Maybe you’ve just found out that you are expecting a girl, or maybe you’ve known for some time.

Or you are among the brave parents-to-be who choose to remain in the dark until D-day but like to be prepared.

Whichever scenario describes you best, you will find that you are not alone.

Discussions of baby names, and the meanings they carry are amongst the top visited pages on the internet these days, as most parents take considerable time and put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect name for their child, and this article is planned to help you do just that.

With every generation that comes, names come into fashion, only to recede in popularity in the years to follow. Some names have all but completely disappeared, and become a relic of bygone times, and sometimes old and obscure names make a reappearance and stir up the pot, rising to #1 in popularity.

But a few names, have had the power to last, and have remained in fashion for hundreds of years, and one such name is Emma.


The name Emma


The name Emma is sweet yet strong and carries a wealth of history behind it. It is perceived as being a classical name, yet modern, and carries notes of intelligence, femininity and grace.

Famous celebrities / noteworthy women carrying the name Emma include:

  • Emma Watson, renowned English actress who played the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, Belle in Disney’s recent Beauty & The Beast, as well as other roles.
  • Emma Stone, famous American actress and winner of multiple awards.
  • Emma Roberts, famous American actress and singer.
  • Dame Emma Thompson, one of the most recognized faces in the UK film industry, as an actress, screenwriter and activist and winner of multiple awards.


The meaning and history of the name Emma

The name Emma is considered to be an English name, although it has roots in the Germanic language. It was introduced to England via the Norman conquest, through Emma of Normandy, (originally Hemma) and gained popularity afterwards.

Jane Austen, renowned English author of the 1800’s named one of her most popular novels “Emma”, after her main protagonist, one matchmaking intelligent Emma Woodhouse.

It is derived of the German word “Ermen” meaning “whole”, or “universal”, it was originally a shortened version of German names that began with the word Ermen, such as the name Ermentude, and Ermengarde before gaining recognition and popularity as a name unto itself.

Emma is also considered a diminutive name for other names like Emmelyn (English), Amelia, and Irma (Germanic).


Choosing a middle name that goes with Emma

Before custom ordering the monogrammed baby linens, there are a few tips to be aware of when choosing your baby’s names. While picking a name for your baby can happen quickly and easily, the tips below are a good way to review it and make sure you have picked the right names.


Names are forever

The first of many gifts you will bestow upon your child, this gift is the ultimate, and it will last her a lifetime. She will consider as an adult, the effort and love you put into choosing her names, so remember that your efforts will not go unnoticed and unfelt and take your time.


Middle names matter too

Its more common than ever to have middle names these days, and common for those middle names to be family names, passed down through generations, or to be a reflection of the parents love and recognition of a dear and valued family member.

Having a Middle name, also makes for a 3-initial monogram, which sits nicely and prestigiously. Middle names are sometimes even used by the child when they are older in place of their first name.

Just make sure that the name you have in mind goes well with the first name you have chosen, in this case the name Emma.

Read on for the tips on how to test if they fit well.


Names have meanings

Even when we are not aware of it, most names have meanings. If you do not take the trouble to find out what they are now, the meaning may be thrust upon you in the future, when it is too late to choose again. If you are going with a middle name, make sure that the meanings are not contradictory.


Take the time to rhyme

Your chosen names do not actually have to rhyme, but they do have to sound well together. Try saying the names out loud and see if the sounds flow well together. That includes their last name too. It should all flow well together like a verse in a poem.

Abrupt pauses in the middle, iterations of difficult vowels or letters, might take away from the beauty of your chosen names. Each on its own might sound good, but they may not mesh well together, and you would not know unless you tried.

Another idea that parents have used is to practice speaking about your baby to others, using the names you chose. Refer to her as a real person using your selected names, and see if that fits well together or not.


Monogram it

Now is a good time to go back to these monogrammed linens. Visualize your daughter putting down her initials on a contract or monogramming it into his and hers towels.

Her initials should be a cause for pleasure, not awkwardness. Unfortunate choice of initials can wind up spelling out an embarrassing word, so do your best to choose well.



Last but not least is the power of the nickname. Emma is often shortened to Em, Emmie, and even Mimi, so expect to hear all variations of it and more. Even if you are not big on nicknames, other people might be and especially children, they will find ways to call your child by her nickname.

Middle names come into play here, and kids will pick up on unfortunate combos faster than anyone. For example, while Emma Maria is a beautiful name, you should be prepared to potentially hear her called Em-em on the playground.


Without further ado,
We present you our favorite selection for middle names that go well with Emma.

Name by initials


  1. Emma Avery
  2. Emma Amanda
  3. Emma Alice
  4. Emma Ayla
  5. Emma Allison
  6. Emma Angelina
  7. Emma Alexandra
  8. Emma Alexa
  9. Emma Avery
  10. Emma Annabel
  11. Emma Abigail. Click here for middle names for Abigail.
  12. Emma Adelaide
  13. Emma Aspen
  14. Emma Aubrey



  1. Emma Beth
  2. Emma Bailey
  3. Emma Brittany
  4. Emma Beatrice
  5. Emma Belle
  6. Emma Brooke
  7. Emma Brynn
  8. Emma Brooklyn
  9. Emma Britanny
  10. Emma Blyth
  11. Emma Barbara
  12. Emma Blair



  1. Emma Cate
  2. Emma Carly
  3. Emma Caitlin
  4. Emma Catherine
  5. Emma Charlotte
  6. Emma Clara
  7. Emma Claire
  8. Emma Chloe
  9. Emma Caroline
  10. Emma Clementine
  11. Emma Celeste
  12. Emma Christine



  1. Emma Daisy
  2. Emma Delilah
  3. Emma Delaney
  4. Emma Dianne
  5. Emma Dora
  6. Emma Denver



  1. Emma Elisa
  2. Emma Elizabeth
  3. Emma Elianna
  4. Emma Elena
  5. Emma Evelyn



  1. Emma Faith
  2. Emma Fay
  3. Emma Farah
  4. Emma Fallon
  5. Emma Fionna
  6. Emma Freddine


  1. Emma Grace
  2. Emma Gail
  3. Emma Giovanna
  4. Emma Gianna
  5. Emma Gabriella
  6. Emma Gertrude


  1. Emma Hope
  2. Emma Haley
  3. Emma Holly
  4. Emma Hannah
  5. Emma Henrietta
  6. Emma Harriet
  7. Emma Harmony
  8. Emma Hallie


  1. Emma Isabel
  2. Emma Isla
  3. Emma Isabella. Click here for middle names for Isabella
  4. Emma Indiana
  5. Emma Iona
  6. Emma Ivy


  1. Emma Joy
  2. Emma Joyce
  3. Emma Juana
  4. Emma Justine
  5. Emma Julianna
  6. Emma Jane
  7. Emma Jean
  8. Emma Jade
  9. Emma Josephine
  10. Emma Janis
  11. Emma Joan
  12. Emma June
  13. Emma Juliette
  14. Emma Josephine


  1. Emma Kate
  2. Emma Katelyn
  3. Emma Kendall
  4. Emma Kinsely
  5. Emma Kaylee
  6. Emma Kay
  7. Emma Katherine
  8. Emma Kaley


  1. Emma Louise
  2. Emma Lynn
  3. Emma Lucy
  4. Emma Laine
  5. Emma Lilibeth
  6. Emma Laurie
  7. Emma Lilian
  8. Emma Lily
  9. Emma Lucy
  10. Emma Lana


  1. Emma Maria
  2. Emma Michelle
  3. Emma Mae
  4. Emma Madeline
  5. Emma Madison
  6. Emma Montana
  7. Emma Mary
  8. Emma Marie
  9. Emma May
  10. Emma Mackenzie


  1. Emma Nicole
  2. Emma Nora
  3. Emma Nancy


  1. Emma Olivia
  2. Emma Octavia
  3. Emma Odessa


  1. Emma Paige
  2. Emma Peyton
  3. Emma Piper
  4. Emma Paisley
  5. Emma Penelope
  6. Emma Pauline
  7. Emma Paola
  8. Emma Pearl


  1. Emma Quincy
  2. Emma Quenna


  1. Emma Riley
  2. Emma Rowena
  3. Emma Rose
  4. Emma Ruth
  5. Emma Rebecca
  6. Emma Roselyn
  7. Emma Regan


  1. Emma Sophia
  2. Emma Stella
  3. Emma Serena
  4. Emma Sarah
  5. Emma Sierra
  6. Emma Skye
  7. Emma Sienna


  1. Emma Taylor
  2. Emma Teagan


  1. Emma Victoria
  2. Emma Valeria
  3. Emma Vera
  4. Emma Vanessa
  5. Emma Viola


  1. Emma Winona
  2. Emma Willow
  3. Emma Waverly
  4. Emma West
  5. Emma Willa


  1. Emma Yolanda


  1. Emma Zoe
  2. Emma Zoya
  3. Emma Zoe

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