What’s in a name? A lot, apparently. The meaning of your child’s middle name can say a lot about their personality and heritage. And if you’re giving your daughter a middle name, there are some interesting options to consider.

Middle names have historically served as nicknames for children or family members of the same first and last name. Sometimes they were used in honor of someone such as an ancestor or friend who had passed away. In other cases, they serve to distinguish one child from another with the same first and last name among siblings.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more unique, we have compiled a list of 150+ best middle names for Baby Girl Elizabeth that are perfect for any occasion.

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If you are not set on the first name yet, you can take a look at our popular first and middle name combinations for girl babies for more choices. 

What does the name Elizabeth mean? 

Elizabeth is the feminine form of the biblical name  Elisheba. The meaning of Elizabeth is “God’s promise.” Some variants of the Elisabeth spelling include Elizabeta, Elsabeth, or Ellisbet.

In the United Kingdom, Elizabeth is a very popular name for girls. It ranks as the 13th most common female first given name and has been in use since at least 1881.  The name was also borne by two queens consort of King George VI: Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (1900-2002) and her daughter Elizabeth II.

In England the popularity of this name peaked during the 17th century when it was borne by Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603). In 1880s there were 15 girls registered to bear that name every single day!

Other famous people who had the name Elizabeth are:

Elizabeth Taylor—glamorous American actress with violet eyes; born 1932

Elizabeth Brown—American actress, born 1962

Elizabeth Arden—cosmetics entrepreneur who built an international cosmetics empire in Canada 1910-2006

Elizabeth Ives Abbott–American government official noted for contributions to social work, child welfare, public health education 1850-1931

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf –German operatic soprano 1903 -2006.

Elizabeth has been in use since medieval times. The name is very popular with girls today—it was second only to Olivia for popularity among all baby names in the year 2016. It’s #12 on our list of 100 Best Middle Names For Baby Girl Elizabeth!

When you’re researching for a middle name that fit this regal first name, it’s important that they match her personality. She’s such a special little lady!

How does each middle name sound with Elizabeth? 

The name Elizabeth is classic enough to pair well with many different middle names.

It’s important to find a middle name that supports Elizabeth’s traditional appeal and compliments it based on your last name. So what is the art of pairing names together? 

If you have a short last name, consider pairing Elizabeth with middle names that are two syllables or more. This will help lengthen the sound of your child’s full name and create variety in her first and middle initials.

If you have a long last name, try pairing Elizabeth with middle names that are one or two syllables. This will help make your child’s full name sound less cumbersome and more pleasing to the ear. some very interesting short middle names for Elizabeth are Elizabeth Ann, Elizabeth Kay.

What do the two names mean together?

Your girl’s first name needs a good companion! That’s why it matters how her middle name complements her first name, Elizabeth. Is there another name that has a special meaning to you?

For example, consider the name Elizabeth Joy. Elizabeth means “Promise of God,” and together with the middle name it loosely translates “Promised Joy”. It doesn’t always work effortlessly, but sometimes the meanings of names can complement each other as much as the names themselves!

It’s so important for kids to be unique! If they hear their own name day in and day out from teachers, coaches, friends and family members, it can start to feel boring sometimes. So don’t forget about nicknames too – they’re a fun way of adding variety into your little girl’s life.

What does she like to be called at home? Will she be called Beth, Liz or Lizzy? It could give you some good ideas on what middle names will sound good with the nicknames as well. 

Are there names that are significant to your family? 

Selecting a family name is a thoughtful way to show honor or remembrance for loved ones.

Middle names are a way to give a tribute or honor. They also set your child apart from the others with that name.

Start by considering which family members you want to remember and then find out what their middle name is, if they have one. Maybe your father’s name or brother’s middle name have significant value in the family. Or perhaps there is a great-grandfather or uncle who bears a name that is meaningful to you.

Looking into our family history is sometimes a great way to discover more traditional names that fit with a classic name like Elizabeth!

Best Middle Names for Elizabeth:

Many people consider the middle names for baby girl Elizabeth as being one of their favorites because they are so unique and beautiful. Parents like to give these types of names in order to give their daughter a special and unique name.

The middle names for baby girl Elizabeth can be anything from popular people’s names like Michelle, Diane or Eleanor to very rare ones such as Isabelle, Eugenia and Allegra.

There are many different types of middle names that you could choose from when naming your child but if you’re looking for an unusual one then this list is perfect! It has 150+ great options that will make her feel special with every step she takes in life.

1. Elizabeth Adamina
2. Elizabeth Adelaide
3. Elizabeth Adeline
4. Elizabeth Adrienne
5. Elizabeth Albertina
6. Elizabeth Albina
7. Elizabeth Alexandra
8. Elizabeth Alice
9. Elizabeth Amaryllis
10. Elizabeth Amity
11. Elizabeth Anastasia
12. Elizabeth Angelita
13. Elizabeth Anita
14. Elizabeth Annabelle
15. Elizabeth Anne
16. Elizabeth Annette
17. Elizabeth Arielle
18. Elizabeth Astrid
19. Elizabeth Autumn
20. Elizabeth Aveline
21. Elizabeth Bernadette
22. Elizabeth Bernice
23. Elizabeth Birdie
24. Elizabeth Blair
25. Elizabeth Brooke
26. Elizabeth Brooklyn
27. Elizabeth Calista
28. Elizabeth Calliope
29. Elizabeth Camille
30. Elizabeth Carina
31. Elizabeth Carlotta
32. Elizabeth Carmella
33. Elizabeth Carolina
34. Elizabeth Caroline
35. Elizabeth Castalia
36. Elizabeth Catalene
37. Elizabeth Cecilia
38. Elizabeth Christine
39. Elizabeth Claire
40. Elizabeth Clarissa
41. Elizabeth Clarisse
42. Elizabeth Claudine
43. Elizabeth Clementine
44. Elizabeth Clove
45. Elizabeth Colette
46. Elizabeth Colleen
47. Elizabeth Constance
48. Elizabeth Coretta
49. Elizabeth Corinne
50. Elizabeth Cosette
51. Elizabeth Cynthia
52. Elizabeth Daniela
53. Elizabeth Daphne
54. Elizabeth Darby
55. Elizabeth Dawn
56. Elizabeth Deirdre
57. Elizabeth Delilah
58. Elizabeth Diane
59. Elizabeth Dove
60. Elizabeth Eden
61. Elizabeth Elle
62. Elizabeth Esme
63. Elizabeth Estelle
64. Elizabeth Eugenia
65. Elizabeth Eve
66. Elizabeth Evelyn
67. Elizabeth Faith
68. Elizabeth Faye
69. Elizabeth Fern
70. Elizabeth Fiona
71. Elizabeth Florina
72. Elizabeth Francesca
73. Elizabeth Francine
74. Elizabeth Gabriella
75. Elizabeth Gemma
76. Elizabeth Georgine
77. Elizabeth Geraldine
78. Elizabeth Germaine
79. Elizabeth Gertrude
80. Elizabeth Grace
81. Elizabeth Gregoria
82. Elizabeth Guinevere
83. Elizabeth Gwen
84. Elizabeth Gwendolyn
85. Elizabeth Haven
86. Elizabeth Heather
87. Elizabeth Henrietta
88. Elizabeth Hildred
89. Elizabeth Holly
90. Elizabeth Hope
91. Elizabeth Idalia
92. Elizabeth Imelda
93. Elizabeth Irene
94. Elizabeth Isla
95. Elizabeth Ivy
96. Elizabeth Jade
97. Elizabeth Jane
98. Elizabeth Jean
99. Elizabeth Jeannette
100. Elizabeth Jeannine
101. Elizabeth Joan
102. Elizabeth Joanne
103. Elizabeth Joelle
104. Elizabeth Jolene
105. Elizabeth Josephine
106. Elizabeth Joy
107. Elizabeth Juliana
108. Elizabeth Juliet
109. Elizabeth June
110. Elizabeth Juno
111. Elizabeth Justine
112. Elizabeth Kate
113. Elizabeth Katharine
114. Elizabeth Kathleen
115. Elizabeth Kathryn
116. Elizabeth Katrina
117. Elizabeth Kay
118. Elizabeth Laurel
119. Elizabeth Lavender
120. Elizabeth Lee
121. Elizabeth Lenore
122. Elizabeth Lily
123. Elizabeth Loren
124. Elizabeth Louisa
125. Elizabeth Lucille
126. Elizabeth Lydia
127. Elizabeth Lynn
128. Elizabeth Madelyn
129. Elizabeth Mae
130. Elizabeth Magdalena
131. Elizabeth Mahala
132. Elizabeth Malvina
133. Elizabeth Marcella
134. Elizabeth Maren
135. Elizabeth Margaret
136. Elizabeth Marguerite
137. Elizabeth Marie
138. Elizabeth Marietta
139. Elizabeth Marilyn
140. Elizabeth Martina
141. Elizabeth Mary
142. Elizabeth Maude
143. Elizabeth Maureen
144. Elizabeth Melina
145. Elizabeth Meredith
146. Elizabeth Merry
147. Elizabeth Milena
148. Elizabeth Miranda
149. Elizabeth Muriel
150. Elizabeth Myrtle
151. Elizabeth Nadine
152. Elizabeth Naomi
153. Elizabeth Noelle
154. Elizabeth Normina
155. Elizabeth Odette
156. Elizabeth Olive
157. Elizabeth Opal
158. Elizabeth Ophelia
159. Elizabeth Paige
160. Elizabeth Patrice
161. Elizabeth Pauline
162. Elizabeth Pearl
163. Elizabeth Petrina
164. Elizabeth Piper
165. Elizabeth Quinn
166. Elizabeth Regina
167. Elizabeth Renee
168. Elizabeth Romilly
169. Elizabeth Rosalie
170. Elizabeth Rosangela
171. Elizabeth Rose
172. Elizabeth Rosella
173. Elizabeth Rosemary
174. Elizabeth Rosetta
175. Elizabeth Roxanne
176. Elizabeth Ruth
177. Elizabeth Sabina
178. Elizabeth Sadie
179. Elizabeth Sage
180. Elizabeth Serafina
181. Elizabeth Serena
182. Elizabeth Serenity
183. Elizabeth Shannon
184. Elizabeth Shiloh
185. Elizabeth Simone
186. Elizabeth Sloane
187. Elizabeth Sophronia
188. Elizabeth Spohia
189. Elizabeth Suzanne
190. Elizabeth Thalia
191. Elizabeth Theodora
192. Elizabeth Therese
193. Elizabeth Vale
194. Elizabeth Valentina
195. Elizabeth Vanessa
196. Elizabeth Vashti
197. Elizabeth Venetia
198. Elizabeth Verity
199. Elizabeth Vernita
200. Elizabeth Verona
201. Elizabeth Victoria
202. Elizabeth Vienna
203. Elizabeth Vincentina
204. Elizabeth Viola
205. Elizabeth Violetta
206. Elizabeth Violette
207. Elizabeth Viviana
208. Elizabeth Wilhelmina
209. Elizabeth Wynne
210. Elizabeth Yolanda
211. Elizabeth Yvette
212. Elizabeth Yvonne
213. Elizabeth Zoe

I hope this article has shown you some of the most beautiful middle names for baby girl Elizabeth. There are so many to choose from and you’ll be able to find one that suits your daughter’s personality and your family needs.

If you are in need of a name that is not only special but also uncommon then this list will be perfect! You can take your time and find out which one suits her best because there’s more than enough to choose from on here. All it takes is just a few minutes before she’ll have an unforgettable middle name forever.

Do let me know in the comments below which middle name you choose for your baby girl Elizabeth!

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