have a favorite city, town, park, or place? Have you visited another country that left a special impression on you?

My friend named her baby Sydney for the famed town in Australia. She spent a summer there and loved the atmosphere.

There are many names of special places that make creative and beautiful names for baby girls.

Consider Shannon, London, Ireland, Victoria, Madison, Elizabeth, Savannah, Alexandria, Ravenna, Carmel, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Helena, or Cheyenne.

If you don’t want to go with the name of a city or town, you can consider important places around you, including parks, nature trails, and street names. 


Celebrity Names

Celebrities are not only people who are in TV shows and movies. You could also consider the names of other famous people, including speakers, authors, DJs, musicians, and news anchors.

Have you heard an original or unique name that you love? Sometimes people use their middle name as a stage name, so this can be an important consideration when choosing your middle name for Amber!

You could go with something more classic like Marilyn or a name more modern like Vera. 


Nature Inspired

Amber in itself is a name inspired by nature. It most often refers to fossilized resin and a beautiful gemstone. These images evoke natural beauty, which makes Amber a lovely name for a baby girl. If you would like to give Amber a complementary middle name inspired by nature, here are some other ideas:

Willow – A name that evokes the image of a graceful tree bending in the wind. It is a delicate and pretty name that would go well with Amber.

Pearl – A classic middle name that has been used for generations. It is simple and elegant, and it goes well with many different first names.

Rose – A romantic name that conjures up the image of a beautiful flower. It would be a perfect middle name for a girl with a delicate name like Amber.

Ivy – A strong and beautiful name that evokes the image of a climbing plant. It would be a perfect middle name for a girl who is adventurous and spirited.


Favorite Books or Shows

Another option is to choose a name inspired by your favorite book or television show. This could be a great way to introduce your child to some favored elements of childhood or culture.

If your family has mixed backgrounds and cultures, you could choose a popular movie name that honors your heritage. Think Maribel, Isabella, or Luisa from the hit movie Encanto. (But…we don’t talk about Bruno, no, no, no.)

Old Disney movies offer names like Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Alice, Jane, and Tiana. Newer movies include some of our favorite characters like Moana, Anna, Kiara, and Elsa.


Double Names

Have you considered making Amber a double name? For example, you might do Amber Rose or Amber Jade. You could also do a longer double name such as Amber Elizabeth, which sounds elegant and timeless. Double names are popular in the southern United States and have a way of sticking around!


Syllable Balance

Since Amber is a two-syllable name, either a short or long middle name can work well. Of course, this depends on your last name.

Most memorable names are between four to six syllables. Anything longer than that can sometimes be challenging to commit to memory (but, of course, that’s not a hard and fast rule).

So when you are considering the best middle name for Amber, consider how many syllables her entire name will be, as well as how it all flows together. Does it sound better to have a short middle name or a long one?

Both of my boys have a 1:2:1 syllable ratio for their names. My name is 3:2:1, and while it’s not the most original and exciting name (Jennifer was an entirely common name in the 80s!), it does flow with my middle and last name.

How can you choose a middle name that will create syllable balance for your last name? Should it be one, two, three, or even four syllables?



Put simply, cadence is the flow or rhythm of sounds or words. It is generally a musical term and refers to that special quality that makes notes sound good together.

The question is: how do we create cadence with our names? Is there a way to make them sound almost lyrical?

Syllable balance is one way to create cadence, but there are other elements too, such as alliteration.

Saying your daughter’s name aloud is a great way to test for cadence, or flow. Consider the middle names you’ve chosen for Amber. How do they sound with your last name? Do all names flow well together? 



There are some cute nicknames for Amber like Ambie and Bree. You could also combine her first and middle name initials to create nicknames like AJ (Amber Jade), ACE (Amber Celeste), and AE (Amber Elizabeth). 

Without further adieu, let’s look at some beloved middle names for Amber!


Best Middle Names for Amber

  1. Amber Addison
  2. Amber Alexa
  3. Amber Alexandra
  4. Amber Alexis
  5. Amber Avalon
  6. Amber Beatrix
  7. Amber Belle
  8. Amber Brooklyn
  9. Amber Caitlin/Katelyn
  10. Amber Cambria
  11. Amber Camden
  12. Amber Caroline
  13. Amber Caris
  14. Amber Casey
  15. Amber Catherine
  16. Amber Cecelia
  17. Amber Cecily
  18. Amber Charlotte
  19. Amber Cheyenne
  20. Amber Chloe
  21. Amber Claire
  22. Amber Daisy
  23. Amber Darcy
  24. Amber Dawn
  25. Amber Diana
  26. Amber Elaine
  27. Amber Elise/Elyse
  28. Amber Elizabeth
  29. Amber Eloise
  30. Amber Evie
  31. Amber Faith
  32. Amber Faye
  33. Amber Felicity
  34. Amber Frances
  35. Amber Francesca
  36. Amber Gabriella
  37. Amber Gemma
  38. Amber Georgina
  39. Amber Giselle
  40. Amber Grace
  41. Amber Harriet
  42. Amber Hazel
  43. Amber Heather
  44. Amber Heidi
  45. Amber Helena
  46. Amber Holly
  47. Amber Hope
  48. Amber Imogen
  49. Amber Isabella
  50. Amber Isabelle
  51. Amber Isobel
  52. Amber Isla
  53. Amber Ivy
  54. Amber Jade
  55. Amber Jane
  56. Amber Jasmine
  57. Amber Jean
  58. Amber Jessica
  59. Amber Joelle
  60. Amber Josephine
  61. Amber Joy
  62. Amber Juliet
  63. Amber June
  64. Amber Kate
  65. Amber Katherine/Catherine/Kathryn
  66. Amber Kayla
  67. Amber Kimberly
  68. Amber Lacey
  69. Amber Leigh
  70. Amber Lexie
  71. Amber Lily
  72. Amber Lisa
  73. Amber Loren
  74. Amber Lorraine
  75. Amber Louisa
  76. Amber Louise
  77. Amber Lucy
  78. Amber Lydia
  79. Amber Madeleine
  80. Amber Madison
  81. Amber Mae
  82. Amber Marie
  83. Amber Mary
  84. Amber May
  85. Amber Megan
  86. Amber Meredith
  87. Amber Miley
  88. Amber Monet
  89. Amber Naomi
  90. Amber Nell
  91. Amber Nicole
  92. Amber Noelle
  93. Amber Olivia
  94. Amber Paige
  95. Amber Patricia
  96. Amber Pearl
  97. Amber Penelope
  98. Amber Peyton
  99. Amber Philipa
  100. Amber Rachael
  101. Amber Rachel
  102. Amber Rae
  103. Amber Renee
  104. Amber Rhiannon
  105. Amber Riley
  106. Amber Rosalie
  107. Amber Rose
  108. Amber Ruby
  109. Amber Sage
  110. Amber Savannah
  111. Amber Shay/Shae
  112. Amber Sienna
  113. Amber Simone
  114. Amber Skye
  115. Amber Sophia
  116. Amber Stacey
  117. Amber Susannah
  118. Amber Sydney
  119. Amber Theresa
  120. Amber Victoria
  121. Amber Violet
  122. Amber Vivien
  123. Amber Willow
  124. Amber Wren
  125. Amber Zoe


Final Thoughts

Middle names are the perfect way to add personality to your child’s name. But choosing a middle name for your girl is not always easy.

Read over the middle name inspiration section and jot down the top names that you and your partner like best. From there, you can practice the names out loud to see which ones you like best.

Whichever you choose, enjoy the process of making this important and special decision. And all the best to you on your parenting journey!

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