What’s in a name? 

Choosing our child’s name is one of the greatest privileges we have as parents.

But it is no small task!

Ask any parent and they will tell you that they chose their child’s name for a special purpose or reason.

Names give each of us an identity, a title by which others can know us.

One of the sweetest parts of parenthood is seeing your own child grow into his or her identity.

We had an idea of how to name our son before he was born, but it was when we cradled him in our arms for the first time that we were able to fully commit to his name.

Now we see so clearly how that name defines him!

It’s important to give your son a name that is both charming and meaningful to you.

In our middle names series, we’d endeavored to give you a nearly exhaustive list of options!

From A to Z, we want to explore with you which middle names may sound best with the boy name, Elijah.

Does the middle name sound good with your last name?

Does it have a meaning that you love?

Does it sound “right” and give you a sense of peace and joy?

The perfect name for your new baby will be the name you choose to give him, so let’s jump into the naming factors that can help you decide!

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  • What does the name Elijah mean? 


Elijah is a name of Hebrew origin meaning, “The Lord is my God.”

The most famous example of the name Elijah is the Prophet Elijah in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Elijah is easily remembered among Bible characters because instead of dying a natural death, God took him up into heaven in a chariot of fire.

Other well-known Elijahs include Elijah Wood, Elijah McCoy, and Elijah Pitts. 

The name Elijah became popular during the Middle Ages when Elijah the Prophet was a popular figure in medieval tales; however, it was usually spelled Elias or Elis.

By the 16th century, the name was hardly used by families. But following the Protestant Reformation, it resurfaced as a common name for boys born into Puritan families.

It became popular again in the 1980s, and in recent years, Elijah has remained within the list of top 20 most beloved names for boys. 


Because the name Elijah has a rich history and background, it’s important to find a name that suits its classic nature.

Being three-syllables, it’s a longer name and therefore pairs well with many different middle names. Nevertheless, there is an art to pairing names together!

Take, for example, the name Elijah Isaiah Pemberton. It sounds okay but it doesn’t quite flow, right?

The multiple “-ah” endings make it feel repetitive, and all three names have three syllables which causes it to feel like a mouthful.

Not to mention that Elijah and Isaiah are so similar, the first name gets overshadowed by the second.

So how do we know which names will work well? 

In order for names to sound good together, they need to achieve cadence.

It’s actually pretty simple, but it’s something we think little about when naming our babies! It’s the reason a name will lack flow or sound like a mouthful.

Cadence is the rhythmic flow of a set of sounds or words. Like a meter in a song, cadence gives words a pulse or beat.

So how do we follow a pattern of sound when it comes to our baby’s name? 

Typically, mixed syllable names sound best because they create cadence – but this is not always the case.

Consider the name Elijah Reid Carter.

The syllable pattern here is 3:1:2. Because Elijah has three syllables, a one-syllable middle name is perfect. But it also flows well because the last name, Carter, is two syllables.

But what happens when we make the middle name longer? Let’s say Elijah Jameson Carter.

It still flows well, but it has a different pulse than Elijah Reid. Alliteration is also always an effective tool for creating cadence! 

When trying to determine the cadence of your baby’s potential name, take time to say it out loud in different tones.

What does it sound like in a comforting tone?

How about when you introduce her to a new teacher?

And now in your high-pitched mom voice (you know the one)?

If it feels like too much, makes you laugh, or just doesn’t flow, then you’ll know it’s not the right name!

While cadence is instructive, naming is also a kind of art – sometimes it has to make sense to the eye (or ear!) of the beholder.


  • What do the two names mean together?


Your son’s first name needs a good companion!

That’s why it matters how his middle name complements his first name, Elijah.

Is there another name that has a special meaning to you?

For example, my son’s first name means, “God has been gracious,” and his middle name means, “valiant protector.” Together his name loosely translates “gracious protector,” and we find it perfect for an eldest son!

It doesn’t always work effortlessly, but sometimes the meanings of names can complement each other as much as the names themselves! 

It’s also helpful to run through the list of middle names that may be given to your son. Eli is the most common for Elijah, but there are others, including Lija and E.J.

How do these nicknames pair with the middle name?

For example, a middle name beginning with “J” may not sound best if your son goes by E.J. The added benefit to a middle name you really love is that you can call your son by his middle name (or he can choose to go by his middle name) if later preferred!


  • Are there names that are significant to your family? 


Selecting a family name is a thoughtful way to show honor or remembrance for loved ones, given that your families respect your decision and don’t feel like you are showing preference. (Further proof that names are so important to everyone!)

Perhaps there is a great-grandfather or uncle who bears a name that is meaningful to you. Looking into our family history is sometimes a great way to discover more traditional names that fit with names like Elijah!


Best middle names for Elijah

So what are the best middle names for Elijah? Below is a comprehensive list for the top 99 middle name ideas for Elijah!

  1. Elijah Alec
  2. Elijah Benjamin
  3. Elijah Blake
  4. Elijah Blue (famous musician)
  5. Elijah Brennan
  6. Elijah Brock
  7. Elijah Brooks
  8. Elijah Bryce
  9. Elijah Burke
  10. Elijah Caden
  11. Elijah Caleb
  12. Elijah Calvin
  13. Elijah Carter
  14. Elijah Cian
  15. Elijah Chase
  16. Elijah Clark
  17. Elijah Cole
  18. Elijah Cullen
  19. Elijah Curtis
  20. Elijah Cruz
  21. Elijah Daniel
  22. Elijah David
  23. Elijah Dean
  24. Elijah Dominic
  25. Elijah Drake
  26. Elijah Drew
  27. Elijah Edward
  28. Elijah Felix
  29. Elijah Finley
  30. Elijah Finn
  31. Elijah George
  32. Elijah Graham
  33. Elijah Grant
  34. Elijah Gray
  35. Elijah Griffin
  36. Elijah Hale
  37. Elijah Harrison
  38. Elijah Hart
  39. Elijah Henry
  40. Elijah Howard
  41. Elijah Jackson
  42. Elijah Jacob
  43. Elijah Jaden
  44. Elijah James
  45. Elijah Jeffrey
  46. Elijah Joel
  47. Elijah John
  48. Elijah Jordan
  49. Elijah Joseph
  50. Elijah Jude
  51. Elijah Kai
  52. Elijah Kane
  53. Elijah Laurence
  54. Elijah Lucas
  55. Elijah Luke
  56. Elijah Martin
  57. Elijah Mason
  58. Elijah Maxwell
  59. Elijah Michael
  60. Elijah Miles
  61. Elijah Nathan
  62. Elijah Nelson
  63. Elijah Neil
  64. Elijah Nicholas
  65. Elijah Noel
  66. Elijah Oliver
  67. Elijah Owen
  68. Elijah Parker
  69. Elijah Patrick
  70. Elijah Paul
  71. Elijah Quinn
  72. Elijah Ruggerio
  73. Elijah Ryan
  74. Elijah Reid
  75. Elijah Reuben
  76. Elijah River
  77. Elijah Robert
  78. Elijah Ronan
  79. Elijah Ross
  80. Elijah Rowan
  81. Elijah Scott
  82. Elijah Simon
  83. Elijah Seth
  84. Elijah Steele
  85. Elijah Stuart
  86. Elijah Tate
  87. Elijah Theodore
  88. Elijah Thomas
  89. Elijah Timothy
  90. Elijah Travis
  91. Elijah Tristan
  92. Elijah Vaughn
  93. Elijah Warren
  94. Elijah Weston
  95. Elijah Wilde
  96. Elijah William
  97. Elijah Wilson
  98. Elijah Wolfe
  99. Elijah Zane

A few of my favorites

As a writer, I love the name Elijah because it has such rich history and tradition.

From prophets to saints, it has been a strong name through the ages. Common nicknames like “Eli” and “E.J.” are also timeless and sound endearing at any age.

From the list above, my personal favorites are Elijah George for a more stately name, Elijah Blue for a modern take, and Elijah Burke for a more original and classic name.

Whichever name you choose for your Elijah, I hope it brings you joy to say it for years and years to come!

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