Newborn babies Eat, Poop, and Sleep most of the time. You will be spending a lot of your time feeding them and wiping their bum all day and all night. To make our job easier, I always recommend becoming as organized as possible to make feeding and diaper changes as effortless as possible.

That’s why I love using caddies and baskets so much. You can check out my breastfeeding basket post here, and in this article, I am going to share with you how to put together a fully functional diaper caddy.

Is a Diaper Caddy Necessary?

Preparing for a baby can be expensive. After shelling your money on essentials like car seats and nursery furniture, you might be thinking how badly do you need a diaper caddy anyway? I get it.

I would consider myself quite a minimalist when it comes to buying baby items, I don’t go about buying all the latest and greatest baby gears. But, I highly recommend getting a diaper caddy.

I know you are probably tired of your growing baby essential list and more inclined to skip little things like setting up a diaper caddy. But, hear me out. I spent the past four years changing dirty bums (not one, but two). So, take my word for it and don’t skip getting the diaper basket ready.

What To Put In A Portable Diaper Caddy?

1.Diapers :

Well, of course. It goes without saying. I used cloth diapers, so I would have a day’s worth of pocket diapers stuffed and ready to use in my caddy.  If you are using disposable diapers, you can do the same too. Newborns go through anywhere between 10 to 12 diapers a day, infants around 6 to 8 and toddler around 4 to 5. Depending on the age of the baby, you can stock up as many diapers you would need.


If you are using disposable wipes, then I assume you buy them in bulk in a big box. Disposable wipes usually come in a resealable package, or else you can keep some in this sealed wipe container that prevents them from drying out. I highly recommend using chemical-free wipes like water wipes.

I used only cloth wipes, and I used the dry wipe method. For those of you new to the cloth diaper lingo, I can explain. Wet wipe method is storing pre-moistened wipes in a wipe container or a wet bag.

Dry-wipe method is what I prefer, where you keep the wipes in one place, usually folded in the basket or a wet bag or container. I also had a spray bottle sitting next to my diaper caddy filled with cloth wipe solution.

When its time for a diaper change, I would pick a dry wipe wet with the spray bottle and go about cleaning the bum.

3.Wipe warmer:

My babies didn’t mind using cold wipes. If your babies get angry when you use cold wipes, then you might consider investing in a wipe warmer. You can use it for both disposable wipes as well as for cloth wipes. I think this can be especially convenient for nighttime diaper changes because using warm wipes won’t bother your baby.

4.Diaper Cream :

A must-have! Diaper rashes are a horrible, horrible thing, and you would want to avoid them at all cost. Giving enough diaper-free time, using chemical-free diapers that don’t irritate baby’s skin and using a natural diaper cream will go a  long way in preventing diaper rashes.

I had both coconut oil and diaper cream in my diaper basket. I use coconut oil daily, but the moment I see redness I pop open the diaper cream.

5.A book or a toy

I don’t know about your kids, but both mine fight diaper changes like their lives depend on it. I mean, why can’t they just lie still and smile like the babies in the commercials do? I usually talk to them, sing or hand them a book or a toy to keep them busy.

6.A Prefold or Pee-Pee:

If you have a boy and if you don’t want to get sprayed on your face, then I suggest throwing a prefold over his wee-wee when you are changing his diaper. If you want to get fancy, you can get these instead.

7.Grooming kit:

Diaper changes happen right after the bath, so I would like to keep all the essentials like comb, nail clippers in one place along with the diapers.

8.Body Lotion:

My son had mild eczema and his legs become very dry often. I always apply body lotion or coconut oil whenever I change his diaper.

9.Nasal Aspirator:

This comes handy when my babies have a cold. I clear their nostrils right after the bath.


I know that some babies HATE diaper changes. They end up crying the whole time. It is nice to have a pacifier if that works to calm and comfort your baby to remain calm during a diaper change.

11.A set of change cloth:

Babies spit, throw up and do all sorts of nasty things. It is nice to have a set of change clothes, just in case.

12.Burp Cloths:

Good to have a few in the diaper basket.

There you go! That’s everything you need to make diaper changes easy peasy! Did you use a diaper caddy? Did you find it useful? 


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