Looking into nature to get inspiration for your daughter’s name is a great way to show your appreciation for the outdoors!

Whether you are an outdoorsy family, or simply admire the beauty of nature and its impressive variety, there are plenty of earthy names to choose from. Nature names are also a great way to pay tribute to our Creator, as they are rooted in the beauty of the Earth.

Some people call it Earthy names some look for Boho, bohemian baby names or even hippie names. From the English language to Native American culture, there are many different ways to express your admiration for nature with a special name for your baby girl.

There are many places in nature to draw inspiration from, such as plants and flowers, animals, gems and rocks. Let’s go over some popular inspirations where you can look to find the perfect earthy name for your little girl.

Earthy Nature Girl Name Inspiration:

Earthy names can be found all around us. With a little creativity and research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect name that reflects your admiration for nature and the great outdoors.


Flowers are beautiful and vibrant expressions of nature. Popular flower-inspired names for girls include Daisy, Violet, Dahlia and Marigold.


Whether you admire the grace of birds or the strength of wild animals, there are plenty of animal-related names that would be perfect for your baby girl. Some popular examples include Robin, Raven and Dove.

Gems and Rocks:

Gemstones and rocks are often associated with strong femininity due to their beauty and unique characteristics. Popular examples include Jade, Ruby and Pearl – all stunning names that have an earthy and boho feel to them!


The changing of the seasons can provide some truly unique and beautiful names for your baby girl. Examples include Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring – all charming names that evoke the beauty of nature.


If you are a family that loves to hike and explore mountains, why not incorporate this into your daughter’s name? Popular mountain-inspired names include Sierra, Talia (Mount Tabor) and Camille (Mount Carmel).


The trees and greenery of the forest are refreshing and can provide a beautiful source of inspiration for your baby girl’s name. Examples include Willow, Oakley, Juniper and Maple.


If you are looking for something more unusual and rare? why not look to the stars and galaxies for inspiration? Popular outer space names include Luna, Aurora, Stella and Nova.

Reasons to choose a Nature based name for your girl:

1. Nature names are beautiful and unique, so you can be sure that your daughter will have one of a kind and a rare name.

2. Nature-inspired names have meanings that is perfect for instilling positive values in your little girl from the start.

3. These names often reflect our connection to nature and the earth, making them great for those who have an affinity for the natural world.

4. Nature names can also be romantic and whimsical, giving your daughter a beautiful name that will stay with her forever.

Unique Earthy Nature based Names with Meaning:

Start with A:

Abelia – Evergreen shrub in honeysuckle family.

Acacia – Greek flower name

Alana – Hebrew roots meaning “Tree”

Alma – Nourshing soul

Althea – Marsh Flower

Alwyn – Welsh river name

Amaryllis – A flower name

Amber – Gemstone

Ambrosia – Divine

Amethyst – Violet quartz

Andromeda – Galaxy

Anise – A type of spice

Anya – Melody or Rhythm 

April – Name of the month 

Arbor – A grove of trees

Arden – Great forest.

Aria – Air and the melody

Arielle – Lion of God

Arrow – Hunting tool

Artemis – Greek goddess of moon

Arwen – Muse, fine air

Aspen – Tree or a ski resort in Colorado

Aster – Star, flower.

Asteria – Star

Astra – Star

Astrid – Star like radiance

Auburn – Reddish brown

Aurelia – Golden

Aurora – Dawn

Autumn – Season of harvest

Avalon – Island of apples

Avery – Ruler of elves.

Avril – Opening buds of spring.

Azalea – A flower

Azul – Blue like a sky.

Azure – Bright blue.

Start with B:

Basil – Herb

Bay – Berry in Latin 

Begonia – Name of a flower.

Beryl – Green gemstone

Betony – Mint smelling flowering herb.

Birdie – Little bird

Blossom – Like a flower.

Bluebell – Spring flower.

Briar – Bush of wild roses.

Briony – Climbing plant.

Brooke – A small stream.

Start with C:

Calla – Name of a lily.

Calluna – Botanical name of Heather, a flower.

Calytrix – Star flower.

Camellia – Kamel’s flower

Cascade – Waterfall

Cassia – Cinnamon in Latin.

Cedar – A strong tree.

Celandine – A type of flower.

Celeste – Heavenly

Celine – Heavenly

Cerise – Cherry

Chrisanthe – Flower of gold.

Cielle – Heavens or Sky

Cinnamon – A sweet smelling spice.

Clover – Meadow flower.

Coral – Colorful sea creatures

Coraline – Sea corals.

Cornelia – Horn

Cove – A small bay.

Crisanta – Golden flower.

Crystal – A gem.

Cynthia – From Mount.Cynthus

Start with D:

Daffodil – A yellow flower

Dahlia – Flower of the valley

Daisy – A sweet little flowering plant

Dale – Valley

Daphne – Laurel tree

Dawn – daybreak

Delphine – Dolphins

Diamond – Precious stone

Dianella – Purple flowering plant

Dove – Bird symbolizing peace

Dusk – Between day and night

Start with E:

Ebony – Deep black wood

Eden – Paradise

Eira – Snow

Elara – Moon of Jupiter

Elora – Sunrays

Elowen – Elm tree

Ember – Warmth or light

Emerald – A green gemstone

Este – Star

Estrella – Star

Eve – Life or animal

Evelyth – Sheep field

Everest – Like the Mount.Everest

Evora – She who lives near yew trees

Start with F:

Fauna – goddess of the earth

Fawn – Young deer

Faye – Fairy

Fern – A plant

Finch – Songbird

Fleur – Flower

Flora – Flower

Florentina – Flower

Florine – Flower

Forest – Woods

Forsythia – Bright yellow shrub

Freesia – A flower

Start with G:

Gaia – Mother earth

Garance – French word for madder flower ( Rubia)

Gardenia – Garden’s flower

Gemma – A jewel or precious stone

Georgia – Farmer or earth-worker

Geranium – A flower

Greta – Pearl

Grove – A small wood or group of trees.

Start with H:

Halesia – Silverbell tree

Halley – Name of a comet

Haven – A safe place or sanctuary

Hazel – Hazelnut tree

Heather – Evergreen flowering plant

Holly – Like a dove

Hyacinth – Sapphire or violet color flower

Start with I:

Ianthe – Violet flower

Ilana – A tree  ( Hebrew) or bright light ( Greek)

India – The country or the Indus river.

Indigo – Deep blue color

Io – A violet flower

Iolanthe – A violet flower

Ione – A violet flower

Iris – Rainbow or the flower

Isla – Island

Ivory – The color or like the tusks of elephants.

Ivy – Climbing evergreen plant

Start with J:

Jacintha – A purple color flower

Jade – A green precious stone

January – The month

Jasmine – A fragnant flower

Jay – A bird

Jessamine – French name for Jasmine, a fragnant flower

Jonquil – A reed. A rare flower

June – The month

Juniper – Evergreen or Juniper trees and berries.


Start with K:

Kaia – The sea

Kamala – Born of lotus

Kashvi – Shining or bright

Kiara – Light

Kiesha – Hebrew origin  means “cassia tree”

Start with L:

Lark – A playful songbird

Laurel – The laurel tree symbolic of victory

Lauren – Means “crowned with laurel” 

Lavender – A sweet smelling purple color plant

Leilani – A floral garland

Leona – Lioness

Leontine – A rare gem meaning “lion”

Liana  – Entwined bundles of vine

Lila – Night ( Arabic)

Lilac – Blueish 

Liliana – Lily flower

Lily – A white flower

Linnea – lime or linden tree

Lorelei – Name of the rock on the Rhine river. 

Luna – Moon

Lyn – Lake (Welsh)

Lyra – Constellation

Start with M:

Maeve – Purple flower ( Latin)

Mahogany – Dark red wood

Maisie – Pearl

Mangolia – A flower

Maple – One who lives near maple trees

Mara – Of the sea ( Hebrew)

Maren – Star of the sea

Margaret – Pearl

Marguerite – Pearl ( French)

Marigold – Golden flower

Marina – From the sea

Marjorie – Pearl

Marlow – Driftwood

Marlowe – From the hill by the lake

Mavis  – Songbird

Mawar – Rose

May – The month

Meadow – Green grass

Megan – Pearl

Metta – Pearl

Millaray – Golden flower

Mirae -Ocean

Misty – Light fog 

Montana – Mountain

Myra – A fragrant substance

Myrtle – Evergreen shrub

Start with N:

Nanala – Sunflower

Narcissa – Daffodil

Nasrin – Wild rose

Nova – Bright stars

Start with O:

Oakley – Meadow of oak trees

Oceane – Ocean

Olea – Botanical name for Olive

Olive – The tree

Opal – Gemstone


Start with P:

Paloma – Dove

Pansy – Pretty flowering plant

Pearl – Precious

Penthia – Flower

Peony – A flowering plant

Petra – Rock

Petunia – A delicate flower

Picotee – Botanical name for flowers that have second color around edges.

Piper – Melody

Poppy – Red flower

Posey – A bunch of flowers

Primrose – First rose

Primula – Flowers that open first in the spring

Start with R:

Raisa – Rose

Raven – Blackbird

Rayen – Flower

Reed – Red

Ren – Lotus

Rhea – A flowing stream

Rhoda – Rose

Rhoswen – Blessed rose

River – Flowing body of river

Robin – A bird

Roise – Rose

Roisin – Little rose

Romy – Dew of the sea

Rosalie – Rose garden

Rosalind – Gentle horse 

Rosanna – Beautiful rose

Rose – A flower

Rosella – Beautiful rose flower

Rosemary – Herb

Rowan – The tree

Ruby – Red gemstone

Start with S:

Sable – Silky fur

Saffron – Yellow flower or orange-yellow spice

Sage – Herb

Sahara – Desert

Sapphire – Blue gemstone

Savannah – Large grassy plain

Senna – Bright yellow flowery bush

Sequoia – Redwood

Seraphina – Burning

Seren – Star

Sienna – Italian city

Sierra – Mountain

Sireli – Lilac flower

Sky – Cloud

Skye – Island of clouds

Soleil – Sun

Solis – Sun ( Spanish)

Sorrel – Reddish brown color of autumn

Star – Bright object in the night sky

Starla – Star

Stella – Star ( Latin)

Storm – Tempest

Stormie – Stormy Weather

Summer – A season

Sunny – Sunshine 

Susan – Flower

Sylvie – Spirit of wood

Start with T:

Tallis – Woodland

Talluah – Leaping water

Tamara – Palm tree

Tanith – Moon

Tansy – Flower

Tempest – Stormy

Terra – Earth

Tessa – To reap harvest

Thistle – A flowering plant

Topaz – A golden gem

Tulip – The flower

Twila – Light

Start with U:

Uma – Light ( Sanskrit)

Ursula – Little she-bear


Start with V:

Valley – Between the mountains

Varda – Rose

Vega – Arabic origins meaning “swooping eagle”

Venus – Second closest planet to the Sun

Verbena – Refers to olive, myrtle and laurel plants

Vesa – Finnish name that means “sprout, young tree”

Viola – color purple or violet

Violet – The color

Start with W:

Willow – The tree

Winika – Christmas Orchid

Winter – The season

Wisteria – Vine with purple-blue blossoms

Wren – Small brown song-bird


Start with Y:

Yvette – Yews which are slow growing evergreen trees

Yvonne – French origin means “yews”


Start with Z:

Zara – Blooming flower

Zinnia – Bright multi-coloured flower

Zora – Light or Dawn

Good luck on finding the perfect name for your daughter! And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it! Nature names are always a great choice if you want something unique and special. They represent the beauty of nature that be found all around us, even in our own backyards!

We hope this list gave your some great ideas! Which is your favorite earthly girl name? comment below we would love to know!




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