Middle names are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your child’s name.

They can be used to honor family members or friends, or to create a unique name for your child. middle names can also be used to create a more distinctive first name, or to middle-initials.

If you are looking for the best middle name for August, you have come to the right place. If you still haven’t decided for a first name, check out out articles on popular first name / middle name ideas for boys and girls. 

There are many middle names for both girls and boys that would perfectly go with the first name August. 


What does the name August mean?

The name August comes from the Latin word augustus, meaning “great” or “majestic.” It was originally a title given to Roman emperors. Augustus was the first emperor of Rome and one of the most important figures in history.

The month of August is named after Augustus Caesar. He was born in 63 BC and died in AD 14. He was a great military leader and conquered much of Europe and the Mediterranean world. Augustus was also a great patron of the arts and literature.

Augustus is one of the most popular names for boys in recent years. It reached its peak in popularity in 2017, when it was the sixth most popular name for boys in the United States.

Even though traditionally August has been a popular name for boys, recently its considered more of an Unisex name. Augusta is a feminine form of Augustus. It is also the name of the month August and also refers to the season Fall or Autumn which makes it a unique unisex name for both boys and girls.

Popular people named August:

There are plenty of wonderful people – both men and women – who have been called August. 

  • August Wilson, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright
  • August Strindberg, Swedish playwright and novelist
  • Augustus Caesar, first Roman Emperor
  • Saint Augustine of Hippo, early Christian theologian
  • August Ferdinand Mobius (German mathematician and astronomer)
  • Augusta Wilhelmine Elisabeth  Charlotte Amalie (German Empress and Queen of Prussia
  • Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (mathematician and writer, known as the first computer programmer)

Best Boy Middle Names For August:

Here is our list of best middle names for baby boy August. 

  1. August Asher
  2. August Axel
  3. August Beatrice
  4. August Blake
  5. August Bodhi
  6. August Bram
  7. August Brewer
  8. August Brice
  9. August Calder
  10. August Caspian
  11. August Caulder
  12. August Clark
  13. August Clay
  14. August Cole
  15. August Conan
  16. August Crosby
  17. August Cyrus
  18. August Darcy
  19. August Dean
  20. August Desmond
  21. August Dorian
  22. August Drake
  23. August Drew
  24. August Eleanor
  25. August Ellis
  26. August Emery
  27. August Enzo
  28. August Everett
  29. August Ezra
  30. August Felix
  31. August Fletcher
  32. August Foster
  33. August Fox
  34. August Garrett
  35. August Garrick
  36. August Graham
  37. August Grey
  38. August Greyson
  39. August Harry
  40. August Hayes
  41. August Herschel
  42. August Huxley
  43. August Ian
  44. August Irving
  45. August Isaac
  46. August Jasper
  47. August James
  48. August John
  49. August Jude
  50. August Juniper
  51. August Kirk
  52. August Knox
  53. August Leo
  54. August Leon
  55. August Lionel
  56. August Lyle
  57. August Malachi
  58. August Marco
  59. August Mason
  60. August Max
  61. August Merlin
  62. August Milo
  63. August Nash
  64. August Oakley
  65. August Oliver
  66. August Paul
  67. August Peyton
  68. August Pierce
  69. August Piper
  70. August Porte
  71. August Reed
  72. August Remington
  73. August Remy
  74. August Rhys
  75. August Ridge
  76. August River
  77. August Ronan
  78. August Rowan
  79. August Ryan
  80. August Sawyer
  81. August Scarlet
  82. August Shepard
  83. August Silus
  84. August Simon
  85. August Sloan
  86. August Syler
  87. August Tate
  88. August Thatcher
  89. August Victor
  90. August Wade
  91. August Wayne
  92. August Wells
  93. August Westley
  94. August Wolfe
  95. August Zachariah
  96. August Zachery

Middle Names for Baby Girl August:

Personally I love choosing a feminine middle name for August because of how unique and unisex the first name is. I love how short middle names with one syllable like Ann, Jade, Rae sounds very cure when paired with August. 

If you are looking to add a classical touch then August Elisabeth, August Victoria sounds lovely. 

Here is a list of cool and girlie middle name ideas for August:

  1. August Agnes
  2. August Alexandra
  3. August Alice
  4. August Alina
  5. August Anna
  6. August Anne
  7. August Bianca
  8. August Blair
  9. August Brynn
  10. August Caroline
  11. August Cecilia
  12. August Celeste
  13. August Charlene
  14. August Charlotte
  15. August Chloe
  16. August Claire
  17. August Delilah
  18. August Eleanor
  19. August Elena
  20. August Eliana
  21. August Elise
  22. August Elizabeth
  23. August Eloise
  24. August Emmeline
  25. August Esperanza
  26. August Eve
  27. August Francesca
  28. August Gabriella
  29. August Gabrielle
  30. August Genevieve
  31. August Grace
  32. August Iona
  33. August Iris
  34. August Isabella
  35. August Isadora
  36. August Jade
  37. August Jane
  38. August Jillian
  39. August Josephine
  40. August Julia / Juliet
  41. August Juliette
  42. August Laine
  43. August Leah
  44. August Lenora
  45. August Lily
  46. August Loise
  47. August Louise
  48. August Lucienne
  49. August Luna
  50. August Madeline
  51. August Marie
  52. August Mariette
  53. August Marisol
  54. August Martha
  55. August Michelle
  56. August Nicole
  57. August Opal
  58. August Ophelia
  59. August Paige
  60. August Peyton
  61. August Primrose
  62. August Quinn
  63. August Rachel
  64. August Rae
  65. August Rebecca
  66. August Rhea
  67. August Rose
  68. August Simone
  69. August Sophie
  70. August Vivian
  71. August Wren

How to Choose the Perfect Middle Name:

Family ties:

Do you have a family member or friend who has impacted your life in an unforgettable way? Or perhaps you just like a family member’s name and you would like to honor them?

Thinking through names of family members, friends, mentors, and leaders you know is a great start for finding middle name inspiration. 

Favorite places:

Have you traveled to a city or place that you would like to hold in your memory forever?

One of my close friends was an au pair in Paris for over two years. The experience was remarkable for her. When her little girl was born last year, Paris seemed like the perfect middle name.  August London, August Paris, August Regina, August Victoria are some examples on how use a place name as a middle name. 

Special Characters:

Is there a character from a novel or television show whose name you love?

One of my friends learned the name Perrey through one of her all-time favorite television shows. It felt unique and she loved it.

Anne was already a classic name, but Anne of Green Gables certainly solidified its regality.

There are also more recent names jumping off the pages from some very popular novels. The name Kya came to my list after I read Delia Owens’ book, Where The Crawdads Sing.

Favorite Books:

Are you a literary person? And if yes, do you have an all-time favorite author?

A friend from college was an English major, and now she writes poetry and short stories for publication. She always loved the name Henry David for a boy. (Henry David Thoreau was one of her favorite authors.) If you would like a rare or obscure middle name, books are often the best place to go! (Think Katniss and Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games!)

Nicknames For August:

August is a unique name with only a couple of well known nickname options. “Gus” and “Auggie” are the common nicknames that one can think. 

  • Gustie, Tug, Oz are some variations of August that can be used as nicknames for boys. 
  • Aggie, Gussie and Tessare potential nicknames for girls. 

Another idea for nicknames would be use the first, middle and even last times to come up with creative combinations for you child. 

Example: August Jane can be called A.J. August Christopher Allan can go with a nickname Ace. 

Final Thoughts:

One of the most important – and exciting! – decisions you’ll make as a parent is choosing your child’s name. It gives your little one an identity, a title by which others will come to know her.

And while it can feel overwhelming to choose the “perfect” name, it’s also a privilege to name this precious person who you will welcome into your family soon. 

August is a unique unisex name that pairs wonderfully with many middle name suggestions above. We hope that we helped you in finding that perfect middle name for August that you were looking for.

Let us know in the comments below what you favourite first name and middle name combo for August is. we would love to hear from you. 



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