Names are special and important because they are how we come to be known in the world.

They are our first identity, our first title, and the meaning we carry with us. So choosing names for our children can be a sacred and very thoughtful process!

When choosing your child’s first and middle name, you want to choose names that you and your child will be happy with for the rest of their lives. 

There are many facets to consider when choosing a middle name for your child. One of the most important elements is finding a name that pairs well with your child’s first name. 

Ending with -ax, Maddox is a strong name choice for your baby boy. A soft middle name will balance out the first name nicely. But whether you want a traditional, classic name or a modern, unique one will determine which names will be your favorite.

Tools like syllable balance and cadence, which we’ll discuss below, can be used to inspire a great middle name for Maddox!


Meaning of Name ‘Maddox’:

Maddox is a Welsh name originally meaning “son of Madoc.” Madoc is a Welsh legend about a prince who sailed to America long before Christopher Columbus, ideally to escape violence and poverty and make a new life. Maddox means fortunate, beneficent, or good.

Maddox is also a popular name in Ireland, Scotland, and England. Though it appears as a unisex name, Maddox is most popular for baby boys. In 2018, it was the 109th most popular name for boys in the United States. 


Famous People Named Maddox

Maddox Jolie-Pitt – son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Maddox Ryder – character on Sons of Anarchy

Maddox Abbott – character on Grey’s Anatomy

Maddox Lahey – character on Trailer Park Boys


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Maddox

If you’re looking for a popular name for your son, Maddox is a great option. It’s also a terrific way to honor Welsh heritage or tradition.

Whether you want to choose a traditional name like David or William, or something more unique like Ryder or Abbott, there’s a middle name out there that’s perfect for your Maddox.

Let’s discuss some sources of inspiration and beloved middle name ideas for Maddox. 

Family Ties

What is your family’s ancestral background? Which countries did they travel from and what are their stories? A middle name is a fantastic way to honor loved ones, particularly if the name is derived from their culture (much like Maddox).

William was passed on for generations in both my family and my husband’s family. My dad and my grandfather both carried the middle name William, as did my husband and his father. Before that, their father and grandfathers had borne the name.

When I looked into our family tree, I saw many other names that I loved. If you were to ask family members or look back through your family’s heritage, what names would you find?

Are there any that would make a great middle name for Maddox? 


Special Places

Which places carry personal significance for you or your partner? Is there a vacation spot, park, street name, or city that has engraved itself on your heart?

My friend was an au pair in London for five years before meeting her husband. She fell in love with the city and thought she might never leave. But when she and her husband were expecting their first baby, they moved back home to Canada to be near family. She knew that London may only be a place she would visit from time to time, but still it left a lasting impression on her. When her little girl was born, she gave her the middle name London to always remember her time there. 

Boy names inspired by places around us include Knox, Nash, Harvey, Warner, Warren, Jude, Grey, Cody, Jefferson, Monroe, and Jost. What about your community or town? Are there places that could make for a great middle name?


Celebrity Names

Are you a fan of someone famous? Maybe it’s a celebrity, or maybe it’s a great leader who has inspired countless people towards a great cause. Do you have a favorite author or poet? How about a TV show or series?

Whether you choose their real name or on-screen name, celebrity names can be a surprising source of inspiration for cool and memorable baby names.

There are classic names like Tom, Jake, Stephen, and Robert, or new-age names like Zane, Malik, and Rhys. One way to spot celebrity names is to read the credits that roll at the end of a show or movie!


Nature Inspired

When I was naming my boys, it didn’t occur to me that nature holds its very own beautiful names!

There’s River, Skye, Snow, Stone, Cedar, Oak, Blaze, Cliff, Ash, Everest, and Wolfe. Middle names inspired by nature have a certain convalescent energy to them.

They are unique in their own right while also giving voice to the timeless beauty of the earth (and the galaxy)! Some space inspired names include Astro, Venus, Orion, Star, Jet, or Mars.

There may also be a park, preservation site, or hiking trail that speaks to you in terms of a middle name. 


Favorite Books or Shows

Did you have a favorite book as a child? Are there any character names that were particularly memorable to you?

The name Clark will forever make me think of Superman. I’ve always liked the name Noah, but after watching The Notebook (Ryan Gosling plays Noah), the deal was sealed. There’s Lawrence from the beloved book Little Women or Skyler from the hit TV series Breaking Bad.

What are your favorite books and shows? What names among the characters and writers stand out to you? 


Syllable Balance

We’ve now considered sources of inspiration, but what about tools to help us choose a middle name that sounds best with our last name?

Depending on the length of your last name, a short or long middle name would sound best. If your last name is one syllable, then choosing a name with two or more syllables may sound best. My name has a syllable ratio of 3:2:1, and while it’s not the most original name (my name was one of the top 10 most popular names for girls born in the 80s), it does flow well with my middle and last name thanks to syllable balance.

A name with too many syllables is challenging to remember and hard to say. A name with too few syllables can sound short and terse. There’s no perfect pattern, but a balance enough to help the names flow can create a name you love.



Part of the reason we consider balancing syllables is to create cadence, which simply refers to a name’s rhythm or flow. Cadence is most commonly a musical term, but it can be just as handy with names!

Cadence may include elements such as alliteration (Hudson Hart) or double names (Mary Kate), in addition to syllable balance. 



Another factor to consider is what nicknames your child may be given. Are there middle names that you would like him to have? Or what is the likelihood that family members or friends will come up with a nickname? There are some cute nicknames for Maddox, such as Maddo, Maddy, Max, or Madz. 

MJ is also a pretty cool nick name for Maddox if you choose a middle name starting with J!

Best Middle Names for Maddox

  1. Maddox Abram
  2. Maddox Alden
  3. Maddox Alexander
  4. Maddox Alto
  5. Maddox Amory
  6. Maddox Andrew
  7. Maddox Anthony
  8. Maddox Archer
  9. Maddox Arlo
  10. Maddox Asher
  11. Maddox Atticus
  12. Maddox Banjo
  13. Maddox Beach
  14. Maddox Beale
  15. Maddox Beckett
  16. Maddox Benjamin
  17. Maddox Birch
  18. Maddox Blaine
  19. Maddox Blaise
  20. Maddox Blake
  21. Maddox Brady
  22. Maddox Branson
  23. Maddox Brody
  24. Maddox Brooks
  25. Maddox Bryce
  26. Maddox Calloway
  27. Maddox Carson
  28. Maddox Carter
  29. Maddox Cash
  30. Maddox Cedar
  31. Maddox Charles
  32. Maddox Chase
  33. Maddox Christopher
  34. Maddox Cole
  35. Maddox Cooper
  36. Maddox Cruz
  37. Maddox Culley
  38. Maddox David
  39. Maddox Dean
  40. Maddox Dominic
  41. Maddox Drew
  42. Maddox Dylan
  43. Maddox Eames
  44. Maddox Edward
  45. Maddox Elliot
  46. Maddox Emerson
  47. Maddox Emory
  48. Maddox Everett
  49. Maddox Finlay
  50. Maddox Finn
  51. Maddox Gabriel
  52. Maddox Gardner
  53. Maddox Grady
  54. Maddox Grant
  55. Maddox Grayson
  56. Maddox Greer
  57. Maddox Gregory
  58. Maddox Grey
  59. Maddox Griffin
  60. Maddox Harbor
  61. Maddox Hayden
  62. Maddox Hayes
  63. Maddox Heath
  64. Maddox Henry
  65. Maddox Holt
  66. Maddox Hudson
  67. Maddox Hugh
  68. Maddox Issac
  69. Maddox Jace
  70. Maddox Jade
  71. Maddox James
  72. Maddox Jameson
  73. Maddox Jay
  74. Maddox Jensen
  75. Maddox Jett
  76. Maddox Joel
  77. Maddox John
  78. Maddox Jonah
  79. Maddox Jonathan
  80. Maddox Joel
  81. Maddox Jost
  82. Maddox Jude
  83. Maddox Julian
  84. Maddox Kane
  85. Maddox Kaylen
  86. Maddox Keaton
  87. Maddox Keegan
  88. Maddox Keir
  89. Maddox Kellan
  90. Maddox King
  91. Maddox Lance
  92. Maddox Lane
  93. Maddox Lawrence
  94. Maddox Leone
  95. Maddox Levi
  96. Maddox Lincoln
  97. Maddox Luke
  98. Maddox Lyle
  99. Maddox Nash
  100. Maddox Nathaniel
  101. Maddox Nicholas
  102. Maddox Nico
  103. Maddox Nigel
  104. Maddox Nolan
  105. Maddox Oakley
  106. Maddox Oliver
  107. Maddox Orion
  108. Maddox Parker
  109. Maddox Pierce
  110. Maddox Pierre
  111. Maddox Piper
  112. Maddox Porter
  113. Maddox Pratt
  114. Maddox Quinn
  115. Maddox Rain
  116. Maddox Ray
  117. Maddox Reid
  118. Maddox Rhett
  119. Maddox Rhodes
  120. Maddox Rhys
  121. Maddox Ridge
  122. Maddox Riley
  123. Maddox River
  124. Maddox Roman
  125. Maddox Ronen
  126. Maddox Ross
  127. Maddox Rowan
  128. Maddox Ryder
  129. Maddox Ryland
  130. Maddox Sage
  131. Maddox Sawyer
  132. Maddox Sebastian
  133. Maddox Silas
  134. Maddox Soren
  135. Maddox Stone
  136. Maddox Sullivan
  137. Maddox Tate
  138. Maddox Thayer
  139. Maddox Theodore
  140. Maddox Timothy
  141. Maddox Tobias
  142. Maddox Tristan
  143. Maddox Tucker
  144. Maddox Tyler
  145. Maddox Vance
  146. Maddox Vaughn
  147. Maddox Vincent
  148. Maddox Walden
  149. Maddox Walker
  150. Maddox Warren
  151. Maddox Whitman
  152. Maddox Wilder
  153. Maddox William
  154. Maddox Wolfe
  155. Maddox Zane


Final Thoughts

Maddox is a strong and unique name for your little guy. Whatever middle name you choose to go with Maddox, may he be all the things his name implies – good, kind, and fortunate! We wish you all the best on your parenting journey and hope this article has inspired a great middle name choice for you. 


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