I came across this fantastic product called wet bags when I started cloth diapering.

What are wet bags?

Wet bags are water resistant odor sealing bags made of a waterproof material like PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate), and they are used to store dirty cloth diapers when you are traveling.

But don?t be fooled.!

Wet bags are not just for cloth diapers. They are used in a million ways ? to carry swimsuits, as a laptop bag, as a gym bag, to store toys, etc.,It is a great eco-friendly product that is washable and reusable. They make an excellent substitute for single-use plastic bags.

Types of Wet Bag

Wet bags come in a variety of designs, sizes, and prints to suit various needs. Here are some of the features to look for when buying a wet bag.

1. Size:

As I said wet bags come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. Generally, wet bags come in small, medium, and large sizes based on the number of cloth diapers it can hold but don’t be surprised if you see an Extra Small or Extra large wet bags.

A small wet bag is to store around 2-3 cloth diapers. A medium can hold up to 6 diapers, and a large wet bag can hold up to 15-20 diapers.

The capacity varies from brand to brand, so when you are shopping for a wet bag, keep in mind to read the dimensions to ensure that the particular bag will suit your needs.

2. Compartments:

All wet bags will come with at least one compartment or pocket to store diapers or soiled clothes. But, some of them come with additional room to store extra accessories like cloth wipes or diaper cream.

Wet bags that come with two compartments are called as ‘wet/dry bags’. What this means is you can store clean diapers (or dry clothes) in one pocket and toss the soiled ones in another pocket. This feature makes it very convenient when you are going for a quick shopping trip and don’t want to lug around your diaper bag. You can just take the wet bag and go about your business.

3. Closure:

While it is common to see wetbags come with zippered closure I have seen some large wet bags that has a string closure. Example this small wet bag has a fold and clip closure. Choosing which style of closure is personal preference and I have always prefer zippered closure over other types.

4. Strap:

Many don’t care too much about whether wet bags come with a strap or not. But to me, it is a deal breaker. I like to hang my wet bags on the doorknob or just put them on my wrist, so a strap is a must for me.

A handle that has a snap gets a bonus point because that means I can strap them to my stroller, on the crib rails or the towel holder in the bathroom.

5. Hanging wet bag:

I have two of these hanging wet bags and I LOVE them. These are basically large wet bags that are used as hanging diaper pail. Unlike a diaper pail, they don’t sit on the floor but can be hanged in the bathroom.

Another plus is, come wash day, you can simply take the wet bag down, dump the diapers in the washer, and throw the wet bag into the wash along with the diapers.

4 Ways to Use Wet Bags:

Cloth Diapers:

Just like me, many are introduced to wet bags through cloth diapering and then go on to realize how truly multi-functional they are. I would like to have a wet bag in every size, so I can pick and choose one depending on how many diapers in need to carry. If you are just starting, I recommend getting a small and medium wet bag that can carry up to 6 diapers.

If you want to carry clean diapers and store dirty ones in the same bag, then opt for a bag that has a double compartment. Medium wet bags are great to send to day care too. For daycare use, you would have used these tags to write your child’s name on the bag.

Once you are home, you can either empty the wet bag into your diaper pail. I usually just throw the bag in the pail after opening the zipper. If there is a poopy diaper, I make sure to take it out and rinse the poop before throwing it in the pail.

Cloth pads:

Small wet bags work well to store soiled cloth pads or a cup while you are out and about.

I would choose a wet bag with double pockets when I carry cloth pads. You can keep clean pads in one pocket and throw it in your purse. When it is time to change, just grab the wet bag, change the pad, toss the soiled pad in another (wet) pocket.

Swim Suits:

Wet bags can be used even after you are done with cloth diapers. I always take my wet bags to carry my kid’s swimsuits, towels, and a change set of clothes. I just squeeze swimsuits to make sure they are not dripping wet before I put them in the wet bag.

For Storage:

Whether you want to tuck your laptop in a waterproof bag, store kid’s toys, or store dirty clothes, wet bags are there for you. Here are some of the things you can store in a wet bag

? Sippy cups, bottles to catch leaks while traveling
? To store breast pump parts
? To carry shoes
? As a gym bag
? As a laptop cover
? Makeup bag to store makeup supplies
? To carry baby grooming items
? As a medicine or a first aid kit
? To carry toiletries
? To keep baby carrier
? Storing art supplies like pencils, crayons.

Best Wet Bags To Buy:

For Cloth Diapers:

1.Smart Bottoms:

Hands down the best cloth diaper wet bags I have ever tried ( and I have used a lot!). Smart Bottoms is a North American cloth diaper brand that is well known for high quality diapers and accessories they make.

They are little bit on the expensive side,but they are durable,leak proof and lasts forever. The interior of the bags are coated with 100% PUL, outside is polyester and contain NO solvents or other harmful chemicals. The PUL is FDA-approved food safe, so you can feel safe to carry snacks in their small bags.

These bags only have one compartment and come with a zipper closure. They also have straps with a snap. This 3 pack wet bag is a great starter set if you are looking to try wet bags. I absolutely love them, have used them for years and would highly recommend them.


Another North American company that I use and love. Thirsties wet bags are similar to Smart Bottoms in design, however, I find Smart Bottoms bit more thicker than Thirsties.

Thirsties outer layer is made of polyester but the interior is made of TPU. The process of manufacturing TPU is more? eco-friendly than producing PUL. If that matters to you, then you are better off buying thirsties bags.

Their medium size bag is big enough to hold 6 all in one’s and come in various cute prints.

Planet Wise:

Looking for a wet dry wet bags to conveniently store clean and dirty diapers? This Planet wise bag is for you! Planet wise is also a American brand what puts safety as their priority. Each bag is sewn with hidden seams and sealed for leak proof. Their bags are only made with safe,high quality materials. Even their zippers are PVC free and lead free.

Their medium size bags can easily hold 6-8 diapers and can be used at home or for day cares. Th

Best Wet Bags for Cloth Pads:

When it comes to handling cloth pads, I highly recommend getting high quality wet bags (like this one) instead of cheaply made ones from China.

The planet wise wet/dry travel bags are great for carrying menstrual pads and cups.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Wet bags are a great reusable options and can be used in many ways. They can be used to store dirty cloth diapers at home or for day care. Not just that, you can use them to carry swimsuits, cloth pads, or to store toys, art supplies, or anything you could think of.

Have you used a wet bag? Do you have a favorite brand? Do share with me!



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