Choosing your baby’s middle name can be a fun but challenging task. You want to find a name that has personal significance, is unique, and goes well with your child’s first name, while also not overthinking which name is the “best.”

Middle names add a special touch and can be a great way to honor family and friends or pay tribute to a special place or time in your life.

Centuries ago, middle names were a novel idea. Only royalty and aristocrats gave their children multiple names. But today, we take great pleasure in choosing both a first name and middle name for our children that will become part of their special identity and significance.

If you’re reading this post, then you are considering the first name Mason for your baby boy. First, let us say congratulations on your expected arrival!

Parenthood is a demanding and precious journey. And whether this is your first baby or your fourth, you want to choose the best middle name for him.

We created our middle name series to assist you in this journey, and we hope it proves helpful. We encourage the use of tools such as cadence, syllable balance, and sources of inspiration, which we discuss below, to help you find the perfect middle name for Mason!


What Does the Name Mason Mean?

Mason is of English origin and is derived from the occupational name for a stonemason. The name Mason is also associated with the surname of an English noble family. Essentially, Mason means  “one who works with stone.”

In such, Mason symbolizes strength and durability. It is a wonderful name for a little boy who you hope will become strong and determined. In recent years, Mason was most popular in 2019 but steadily maintains its position as a desirable boy’s name.

If you are looking for a classic name with a modern feel, Mason is a great choice. The name Mason is strong and masculine without being overbearing.

Whether you are looking for a classic, traditional middle name or a modern, unique middle name to pair with Mason, we have put together a great list of names!

Mason is of English origin and is derived from the occupational name for a stonemason. The name Mason is also associated with the surname of an English noble family.

Popular People Named Mason

  • Mason Gamble, Actor and singer
  • Mason Verger, Popular character from novel and TV series
  • Mason Treadwell, Popular character of the famous novel (and show) Big Little Lies
  • Mason Jennings, Famous musician


How to Choose a Perfect Middle Name

Family Ties

Maybe you already have a relative, such as a grandfather or great uncle, who has a first or middle name that you love. Or maybe someone long ago in your family tree has a unique name that would make a perfect fit for Mason.

For example, the name ‘William’ was passed down in both my husband’s family and my family for generations.

If you’re going for an old-fashioned name, looking to older relatives is a great place to start. Some classic names include Philip, Charles, George, William, Samuel, Oliver, Arthur, Wesley, Peter, and David. 

It may also be possible that your maiden name could make for a great middle name. This wouldn’t have worked in my case, but one of my friends gave her son the name ‘Bryant’ because this was her maiden name, which she gave up when she married. I have also met a ‘Jefferson’ and ‘Saint’ who were named for their mother’s maiden names.


Special Places

Are there any special towns, cities, or vacation spots that stick out in your mind? Perhaps the name of a beach or mountain range?

My friend grew up in a neighborhood called Sylvan Park, of which she had so many fond memories. When her third son was born, she gave him the middle name ‘Sylvan’ to pay homage to her old stomping grounds.

Famous city names for boys include Shannon, Orlando, Diego, Nash, Dallas, Austin, Zaire, Ireland, Boston, Chicago, Jackson, Lucca, and Kent, to name a few!


Double Names

Double names are not just a thing of the past! Many parents, especially in the southern United States choose to give their children stylish double names.

Mason is not commonly used for a double name, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great idea!

If a double name does sound appealing to you, consider choosing a short middle name so that it’s more likely for the double name to stick. Names like Mason Lee, Mason John, and Mason James are easy to remember as double names. 


Favorite Shows or Books

Think of your favorite books and television shows. We have so many literary and character names to choose from! Judah, Max, Victor, Noah, Gale, and Huck are just a start.

You could also look at author names to come up with inspiration for a middle name to go with Mason. I’ve always thought the name ‘Wilde’ makes an interesting and cool middle name!

Other character names from more recent times include Roland, Milo, Dorian, Asher, Augustus, and Tristan. 



Think of some of your favorite names from movies, television, books, and childhood stories. Which names stand out and why?

Did the first and last name begin with the same letter? Was the name unusual or strong? How did the last name complement the first?

There are also plenty of examples of well-known individuals using their middle names as a stage or pen name. All the more to say that middle names are important!

One of the things that makes names memorable is when they have good cadence, or rhythm and flow. Cadence is most often a musical term, but it can also apply to names and poetry.

Does the structure of the name flow? Is it harmonious? Does it have alliteration or syllable balance? All these things work together to create names that we love. 



Of course, the first place we can start is our last name. How do our first name of choice and last name fit together?

Mason is a two-syllable name, so the length of your last name will have an effect on how each middle name sounds. Does a short or long middle name sound better?

Syllable balance is the idea that we pair syllables in a way that makes our name easily flowing and memorable. It’s not a perfect science (more of an art form), but paying attention to the flow of the names helps to create a name we love.

For example, a name with a 3:2:1 syllable balance flows well together. But if the syllable balance is 1:1:1 or 3:3:3, the name feels either choppy and short or long and drawn out.

Mason Andrew Gentry is a sweet name, and it has a 2:2:2 syllable balance. But something like Mason Alexander Gentry or Mason Luke Gentry have mixed syllables and a little better flow. (But again – it’s all in the ears of the beholder!)


Best Middle Names for Mason

  1. Mason Adam
  2. Mason Alex
  3. Mason Alexander
  4. Mason Alistair
  5. Mason Andrew
  6. Mason Anthony
  7. Mason Archer
  8. Mason Arthur
  9. Mason Asher
  10. Mason Atticus
  11. Mason August
  12. Mason Austin
  13. Mason Baker
  14. Mason Barrett
  15. Mason Beckett
  16. Mason Benjamin
  17. Mason Bennett
  18. Mason Bradley
  19. Mason Brady
  20. Mason Brandon
  21. Mason Brantley
  22. Mason Burke
  23. Mason Cade
  24. Mason Callahan
  25. Mason Carter
  26. Mason Cash
  27. Mason Chance
  28. Mason Chandler
  29. Mason Charles
  30. Mason Chase
  31. Mason Christopher
  32. Mason Clark
  33. Mason Clay
  34. Mason Clyde
  35. Mason Cole
  36. Mason Cooper
  37. Mason Cullen
  38. Mason Dale
  39. Mason Darius
  40. Mason Dayton
  41. Mason Dodger
  42. Mason Dominic
  43. Mason Douglas
  44. Mason Drew
  45. Mason Duke
  46. Mason Elias
  47. Mason Elijah
  48. Mason Elliot
  49. Mason Ellis
  50. Mason Eric
  51. Mason Everett
  52. Mason Ezekiel
  53. Mason Ezra
  54. Mason Felix
  55. Mason Finley
  56. Mason Finn
  57. Mason Flynn
  58. Mason Francis
  59. Mason Frederick
  60. Mason Gabriel
  61. Mason Gage
  62. Mason Garrett
  63. Mason George
  64. Mason Gilbert
  65. Mason Graham
  66. Mason Gregory
  67. Mason Grey
  68. Mason Gunner
  69. Mason Hank
  70. Mason Harper
  71. Mason Henry
  72. Mason Hudson
  73. Mason Hugh
  74. Mason Hunter
  75. Mason Isaac
  76. Mason Isaiah
  77. Mason James
  78. Mason Jameson
  79. Mason Jared
  80. Mason Jasper
  81. Mason Jeffrey
  82. Mason Jeremiah
  83. Mason Joel
  84. Mason John 
  85. Mason Jonah
  86. Mason Jonathan
  87. Mason Joseph
  88. Mason Joshua
  89. Mason Josiah
  90. Mason Judd
  91. Mason Jude
  92. Mason Kai
  93. Mason Kennedy
  94. Mason Kenneth
  95. Mason Kingston
  96. Mason Kirk
  97. Mason Kyle
  98. Mason Lance
  99. Mason Lander
  100. Mason Larson
  101. Mason Lee
  102. Mason Lennox
  103. Mason Leo
  104. Mason Levi
  105. Mason Liam
  106. Mason Lincoln
  107. Mason Lorenzo
  108. Mason Luke
  109. Mason Maddox
  110. Mason Malachi
  111. Mason Marshall
  112. Mason Matthew
  113. Mason Maxell
  114. Mason Milo
  115. Mason Mitchell
  116. Mason Nash
  117. Mason Nathaniel
  118. Mason Nicholas
  119. Mason Oak
  120. Mason Oliver
  121. Mason Orlando
  122. Mason Oscar
  123. Mason Palmer
  124. Mason Parker
  125. Mason Paul
  126. Mason Paxton
  127. Mason Penn
  128. Mason Peter
  129. Mason Phoenix
  130. Mason Porter
  131. Mason Quentin
  132. Mason Rafferty
  133. Mason Reese
  134. Mason Reid
  135. Mason Remington
  136. Mason Rhett
  137. Mason Rhys
  138. Mason Richard
  139. Mason Rigby
  140. Mason Rivers
  141. Mason Robert
  142. Mason Roderick
  143. Mason Roscoe
  144. Mason Ross
  145. Mason Ryder
  146. Mason Ryker
  147. Mason Sawyer
  148. Mason Sebastian
  149. Mason Shane
  150. Mason Silas
  151. Mason Slater
  152. Mason Spencer
  153. Mason Sullivan
  154. Mason Tameron
  155. Mason Tate
  156. Mason Tennyson
  157. Mason Thaddeus
  158. Mason Thane
  159. Mason Theodore
  160. Mason Thomas
  161. Mason Timothy
  162. Mason Toby
  163. Mason Tucker
  164. Mason Tyler
  165. Mason Uri
  166. Mason Vaughn
  167. Mason Vince
  168. Mason Vincent
  169. Mason Wade
  170. Mason Wayland
  171. Mason Whitley
  172. Mason William
  173. Mason Wyatt
  174. Mason Zachariah
  175. Mason Zachary
  176. Mason Zane


Final Thoughts

No matter which name you choose, it will be loved and cherished by your family. It’s hard to imagine now, but your little Mason will grow into his name and make it his own. And we hope he is as strong and determined as the name he bears! If you choose a name from our list or have other ideas, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!



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