Naming your baby is one of the first and most special ways to bond with them. Choosing your child’s name is also one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. A name not only identifies your child but reflects your family’s culture, values, and preferences. Names carry meaning and can be a great source of pride and joy. 

If you’re reading this article, then you have chosen  Judah for your little boy’s first name. Congratulations on welcoming a new baby to your family!

Now, we just need to help you find the perfect middle name for Judah. There are countless names to choose from, and we’ve created this series to give you a little insight into some tools and tips that can be useful for choosing a great middle name. Let’s dive into some of the influential elements of naming your child!  


What Does the Name Judah Mean?

The name Judah is of Hebrew origin and means thanksgiving or praise. It is a biblical name, originally held by one of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel.

In Jewish and Christian culture, the phrase “the lion of Judah” is spiritually significant. The tribe of Judah was noted for their courage and strength, which gives the name Judah a strong and powerful feel.

Most recently, Judah has grown in popularity, ranking #67 in 2018 in the United States. Given Judah’s history and tenacity, it is a strong and timeless name for your little boy! So what middle names are complementary? 

Consider these middle names which have meanings or origins similar to Judah: 

Milo –  Of Old German origin, this name means merciful.

Riley – Riley is an Irish name that means courageous.

Henry – Of English origin, this name means ruler of the estate.

Derek – Derek is a Greek name that means gifted ruler.


Some biblical middle name ideas for Judah:

Aiden – Of Gaelic origin and means fiery one

Asher – A Hebrew name that means happy or blessed

Benjamin – A strong and traditional name of Hebrew origin meaning son of my right hand

David – A regal name with biblical origins, this name means beloved

Gabriel – A Hebrew name meaning God is my strength

Michael – Another Hebrew name which means Who is like God?

Raphael – A Hebrew name meaning God has healed

There are so many wonderful names to choose from! The important thing is to pick a name that you and your family love, and one that will make your baby Judah feel loved, special, and part of your family’s history and tradition.


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Judah

Family Ties

Is there a family member or friend that you wish to honor? Does your grandfather, uncle, brother, cousin, or best friend have a name that you love? Does anyone have a gender neutral name that would be perfect for Judah?

Often we don’t know all the names in our families unless they have been passed on for multiple generations!

Through ancestry research, I have discovered the names of distant relatives which make for classic and timeless boys’ names. More traditional names include Charles, Wesley, David, John, Stephen, Joseph, William, James, Thomas, Timothy, Andrew, and George.


Special Places

What places hold personal significance for you? Is there a special place that is meaningful to your family? A traditional family vacation spot or birthplace or city with lots of memories? Is your family from a country where you no longer live?

When we give attention to parks, nature trails, reservations, street names, and other beautiful areas, we may find that there is inspiration for names all around!

In our local area, we love places like Harvey Park, Edwin Warner Park, Winfield, and Warren Trail – all of which could make for great boy names!


Celebrity Names

Are there any famous people that you admire? Favorite authors or actors?

One of my neighbours named her son Henry David after famed author Henry David Thoreau.

In addition to authors’ names, you could consider the names of characters from books. Tuck Everlasting was one of my favorite books growing up, and I liked the names Jesse and Miles for two brothers.

If not from print, are there actors whose names you like? Choosing a middle name of a favorite actor or musician can be a fun way to pay tribute. 


Nature Inspired

Another great option is to choose a name inspired by nature. This could be a beautiful way to honor the world around you.

For example, if you love outer space, you could go with a middle name like Apollo, Jett, Orion, Star, Astro, or Archer.

If you are partial to the mountains, you could choose a name like Leo, River, or Bear.

And if you’re more of an ocean fan, you could go with a name like Sebastian, Marino, or Aalto.

Consider some of your local areas as well, things such as parks, hiking trails, bodies of water, mountain rangers, and so on. All make for great sources of inspiration!


Favorite Books or Shows

Another option is to choose a name inspired by your favorite book or television show. This could be a great way to introduce your child to some of your favorite things.

You may give your son the middle name of a prince or protagonist in a great hero’s journey. Which character names stand out most to you? Did you have a favorite book or character as a child?

How about television shows? My friend learned the name Jaxton from a TV series and loved it so much that it is her son’s middle name. 


Syllable Balance

A famous writer once told me that most people in show business have a name from four to six syllables (it’s easier to remember and pronounce). Anything longer than that usually gets spelled or said incorrectly, she said.

Syllable balance simply means that there are a complementary number of syllables in each name. Most names are not 1:1:1 syllables but rather have some variety that helps the names stand out.



Lastly, an important factor to consider is cadence! This can be a great way to add extra flair to your baby’s name.

For those of us who don’t have a musical background, cadence is simply the flow or rhythm of a set of sounds or words. It’s that special thing that makes music and words and names sound pleasing to our ears.

Cadence can be achieved in many ways, including balancing syllables as we discussed above, but the best test is to say your daughter’s whole name aloud and see how it sounds. Does it flow and sound nice together? Does it elicit feelings of happiness and completion? 



Nicknames for Judah are not common, but some have included Jude or Jud. You could choose a middle name that will give desirable initials. For example:

Judah Travis as JT

Judah Paul as JP

Judah Dylan as JD

Now that we’ve covered our sources of inspiration and tools for choosing a great middle name, let’s consider the list of middle name ideas for Judah!


Best Middle Names for Judah

  1. Judah Aaron
  2. Judah Abbott
  3. Judah Abel
  4. Judah Aiden
  5. Judah Albert
  6. Judah Albin
  7. Judah Alexander
  8. Judah Alistair
  9. Judah Amos
  10. Judah Anders
  11. Judah Andrew
  12. Judah Anton
  13. Judah Apollo
  14. Judah Arlo
  15. Judah Arthur
  16. Judah Atlas
  17. Judah Atticus
  18. Judah Atwood
  19. Judah August
  20. Judah Augustus
  21. Judah Austin
  22. Judah Axel
  23. Judah Bartholomew
  24. Judah Beckett
  25. Judah Benjamin
  26. Judah Bennett
  27. Judah Blaine
  28. Judah Blake
  29. Judah Bowie
  30. Judah Briley
  31. Judah Brooks
  32. Judah Blue
  33. Judah Caius
  34. Judah Caleb
  35. Judah Callahan
  36. Judah Callen
  37. Judah Callum
  38. Judah Calvin
  39. Judah Casper
  40. Judah Caspian
  41. Judah Cassian
  42. Judah Cassius
  43. Judah Charles
  44. Judah Christopher
  45. Judah Clement
  46. Judah Collin
  47. Judah Colton
  48. Judah Conrad
  49. Judah Cyrus
  50. Judah Dallas
  51. Judah Damian
  52. Judah Daniel
  53. Judah Darby
  54. Judah David
  55. Judah Dawson
  56. Judah Dean
  57. Judah Declan
  58. Judah Derek
  59. Judah Dominic
  60. Judah Drake
  61. Judah Dylan
  62. Judah Easton
  63. Judah Elias
  64. Judah Elijah
  65. Judah Elliot
  66. Judah Ellis
  67. Judah Emerson
  68. Judah Emmett
  69. Judah Emory
  70. Judah Evander
  71. Judah Everest
  72. Judah Everett
  73. Judah Ezekiel
  74. Judah Ezriel
  75. Judah Finley
  76. Judah Finn
  77. Judah Flynn
  78. Judah Forrest
  79. Judah Fox
  80. Judah Francis
  81. Judah Frederick
  82. Judah Gabriel
  83. Judah George
  84. Judah Gideon
  85. Judah Gilbert
  86. Judah Graham
  87. Judah Gregory
  88. Judah Grey
  89. Judah Greyson
  90. Judah Griffin
  91. Judah Hart
  92. Judah Harvey
  93. Judah Hawthorne
  94. Judah Hayes
  95. Judah Heathcliff
  96. Judah Hendrix
  97. Judah Henrik
  98. Judah Henry
  99. Judah Holden
  100. Judah Hosea
  101. Judah Huxley
  102. Judah Isaiah
  103. Judah Jackson
  104. Judah Jacob
  105. Judah Jameson
  106. Judah Jason
  107. Judah Jensen
  108. Judah Jeremy
  109. Judah Jesse
  110. Judah Joel
  111. Judah Jonathan
  112. Judah Jordan
  113. Judah Joseph
  114. Judah Joshua
  115. Judah Josiah
  116. Judah Julian
  117. Judah Kai
  118. Judah Karsten
  119. Judah Kellan
  120. Judah Killian
  121. Judah Kingston
  122. Judah Knox
  123. Judah Lachlan
  124. Judah Landry
  125. Judah Laurence
  126. Judah Lennon/Lennox
  127. Judah Leo
  128. Judah Levi
  129. Judah Lincoln
  130. Judah Lorenzo
  131. Judah Lucas
  132. Judah Luke
  133. Judah Maddox
  134. Judah Malachi
  135. Judah Malcolm
  136. Judah Marcello
  137. Judah Mariano
  138. Judah Mark
  139. Judah Martin
  140. Judah Mateo
  141. Judah Matthias
  142. Judah Maxwell
  143. Judah Micah
  144. Judah Michael
  145. Judah Miles
  146. Judah Milo
  147. Judah Monroe
  148. Judah Monty
  149. Judah Morgan
  150. Judah Nathenial
  151. Judah Nehemiah
  152. Judah Nikolai
  153. Judah Noble
  154. Judah Noel
  155. Judah Nolan
  156. Judah Oberon
  157. Judah Oliver
  158. Judah Orion
  159. Judah Oscar
  160. Judah Parker
  161. Judah Patrick
  162. Judah Paul
  163. Judah Pax
  164. Judah Peter
  165. Judah Philip
  166. Judah Phoenix
  167. Judah Preston
  168. Judah Quinn
  169. Judah Rafferty
  170. Judah Raphael
  171. Judah Reeves
  172. Judah Reid
  173. Judah Remy
  174. Judah Rhett
  175. Judah Rhys
  176. Judah Riley
  177. Judah Robert
  178. Judah Roderick
  179. Judah Roman
  180. Judah Ronan
  181. Judah Roscoe
  182. Judah Rowan
  183. Judah Ryland
  184. Judah Saint
  185. Judah Samuel
  186. Judah Santiago
  187. Judah Sawyer
  188. Judah Saxon
  189. Judah Scout
  190. Judah Sebastian
  191. Judah Shepherd
  192. Judah Silas
  193. Judah Solomon
  194. Judah Soren
  195. Judah Stanley
  196. Judah Sullivan
  197. Judah Sylvester
  198. Judah Thomas
  199. Judah Timothy
  200. Judah Titus
  201. Judah Tobias
  202. Judah Todd
  203. Judah Travis
  204. Judah Valentine
  205. Judah Valor
  206. Judah Vaughn
  207. Judah Wesley
  208. Judah Wilde
  209. Judah Wilder
  210. Judah William
  211. Judah Wyatt
  212. Judah Xander
  213. Judah Xavier
  214. Judah Zachariah
  215. Judah Zachary


Final Thoughts

Judah is a powerful first name for your baby boy, and  we hope this article has helped you in your baby naming journey. These are only a few of many amazing middle names for the first name Judah. Using your sources of inspiration and some of the naming logic, we trust you’ll find the perfect middle name for your Judah!



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