Bath time is a favorite in our house. My kiddos love jumping into the bath tub and splashing water. Do you know what they like the most?

Bath toys!

And, it is very important for me to make sure they have the best non-toxic bath toys to play with. I prefer bath toys that are non plastic. made of either natural rubber or safe silicone.

I don’t want toys that leach chemicals like PVC, BPA, phthalates and many other nasty things into the water which in turn is absorbed by their sensitive skin.

Another issue that I am concerned is mold problems. Bath toys especially squirting toys have tiny holes in them( to be able to squirt). But these small openings make it extremely hard to get them clean, and there are more chances of mold growing inside them.

In this post, I have discussed many non-toxic bath toys options.There are many plastic free bath toys that are made of natural rubber and silicone.

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Best Natural Rubber Bath Toys:

Hands-down the safest option for bath toys out there. Natural rubber is 100% rubber, aka latex, a milky substance that rubber plants produce. Natural rubber is non -toxic, free of PVC, lead, phthalates, petroleum, and heavy metals.

Natural rubber is also eco-friendly because the latex is harvested from the rubber trees ( so no trees are being cut down ) and bio-degradable.

CaaOcho Kala:

CaaOcho Kala bath toys are 100% non – toxic. They are made of pure natural rubber from Hevea rubber trees. CaaOcho Kala bath toys are Certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and Nitrosamine free, painted with non-toxic food-grade paints.

Another huge plus for me is that these toys are hermetically sealed ( meaning no openings) which means no chance of mold or bacteria growing inside the bath toys.

They come in adorable sea creatures like turtles, whales and sea horses with bright colors that stimulate baby’s senses and offer a wonderful sensory experience.

Oli and Carol:

Made in Morocco, Spain, Oli and Carol bath toys are another favorite in our house. Their Origami Boat shaped bath toys bring back childhood memories where I would make paper boats on a rainy day.

Oli and Carol bath toys are also 100% natural rubber, and hand painted with safe, natural food graded dyes. These bath toys have a fully closed designed to prevent bacteria and mould growth.

They come in a collection of animal designs including Nelly – the elephant, Lolita – the birdie, Bubbles – the sea horse and many more intriguing designs that will captivate your baby senses.

Oli and Carol bath toys are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, phthalates, and lead. They can be used as a bath toy, a decor or as a teething toy.


Hevea is another favorite natural rubber brand that makes pacifiers, teethers, bath mats and bath toys. We have their classic natural rubber duckie bath toy and their bath mat.

We love the high quality, durability and high safety standards ( meets European EN71 standards) that Hevea adheres to. I highly recommend Hevea bath toys for anyone looking for chemical free, non-toxic bath toys.

They are 100% natural rubber without any BPA, PVC, pthalates, lead or heavy metal. Their toys are timeless and very durable.


BeginAgain Toys:

I recently discovered BeginAgain bath toys in my local eco shop. I picked up their shark bath toy which turned out to be my son’s favorite bath toy. BeginAgain toys are eco-friendly bath toys made of 100% natural rubber. The company is very much into protecting our environment by making toys from natural or recycled resources.

Their Dive and Dunk toy set with an octopus, scuba driver and shark will make an adorable baby gift. Babies will love that texture, details and bright colors of these toys.

Each toy has a opening at the bottom that can fit a pinky finger. You can easily clean these toys with a tooth brush or toss them in the dish washer. The big holes also prevents water getting stuck inside preventing mold formation.

My kids absolutely love these toys and I feel good knowing that these toys are safe and durable.  

Silicone Bath Toys:

Silicone is another inert material that does not leach harmful chemicals. But, you need to be careful in choosing toys that use 100% food grade silicone and avoid silicone that contains (chemical) fillers.

Marcus & Marcus Squirt Toys:

Squirt toys are a great addition to any bath toy collection as they provide hours of fun in the tub for little ones. At the same time, it is so hard to find squirt toys that are easy to clean.

Enter Marcus and Marcus squirt toys! Each toy is made of 100% food grade safe silicone and comes in two detachable pieces that can open up for cleaning. These adorable toys are also top rack dishwasher safe or can be tossed in a steam sterilizer.

Safe(r) Plastic Bath Toys : (BPA and Pthalate Free)

While plastic is not an ideal choice (in my opinion) , some brands are better than others. If you are looking for safer plastic bath toy options, then it would be better to consider some of the brands listed below that are BPA and pthalate free.

PVC is another harmful chemicals which you would want to avoid in a bath toy (or any baby toy for that matter) at any cost. Bath toys listed below are also free of PVC. 


Boon makes a variety of bath toys like these suction jellies,stacking boats,and light up toys that will make bath time thoroughly enjoyable. Another most raved bath product from by Boon is their frog pod bath toy storage scoop that makes clean up a breeze.

Boon also cares a lot about safety and ensure that their products are free of BPA, Pthalate and PVC.


Moluk bath toys are absolutely stunning. Their simple yet captivating design will quickly become your little one’s favorite. Moluk toys are independently tested for BPA, PVC, Pthalates and lead. They also meet the US and European safety standards.

Green Toys:

One of my readers actually recommended Green toys to me and I looked them up. I love the fact that these toys are made in USA from recycled milk jugs.

They contain no BPA, Pthalate and PVC. These bath toys can be opened for easy cleaning and they are dish washer safe. They also will make really cool beach toys. 

Green Toys as their name suggest are very much eco-friendly. Even their packaging is made from recycled materials and printed using soy inks.

They have a lot of fun designs to choose from – a submarine, sea plan and a tug boat. 

Let’s Wrap Up:

Here it is! Best non toxic bath toy options to make bath time fun and safe. I always opt for natural rubber toys and silicone toys first. Natural rubber bath toys like Hevea, Oli and Carol, and CaaOcho Kala are the best chemical free options. Silicone toys that are made with 100% food safe silicone like Marcus & Marcus are also a safe option.

I prefer to avoid plastic when I know my kids will be putting it on their mouth. But, if you are looking for safer plastic bath toys that are void of PVC, BPA and pthalate, then Boon, and Moluk toys are a great option too. Green Toys are also one of the best eco-friendly bath toy brands out there.

Best Non Toxic Bath Toys : PVC, Pthalate, BPA and Lead Free :

Here are my top favorite plastic free bath toys for your baby:

  1. Hevea ( Natural Rubber)
  2. CaaOcho Kala (Natural Rubber)
  3. Oli and Carol ( Natural Rubber)
  4. BeginAgain (Natural Rubber)
  5. Marcus & Marcus ( Silicone)
  6. Boon ( BPA Free Plastic)
  7. Moluk (BPA Free Plastic)

I hope you find some great toys that your little one will love and enjoy! Is there a non toxic bath toy brand that you love? Share with me and I will add it to my list.



bath toys that are free of BPA, PVC, Pthalates and lead.

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