Naming your baby boy is one of the most important and personal decisions you will make during your pregnancy. You may have spent months talking through the best baby names for your little guy.

If you are reading this article, then you have decided on Axel for your son’s first name (or you’re at least strongly considering it)!

So what middle names work well with Axel? Maybe you could choose a family name or the name of a favorite place or element in nature. How can you choose a middle name that is meaningful to you and your family?

From traditional and classic to modern and unique, we’ve created a list of names that work wonderfully with Axel. If a name from our list doesn’t stand out to you, consider using some of the sources of inspiration we discuss below!


What Does the Name Axel Mean?

Axel is a strong and masculine name with Scandinavian origins. It is most commonly thought to mean, “My Father is peace.” It is most often given to boys in Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark and also in Germany.

Axel is a great choice for parents looking for a strong and powerful name for their baby boy. It has a beautiful meaning that is perfect for any family. Other spelling variations of Axel include  Aksel, Aksell, and Aksil.

In terms of popularity the name Axel is not very common in the United States, but it has been slowly gaining popularity over the years. It is sure to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by everyone who hears it. It has a wonderful meaning that can be appreciated by any family!


Famous People Named Axel

– Axel Rose (singer)

– Axel Foley (actor)

– Axel Garret (actor)

– Axel Rathbone (actor)


How to Choose the Best Middle Name for Axel

Family Ties

Do you have any family members or friends whose names you really like? Have you considered digging into your family tree to see what names, both first and middle, your ancestors may have carried? There may be a great-grandfather who has a name that would be the perfect complement to Axel! Giving family names is a great way to honor a relative and give meaning to your child’s name. 

Here are some traditional middle names for Zane that complement the meaning of his first name.

– William: “valiant protector”

– Benjamin: “son of the right hand”

– Maximilian: “the greatest” 

– Lucas: “light-giving” 

– Owen: “noble”

– Leo: “lionhearted”

– Matthew: “gift of God”

– Peter: “rock” or “stone”

– Christopher: “bearing Christ”

– Everett: “strong as a boar”


Special Places

Do you have a favorite vacation spot, city, or birthplace with lots of memories? Is there a special place that is meaningful to your family? Do you know your family’s roots and where they are from?

For example, my friend knows that her grandparents settled in the United States after immigrating from Ireland. So she gave her daughter the middle name Ireland when she was born to honor her family’s heritage. This can be a great way to come up with a name that is unique and special.

You could also consider your favorite parks, lakes, and hiking spots. When I was growing up, we camped at a campground named Warren Park. My brother mentioned that he thought Warren was a cool name.

If you’ve traveled or spent time in another part of the world, maybe one of those areas inspired a cool middle name – think Boston, Logan, Columbus, Diego, Kent, or Melbourne, just to name a few!

You could also shorten the names of cities to come up with your own name (for example, Nash for Nashville and so on)!


Celebrity Names

Why not consider a celebrity name for your baby’s middle name? This could be a great way to pay tribute to someone you admire.

For example, if your favorite actor is Christian Bale, you could have Axel Christian. Many actors also use their middle names for stage names, so it could be a great fit to use for Axel!

You could go with the more traditional and classic name of an older actor or the more modern name of an up-and-coming actor. 


Nature Inspired

Scandinavians are very much close to nature, so a nature inspired middle name would be a great choice for Axel. Here are some options that sound great and could work well as a middle name for Axel:

– Birch: “pale yellow” or “light brown”

– Cedar: “strong and durable”

– Maple: “red color”

– Rowan: “mountain ash tree”

– Willow: “graceful and slender”

– Brook: “water or stream”

– Chase: “hunting grounds”

– Hunter: “one who hunts”

– Knox: “round hill”

– Wilder: “”wilderness”


Favorite Books or Shows

What are your favorite books and television shows right now? Can you think through the names of characters? Do any of those sound like a good middle name for Axel?

Using the name of a beloved character can be a great way to give your son’s name a unique spin. But since Axel is already a relatively unique name, you may be leaning towards a middle name that is more traditional or grounded, like Charles, Noah, Michael, Joshua, or Christopher.

All of these are popular names for TV and book characters. If there’s not a character name that you love, then perhaps the name of an author is what you need.

My neighbor named her son Henry David for famed author Henry David Thoreau. There are all kinds of names that come to us when we consider books and stories!


Syllable Balance

Now that we’ve discussed some sources for middle name inspiration, let’s consider what other factors may help you find a middle name you love.

One thing that’s important to consider when choosing a middle name is how it flows with Axel and your last name. How many syllables should the middle name be? What would give it the best flow and sound?

If you have a long last name, say three or four syllables, then a shorter middle name may be just what you need. For example, consider Axel Christopher Jameson. Because Christopher and Jameson are both three syllables, this name feels a little heavy on the end.

But if we choose a shorter middle name, like Axel Blake Jameson, the name flows more freely. A two-syllable middle name could also be a good fit.

There are no hard and fast rules for syllable balance, except that the number of syllables in each name should balance out in full. In other words, it’s most common to have mixed syllables so a name sounds balanced.



One reason we consider syllables is because balancing them helps to create cadence. Most commonly used in music, cadence refers to the rhythm or flow of a phrase or set of notes. When these things lack cadence, it is generally something we notice.

Cadence helps a name have “a nice ring to it.” Syllable balance is one way to create cadence, or name flow.

Other ways may include alliteration and names that are similar in meaning or category (traditional, modern, classic, etc). Probably the quickest way to determine cadence is to practice saying the name aloud. Do you have your list of middle names narrowed down?

Practice saying them aloud with Axel and your last name. Which name sounds best? Which has a rhythmic flow? And remember that if you really love a middle name for Axel but it doesn’t flow well, you can always make Axel your baby’s legal middle name, but then call him by Axel!



The most common nickname for Axel is “Axe,” but depending on your last name (or middle name), there may be other common nicknames! (My husband is John William – yep, double name – but a friend in high school coined “J Will” as his nickname). 

Now, without further delay, let’s peruse the list of some of the best middle names for Axel. Whether you are looking for a traditional European (or Scandinavian name like Axel) or a modern and unique middle name, we’ve come up with a well-rounded list below!


Best Middle Names for Axel

  1. Axel Alexander
  2. Axel Andreas
  3. Axel Augustin
  4. Axel Bartholomew
  5. Axel Bastien
  6. Axel Benjamin
  7. Axel Bennett
  8. Axel Bernard
  9. Axel Bram
  10. Axel Brandon
  11. Axel Brandt
  12. Axel Broderick
  13. Axel Carsten
  14. Axel Caspian
  15. Axel Cassius
  16. Axel Chase
  17. Axel Christopher
  18. Axel Clarke
  19. Axel Colt
  20. Axel Conrad
  21. Axel Corbin
  22. Axel Damien
  23. Axel Damon
  24. Axel Darren
  25. Axel David
  26. Axel Dean
  27. Axel Declan
  28. Axel Desmond
  29. Axel Dmitri
  30. Axel Dominic
  31. Axel Donovan
  32. Axel Duncan
  33. Axel Dylan
  34. Axel Edison
  35. Axel Edmund
  36. Axel Edward
  37. Axel Edwin
  38. Axel Emmett
  39. Axel Evan
  40. Axel Evander
  41. Axel Everett
  42. Axel Finn
  43. Axel Finnegan
  44. Axel Frederick
  45. Axel Gabriel
  46. Axel Gavin
  47. Axel George
  48. Axel Gideon
  49. Axel Graham
  50. Axel Grayson
  51. Axel Grey
  52. Axel Griffin
  53. Axel Gunther
  54. Axel Gustave
  55. Axel Hadrian
  56. Axel Hamilton
  57. Axel Harley
  58. Axel Harrison
  59. Axel Harvey
  60. Axel Hawthorne
  61. Axel Hayes
  62. Axel Heinrich
  63. Axel Heinz
  64. Axel Hendrick
  65. Axel Henry
  66. Axel Horatio
  67. Axel Hudson
  68. Axel Jackson
  69. Axel Jagger
  70. Axel James
  71. Axel Jameson
  72. Axel Jaxson
  73. Axel Jayden
  74. Axel Jeffrey
  75. Axel Jett
  76. Axel John
  77. Axel Joseph
  78. Axel Josiah
  79. Axel Jude
  80. Axel Julian
  81. Axel Kade
  82. Axel Kendrick
  83. Axel Kingston
  84. Axel Kolten
  85. Axel Kurt
  86. Axel Kyle
  87. Axel Lee
  88. Axel Logan
  89. Axel Maddox
  90. Axel Malachi
  91. Axel Marius
  92. Axel Martin
  93. Axel Matthew
  94. Axel Matthias
  95. Axel Maverick
  96. Axel Memphis
  97. Axel Nicholas
  98. Axel Noah
  99. Axel Nolan
  100. Axel Obadiah
  101. Axel Orion
  102. Axel Orpheus
  103. Axel Owen
  104. Axel Pierce
  105. Axel Quinn
  106. Axel Rafferty
  107. Axel Rain
  108. Axel Rainier
  109. Axel Ramon
  110. Axel Reese
  111. Axel Reginald
  112. Axel Reid
  113. Axel Rhys
  114. Axel Robert
  115. Axel Roland
  116. Axel Roman
  117. Axel Ronan
  118. Axel Ross
  119. Axel Rowan
  120. Axel Ryan
  121. Axel Ryder
  122. Axel Ryker
  123. Axel Sebastian
  124. Axel Silas
  125. Axel Simeon
  126. Axel Stefan
  127. Axel Steven
  128. Axel Tate
  129. Axel Thaddeus
  130. Axel Thane
  131. Axel Theodore
  132. Axel Thomas
  133. Axel Thorsten
  134. Axel Titus
  135. Axel Tobias
  136. Axel Vaughn
  137. Axel Wade
  138. Axel Walter
  139. Axel Warner
  140. Axel Wayne
  141. Axel Wilder
  142. Axel William
  143. Axel Zacharias
  144. Axel Zander
  145. Axel Zane


Final Thoughts

Axel is a strong masculine name which is perfect for parents looking for a unique name for their baby boy. You can choose a middle name that is equally strong and classic like William or Benjamin, or you could choose a middle name that has a more unique meaning like Blue or Dash. We hope this list helped to ease your search for the perfect middle name for Axel. Congratulations on your new baby!

And please feel free to share this list with any other parents who may be looking for a great middle name for their baby boy. Thank you for reading along with us. If we missed any great middle names for Axel, let us know in the comments below! 

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