There are few things in life that bring more joy (and stress!) to expectant parents, than choosing their baby’s name. Putting a name to that bump is one step closer to knowing them and accepting them as a person, and it’s one step closer to being ready for them when they finally grace your world.

If you’ve taken to the parenthood blogs, as one resource for baby names, you are not alone. Once you have quizzed your family, your friends, your coworkers and perhaps even your family pet for name ideas, it may seem that the internet is the ultimate hub for potential names, and you would be right!

Baby names discussions and blog posts provide a large variety of name choices, from different cultures and backgrounds, and parents are capitalizing on that. So, rest easy, you have come to the right place in your baby name search.

If you are here, most likely you are considering the name Amelia for a first name and are looking for compatible middle names.

Here we will present to you our list of favorite middle names that go with the name Amelia, as well as a few helpful hints about making name selections. Fist things first though, what does the name Amelia mean, and where does it come from?


The Name Amelia

Amelia is considered a timeless name. It is a classical name and yet lends itself well to modern times. A popular name that has managed to stay in the forefront one way or another, Amelia is known to be shortened to Amy, Emma, Millie, Mila, Mia and even Minnie.

The name is also popular in other languages as well, with variations such as the French Amelie, Hungarian Amalia, Italian Melita, and Melia, amongst others.

Meaning and background

The name Amelia is considered an English name, but like many other English names, it is derived of a German root, in this case, it’s derived of the root word “Amal” meaning work. The meaning it carries as such, relates to being industrious and fertile.

The name first became popular in the 18th century, when the German house of Hannover came to rule in England, with both king George the second and the third having daughters they named Amelia. 

Since then, the name has dipped and risen in popularity, but maintained a good standing and lasting presence in top baby girl names. It is seen as a strong and classical name, and yet also perceived as feminine and graceful, as well as a royal name.


The name Amelia in History

Many notable characters have carried this name before. They include:

  • Legendary pilot Amelia Earhart.
  • Saint Amelia, of early medieval times
  • Princess Amelia of the UK
  • Princess Amelia of Great Britain
  • Amelia Bellmore, English actress
  • Amelia (Minnie) driver, English actress
  • Amelia Lily, English singer


Choosing names wisely

When it comes to choosing names, taking time and putting some effort into it is a wise investment. After all, this is the name someone else will have to carry forever. Children do not get to choose their names, but we do! And we should exercise that power smartly. The following hints can help you avoid common pitfalls that parents sometimes fall into.


Avoid making a statement with the name

We tend to think of our children as a continuation of ourselves, and yet they are their own person, and the name we choose for them will be their name, not ours.

While drawing on our culture, our beliefs and our understanding is natural in choosing our children’s names, yet its always smart to avoid choosing names that are too bizarre or that are more about making a statement and standing out, than the child’s character themselves.

Remember the name you choose and may find cute for a little girl; might be a name she feels uncomfortable with as she grows up. Word to the wise: find a middle ground, where you fulfill your aspirations and make a unique choice, while at the same time making sure your child has a name she can love and be proud of.

After all, classmates, friends and her future family will use this name to address her every day for life.



Some names come with built in nicknames, such as the name Amelia. Expect to hear her being called Millie, Lily, Mia, Lia, Amy and every variation that kids can think of in between.

Now add a middle name! if the middle name can be shortened to a nickname ( and most names can be)  then it’s a good idea to imagine the nickname combos and make sure you are not setting your little girl up from some playground bullying.

While its impossible to foresee all potential nicknames kids can up with (and they can be quite imaginative) at least, by taking the time, we can avoid the obvious pitfalls. Which brings us to the next point:


Middle names

Once upon time, middle names were a rarity. These days are well into the past, as middle names are here to stay, with more and more parents opting to have a middle name for their child.

The advantages of having a middle name are many; they allow for a 3 -letter monogram, which is always nice, and they give the child a choice of which name to use as adults. They also give more stature to your future dressing down of your child when they have left their room in shambles.

Addressing them by their full names (first, middle, and last) is very satisfactory when you are trying to make a point, as any parent who has done it before will tell you.  

And last but not least, most families use the middle name to pass down family names, traditional names that have been in the family for generations, and to signify or thank a family member, like a dear great grandmother or an aunt. If that is your case, you are in good company.


Testing out your names

If you feel that you’ve hit the jackpot of names, by choosing two names that you love, or going with Amelia and a pre-chosen family name for the middle name, it’s a good idea to test the names together first.

While Amelia is a beautiful name and your chosen middle name might be equally beautiful too, speaking them out loud, while pretending to call out for your child for example, will be the true test of their fit. Names that sounded well in your head, might not mesh well together as they leave your vocal cords.

Make sure to say out loud all three names, first, middle and last.  Are there any abrupt pauses? Any difficult vowels clashing together? If so, its time to go back to the drawing board to ensure that you get the right combo.


Visualization is key

Another aspect of the name selection is to visualize your baby carrying those names.

Imagine a little girl, an adolescent and a woman carrying those names, does the image sit well with you? Would you yourself be happy with these names? If the answer is no, then its good to reconsider your choices.


The initials game

We use our initials every day. Bank forms, lease agreements, etc. as little kids, we use them in games we play, and to mark our favorite tree or a special spot in the woods.

Perhaps you are on the lookout even, for a special initial combination, perhaps that of yours and your partner. But Imagine how awkward it can be if your initials you chose spelled out an awkward word, like F.A.T.? while it wouldn’t be the end of the world if that happened, its an avoidable situation, if you do a test for it now.

Write down the initials of the names you have chosen, complete with family name, to make sure you are not setting up your girls for some awkward future signatures.

These helpful hints will help you figure out the best name combinations for your daughter on the way, and we will go a step further to suggest some favorite middle names that go well with the name Amelia, below:



  1. Amelia Alice
  2. Amelia Anna
  3. Amelia Anne
  4. Amelia Ava
  5. Amelia Adelaide
  6. Amelia Aurora
  7. Amelia Aspen
  8. Amelia Abigail (Here is middle names for Abigail)
  9. Amelia Aubrey
  10. Amelia Addison
  11. Amelia Audrey
  12. Amelia Ariana
  13. Amelia Adriana Paige
  14. Amelia Angelina
  15. Amelia Annabel



  1. Amelia Brooke
  2. Amelia Blyth
  3. Amelia Brynn
  4. Amelia Barbara
  5. Amelia Brittany
  6. Amelia Belle
  7. Amelia Beatrice
  8. Amelia Bailey
  9. Amelia Beth
  10. Amelia Blair



  1. Amelia Cate
  2. Amelia Catelyn
  3. Amelia Clementine
  4. Amelia Celeste
  5. Amelia Caroline
  6. Amelia Claire
  7. Amelia Clara
  8. Amelia Carrie
  9. Amelia Charlotte
  10. Amelia Christine
  11. Amelia Callie
  12. Amelia Cassidy
  13. Amelia Carlie



  1. Amelia Dora
  2. Amelia Daisy
  3. Amelia Dorothy
  4. Amelia Dianna
  5. Amelia Denver



  1. Amelia Elizabeth
  2. Amelia Elisa
  3. Amelia Eliana
  4. Amelia Ella
  5. Amelia Evelyn
  6. Amelia Eden
  7. Amelia Emme



  1. Amelia Fionna
  2. Amelia Fay
  3. Amelia Faith
  4. Amelia Freddine
  5. Amelia Fallon
  6. Amelia Farah



  1. Amelia Grace ( Here are middle names for Grace)
  2. Amelia Giovanna
  3. Amelia Georgia
  4. Amelia Gretrude
  5. Amelia Gabrielle



  1. Amelia Hope
  2. Amelia Henrietta
  3. Amelia Harriet
  4. Amelia Haley
  5. Amelia Hannah
  6. Amelia Honor
  7. Amelia Harmony
  8. Amelia Holly
  9. Amelia Hallie



  1. Amelia Indiana
  2. Amelia Isabella ( More middle names for Isabella)
  3. Amelia Iona
  4. Amelia Isabelle
  5. Amelia Ivy



  1. Amelia Jade
  2. Amelia Janis
  3. Amelia Joan
  4. Amelia June
  5. Amelia Juliette
  6. Amelia Joanna
  7. Amelia Joy
  8. Amelia Josephine



  1. Amelia Kinsley
  2. Amelia Kate
  3. Amelia Kay
  4. Amelia Katherine
  5. Amelia Kaley



  1. Amelia Lily
  2. Amelia Lilibeth
  3. Amelia Laurie
  4. Amelia Louise
  5. Amelia Lilian
  6. Amelia Lucy
  7. Amelia Lana



  1. Amelia Mary
  2. Amelia Michelle
  3. Amelia Marybeth
  4. Amelia Marie
  5. Amelia May
  6. Amelia Montana
  7. Amelia Marley
  8. Amelia Madison
  9. Amelia Madeline
  10. Amelia Mackenzie



  1. Amelia Nicole
  2. Amelia Nancy
  3. Amelia Natalie



  1. Amelia Olivia
  2. Amelia Octavia
  3. Amelia Oakley



  1. Amelia Paige
  2. Amelia Penelope
  3. Amelia Prudence
  4. Amelia Piper
  5. Amelia Peyton
  6. Amelia Paisley
  7. Amelia Pearl
  8. Amelia Pollyana



  1. Amelia Quincy



  1. Amelia Reese
  2. Amelia Rose
  3. Amelia Roselyn
  4. Amelia Ruth
  5. Amelia Ruby
  6. Amelia Regan



  1. Amelia Susanna
  2. Amelia Sue
  3. Amelia Stella
  4. Amelia Sophia
  5. Amelia Sienna
  6. Amelia Sierra
  7. Amelia Sarah
  8. Amelia Skyler
  9. Amelia Skye
  10. Amelia Sage



  1. Amelia Tara
  2. Amelia Taylor
  3. Amelia Teagan



  1. Amelia Violet
  2. Amelia Vera
  3. Amelia Veronica
  4. Amelia Victoria



  1. Amelia Winona
  2. Amelia Willow
  3. Amelia Willa
  4. Amelia West



  1. Amelia Xena



  1. Amelia Yolanda



  1. Amelia Zara
  2. Amelia Zahara
  3. Amelia Zoe


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