Must have cloth diaper accessories that will help make cloth diapering easy plus a few other products that are nice to have!

Modern cloth diapering has come a long way than what our grandmothers were used to- no more plastic pants and poking babies with pins.

While there is nothing wrong with going the old school way (I applaud you if you can carefully maneuver the diaper pin on a wriggling baby), it is encouraging to know that there are many cloth diapering accessories available for today’s parent’s to simplify cloth diapers and make their life easy.

First, let me discuss some of the must-have cloth diaper accessories that I use and can’t imagine cloth diapering without them.

While cloth diapering accessories are awesome, please know that they are not necessary to cloth diaper. So, don’t feel overwhelmed thinking that you need to buy all the things listed here.

Best Cloth Diaper Accessories To Buy:

1. Cloth wipes:

Disposable diaper wipes have so many harmful ingredients that can severely impact your baby’s skin. Some babies react horribly after using disposable wipes.

If you are already using cloth diapers, then it makes so much sense to use cloth wipes as well. You can toss the soiled wipes in the diaper pail and wash it along with the cloth diaper laundry.

If you have some sewing skills, you can make DIY cloth wipes from receiving blankets. You don’t necessarily have to buy cloth wipes; you can choose to use baby wash clothes instead.

Personally, I have bought these wipes from Grovia, because they are bigger and thicker than wash clothes and makes cleaning poop dead easy.

2.Wipe Solution:

When you use cloth wipes, you will need some wipe solution to wet your wipes. While plain water from the tap works, some prefer to use cloth wipe solutions for clean baby’s bum.

You can make your own cloth wipe solution. All you need is a glass spray bottle, some soap, and a recipe. You can also buy these cloth wipe cubes and dilute them to make cloth wipe solution. Once you have a solution, you can either wet the wipes when its time for a diaper change or store pre-moistened wipes in a storage box.

3.Diaper Sprayer:

Almost everyone I know that used diaper sprayers can never think of cloth diapering without one.

A diaper sprayer is a powerful sprayer that sprays the poop in the toilet. It makes your life easier when your baby starts eating solids and is in a peanut butter poop stage.

A diaper sprayer looks like a shower head, except that the water comes out with a greater force. Diaper sprayer attaches to the toilet, come diaper cleaning time, simply spray the poop inside the toilet to remove poop without touching the mess.

Breastfed poop is water soluble and can go directly in the washing machine. If that grosses you out, you can give them a good rinse in running tap water. But formula fed poop and solid food poop should be rinsed before washing. Handling poop is the biggest challenge for many parents, and a diaper sprayer solves this problem for you.

I use this one, I have heard so many positive reviews for this brand and love it myself.

4.Diaper Sprayer Shield:

I use a spray shield when I use my diaper sprayer. Why you ask? Because I have no sense of direction and I am fully capable of spraying my entire bathroom with poop when using a sprayer. Sprayer shield comes handy, and it prevents poop sprayed all over your toilet cover (or your face).
I use the SprayPal diaper sprayer and the shield, and I cannot say enough great things about them.

If you are not sure if you really need the sprayer shield, there are a lot of DIY versions that you can try. They are cheaper and can be made for 5$ before you invest in a more expensive product.


Liners are another must have cloth diaper product, especially when you are traveling or using cloth diapers at daycares. Liners can be disposable or reusable.

Liners are poop catchers that sit over the top of the diaper. You can toss the poop in the toilet, trash the liner (if they are disposable) or wash the liner with cloth diapers (if they are reusable).

6.Diaper Pail and Pail Liner:

Diaper pails are the cloth diaper version of diaper genie where dirty diapers are stored until they are ready to be washed. You can either choose a bucket like a diaper pail or use washable diaper pail. Diaper pails are explicitly designed to store dirty cloth diapers; they are sturdy and safe for your cloth diapers.

Pail liners serve as a waterproof lining so that the diaper pail does not get soiled with pee and poop. When laundry day comes, you can pull the liner out along with the diapers and dump it into the washing machine to get them clean. I recommend having two pail liners so you can keep rotating while one gets washed.

7.Wet Bags:

Wet bags are waterproof and odor proof bags that are used to store cloth diapers. Wet bags come in a variety of sizes, style, and cute patterns. Wet bags are convenient while traveling where you can store dirty diapers and carry them back home.

8. Wool Dryer Balls:

Using dryer sheets with cloth diapers are a strict no-no. Dryer sheets contain chemicals that can deposit on your cloth diapers, making them repel liquid, and you definitely do not want that

Wool dryer balls are a natural and non-toxic alternative to dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls. They reduce static, decreases dryer time, and keeps the inserts soft. Generally, I air dry most of the cloth diaper inserts, but thicker inserts like bamboo and hemp, I throw them in the dryer for faster drying.

9.Drying Rack:

I line dry all my cloth diaper covers. Anything that has a PUL, I prefer to line dry them rather than using the dryer. A drying rack like this one helps a lot. They are portable and can hold plenty of diapers. If you have space constraints, try a smaller hanging version like this one.

There you go! These are the cloth diapering products that I use regularly and love. There are a few other products that I have seen mentioned in the cloth diapering communities. I have listed them below, depending on your needs you can consider buying them or skip them altogether.

10.Stain Remover:

Fun fact: cloth diapers will be stained, with poop! And it is not pretty. While the sun does a pretty fantastic job of taking the stains away, having a stain remover will come in handy during colder winter months or when you just don’t the time or space to sun your diapers.

Other Nice To Have Items:

11. Storage Caddy:

You can invest in a diaper storage caddy to keep all your diapering needs in one place and ready to go. While I used a few baskets that were lying around in the house, some prefer a caddy that comes with compartments and portable handle.

12. Snappi Fasteners:

I used snappi fasteners during the newborn stage when I was trying different prefold diaper folds. After which I stuck to the pad folding prefolds and flats. These are great to have if you wanting to do different cloth diaper folds.

13.Stripping Agent:

While I don’t recommend stripping cloth diapers regularly, stripping can be helpful clear up mineral build up when you are struggling to get your wash routine right. When proper washing practices are followed stripping diapers is not required at all. If you do need to strip, I have a post on how to strip cloth diapers properly, check it out here.

As I said earlier, you don’t need every item on this list to successfully cloth diaper. If I have to choose the top 5 cloth diaper accessories out of the ones listed above, those would be

1.Cloth Wipes

2.Diaper Pail and Liner

3. Diaper Sprayer and Shield


5.Dryer Balls.

These products have made cloth diapering much easier and doable for us. Do you own any of these products? What is your favorite cloth diaper accessory? Share with me in the comments below.


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