Why Are Middle Names Important?

Names have special meaning, and choosing your girl’s name is one of the most important and thoughtful decisions you will make as a parent!

Sure, it can feel overwhelming as you want to make the perfect choice. But it is a special privilege to choose the name for this little girl one who will enter the world and become their very own person.

You will be the person who gives them their first title, and one of the sweetest rewards of parenting is watching your child grow into her identity.

My husband and I debated about our son’s name up until the day he was born! But when we cuddled him in our arms for the first time, we just knew which name to give him.

It happens differently for everyone, so don’t feel pressure to choose your little girl’s name until you are ready. Particularly with middle names, it’s often not until our baby is born that we can fully commit to a middle name!

Maybe you’ve been perusing and browsing and asking around, but you still haven’t found that middle name you love.

If you’re reading this article, then you have either chosen or are strongly considering Brynn as a first name for your little girl. (Brynn is also a very popular middle name!) To assist you in the process (and ideally end ongoing searches on parenting forums and social media), we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of middle names that work beautifully with Brynn.

The name you choose for your daughter should evoke feelings of joy, excitement, and uniqueness. It’s important to give your little girl a middle name that is both meaningful to you and flattering with your last name.

There are many places to find inspiration, but several factors can help you decide which middle names that goes good with first name Brynn!


What Are Cadence And Syllable Balance?

First, let’s talk about cadence. Cadence is typically a term used in musical circles. It refers to a pattern of sounds that complement each other, or more simply, a good flow or rhythm. Cadence can also describe “good” names!

What makes a name memorable, interesting, or unique?

If a name is too long, it’s hard to remember or challenging to pronounce. But have you ever heard of a person with three one-syllable names that you liked?

It’s not impossible, but it is rare. That’s because three one-syllable names hardly achieve cadence, or a rhythmic flow. It typically sounds better – and therefore is more common – to create a balance between syllables.

For example, syllable counts of 3-2-3, 4-3-2 or 3-2-1 or even 1-2-1 usually sound great together and are easy to remember without being boring. (Silly story: When my 3-year-old is out of fun things to do, instead of saying, “I’m bored,” he says, “I’m boring.” He is not boring at all – as any parent with a toddler knows – but we just love his version!)

If syllable balance is an important piece of the puzzle for choosing a great middle name, how do you know how short or long your child’s middle name should be?

Consider this: you have a one-syllable last name (me too, hi there!), and you’re wondering if you can pull off a one-syllable middle name. It might work fine, but more than likely you need a middle name with multiple syllables.

Brynn Rose Moore is a fine name. It’s short and sweet, and both Brynn and Rose are classic, endearing names. But compare it to Brynn Rosalind Moore.

Something about the long middle name gives it more sophistication. Also, think about changing the order of the names.

Rosalind Brynn Moore could work, but there’s something about the one-syllable middle name next to the one-syllable last name that makes them tricky to distinguish. Say it quickly enough, and it’s as if you’re saying, “Brynmore.” It’s just not the same as making Rosalind the middle name in order to elevate the entire name.

I was once told by a successful writer that most notable authors have four to six syllables as their pen name. Think of classic authors as well as your favorites: Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Harper Lee, Sylvia Plath, John Steinbeck, Walt Whitman.

Now, consider the number of authors who used their initials: J. R. R. Tolkien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, J.K. Rowling, J. D. Salinger, and C.S. Lewis (Consider that his name is Clive Staples, but he decided to go with “C.S.” perhaps because it sounds more regal.

There’s also something a little repetitive about the endings of Staples and Lewis. J.K. Rowling is another interesting one!

Perhaps she decided that J.K. was more memorable as an author name than Joanne Kathleen!) If your last name is only one syllable, be encouraged that all kinds of people have wonderful and memorable one-syllable first and last names: Mark Twain, Anne Rice, and hey, even Dr. Seuss!


Inspiration For A Meaningful Name

Now that we’ve covered cadence and syllables, which create the flow and rhythm of names, let’s discuss what things in life can inspire you to choose the perfect middle name for your Brynn.

Family ties:

  • Do you have a family member or friend who has impacted your life in an unforgettable way? Or perhaps you just like a family member’s name and you would like to honor them?

Thinking through names of family members, friends, mentors, and leaders you know is a great start for finding middle name inspiration. Many times, thinking through old family names is also where we come up with more classic or “vintage” names. For example, my friend named her daughter Ida Mae in honor of her grandmother. One of my grandmother’s names was “Beulah,” and I just don’t see how to use it for a little girl nowadays (even though she was a kind and precious lady)! But if your grandmother has a name such as Helen, Geneva, Madeline, Anna, or another classic, these names seem to be timeless rather than obviously from a certain time period. (I have no expectations that my children will one day choose my name for their babies – it is clearly a name of the 1970s and 80s.)

Favorite places:

  • Have you traveled to a city or place that you would like to hold in your memory forever?

One of my close friends was an au pair in Paris for over two years. The experience was remarkable for her. When her little girl was born last year, Paris seemed like the perfect middle name. Other popular geographical names include Helena, Asia, London, Regina, Charlotte, and Rome.


  • Do you want a name that could be a double name? Or a first name and middle name that mean something together?

For example, my husband is simply “John” now, but all the while he was growing up most friends and family called him, “John William.” The meanings of his name also complement each other; John means, “God is gracious,” and William means “valiant protector.” Loosely translated, his name is, “gracious protector.” (Fun fact: Our son has the same name – he is the 5th – and we love this name meaning for an oldest sibling!)

Special Characters:

  • Is there a character from a novel or television show whose name you love?

One of my friends learned the name Perrey through one of her all-time favorite television shows. It felt unique and she loved it. Anne was already a classic name, but Anne of Green Gables certainly solidified its regality. There are also more recent names jumping off the pages from some very popular novels. The name Kya came to my list after I read Delia Owens’ book, Where The Crawdads Sing.

Favorite Books:

  • Are you a literary person? And if yes, do you have an all-time favorite author?

A friend from college was an English major, and now she writes poetry and short stories for publication. She always loved the name Henry David for a boy. (Henry David Thoreau was one of her favorite authors.) If you would like a rare or obscure middle name, books are often the best place to go! (Think Katniss and Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games!)


Meaning of “Brynn:”

Brynn is a Welsh name meaning “hill” or “mound.” One of the common translations suggests that Brynn actually implies scaling the hill or mound (or mountain) in old Welsh. I love this idea that a baby girl is named “mountain climber.” It’s synonymous with being strong, resilient, and brave. At the same time, it has a modern appeal and has been steadily growing in popularity.

Nicknames for Brynn:

Brynn doesn’t have many nicknames since it’s only one syllable (unless someone decides to call her “B”).

You can pair a traditional middle name with Brynn to give it a more classic feel, or you can choose a modern middle name for Brynn to add an edge.

In either case, it’s helpful to consider how the names will pair with your last name.

Tip: practice saying your middle name choices aloud. If the full name sounds like a mouthful or you get a little tongue twisted, consider choosing a middle name that has fewer syllables.

On the other hand, if the name feels choppy or terse, consider a middle name with two or more syllables to balance Brynn with your last name.

Let’s consider some options:

  • You love the name Brynn Magnolia, but your last name is four syllables – the same as Magnolia. It’s possible that Magnolia as a middle name is just too long for your last name and the flow is off. But if you really love the name (and I can concur – it reminds me of evergreen magnolia trees with their golden undersides and smooth green tops), maybe the first name and middle name could switch places. You could name her Magnolia Brynn, but choose to call her “Brynn.”


  • We’ve been asked the question, How complicated is it to call your child by their middle name? Fair question! No one wants to send their child to school where they have to constantly correct their teachers or peers. Not to mention allaying any confusion at the doctor’s office, DMV, or bank. Thankfully, most places and forms now ask for a “preferred name” or “nickname!” So letting others know which name you would like to use for your child is easy to do.


  • You love the name Brynn Grace, but your last name is only one syllable and you think it sounds contrite. Brynn Grace Jones feels too short, and a middle name with two to four syllables would give the cadence you need. But you just love the middle name Grace – or it’s special to you because it’s the name of a grandmother or friend! In this case, would you consider giving your little one two middle names? It would help her full name from sounding too short or terse (if it does indeed feel that way to you), and it would add finesse to Brynn’s whole name. For example, it could be Brynn Grace Anne Jones. Or you could even choose a longer second middle name: Brynn Grace Marie Jones.


  • Another possibility is that you choose another form of Grace, such as “Gracie.” It adds the extra syllable you need without adding the extra name: Brynn Gracie Jones. We love this idea of adding a “-y” or “-ie” ending to names when we tend to desire more than one syllable, i.e. Rose or Rosie, Grace or Gracie, June or Junie, and so on!

When you narrow your list of names, take time to say them aloud in different tones.

What does it sound like in a comforting voice?

How about when you introduce her to a new teacher?

And now in your high-pitched mom voice (you know the one)?

If it feels like too much to say, makes you laugh, or just doesn’t flow, then you’ll know it’s not the right combination!

We love to practice saying the first name and last name out loud to get a feel of the flow.

After all, this is how your child will hear their name called most of their life (for school attendance, playing sports, at graduation, etc.). While cadence is important, naming is also a kind of art – sometimes it has to make sense to the eye (or ears!) of the beholder.


Best Middle Names For Brynn

Now that we’ve covered the sources of inspiration, let’s go to our list of some of the best middle names for Brynn. We hope browsing this list helps you find the perfect middle name for your little girl!

  1. Brynn Addison
  2. Brynn Adeline
  3. Brynn Ainsley
  4. Brynn Alexandra
  5. Brynn Alina
  6. Brynn Amelia
  7. Brynn Anastasia
  8. Brynn Anna
  9. Brynn Andrea
  10. Brynn Athena
  11. Brynn Audrey
  12. Brynn Aurora
  13. Brynn Autumn
  14. Brynn Avalon
  15. Brynn Avery
  16. Brynn Bailey
  17. Brynn Camilla
  18. Brynn Catalina
  19. Brynn Catherine
  20. Brynn Cecilia
  21. Brynn Charleigh
  22. Brynn Charlotte
  23. Brynn Clara
  24. Brynn Daisey
  25. Brynn Dakota
  26. Brynn Eleanor
  27. Brynn Elena
  28. Brynn Eliana
  29. Brynn Eloise
  30. Brynn Emerson
  31. Brynn Emery
  32. Brynn Eva
  33. Brynn Everly
  34. Brynn Frances
  35. Brynn Eleanor
  36. Brynn Elise
  37. Brynn Elizabeth
  38. Brynn Emma
  39. Brynn Emmeline
  40. Brynn Evelyn
  41. Brynn Gabriella
  42. Brynn Genevieve
  43. Brynn Georgia
  44. Brynn Gracie
  45. Brynn Hannah
  46. Brynn Harlow
  47. Brynn Harper
  48. Brynn Hazel
  49. Brynn Iris
  50. Brynn Isabella
  51. Brynn Isla
  52. Brynn Ivey
  53. Brynn Julianna
  54. Brynn Juniper
  55. Brynn Kennedy
  56. Brynn Kinsley
  57. Brynn Laurel
  58. Brynn Leigh
  59. Brynn Leilani
  60. Brynn Lilac
  61. Brynn Lilith
  62. Brynn Lily
  63. Brynn Lucia
  64. Brynn Luna
  65. Brynn Maisey
  66. Brynn Magnolia
  67. Brynn Margaret
  68. Brynn Maria
  69. Brynn Mary
  70. Brynn Meadow
  71. Brynn Naomi
  72. Brynn Natalie
  73. Brynn Noelle
  74. Brynn Norah
  75. Brynn Nova
  76. Brynn Olivia
  77. Brynn Paisley
  78. Brynn Paloma
  79. Brynn Parker
  80. Brynn Penelope
  81. Brynn Piper
  82. Brynn Remington
  83. Brynn Rhea
  84. Brynn Riley
  85. Brynn Rory
  86. Brynn Rosalyn
  87. Brynn Rose
  88. Brynn Roxy
  89. Brynn Rylie
  90. Brynn Sadie
  91. Brynn Samantha
  92. Brynn Sarah
  93. Brynn Sophie
  94. Brynn Scarlett
  95. Brynn Serenity
  96. Brynn Sophia
  97. Brynn Susanna
  98. Brynn Valerie
  99. Brynn Veronica
  100. Brynn Victoria
  101. Brynn Willow

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