There are many important things to consider when choosing a middle name for your child. You want a name that is special and unique to them, as well as one that will grow with them as they get older.

If you’re here, then you have chosen – or are strongly considering – the first name Henry for the little guy soon to join your family! Now you need a middle name that will be the perfect partner for Henry, complementary, thoughtful, and special to him.

There are many sources of inspiration for deciding on your child’s name. There may be a tradition of carrying on family names in order to honor a loved one.

You may choose to pay homage to a favorite city or place, element of nature, or character from a book. Or maybe you want a name that is unique to pair with Henry since it is a classic and regal name.

Whatever your preference, we have described some resources and tools for finding the best middle name for Henry.

In addition to the tools discussed below, we’ve included a list of our favorite middle names for Henry!


What Does the Name Henry Mean?

Most believe that the name Henry stems from the common French name, Henri. But if we dig deeper into history, it seems that Henry first appeared as Heimeric, which is an old German name that means “house ruler.” This is a perfect name for your little king!

Henry has a royal and powerful feel to it, but it is still modern and stylish. It’s a versatile name as well and has maintained its popularity over many years. Since Henry is a more traditional name (just think of all the kings and authors bearing this name!) you can choose a middle name that is more unique to elevate the name Henry to a modern name.

Middle names like Grey, Declan, and Ronen are great modern names. Or you can roll with the traditional feel by choosing a middle name that is as timeless as Henry. All of these classic names sound terrific with Henry:


This name is inspired by the famous actor Daniel Radcliffe. It has an interesting and unique sound to it.


This name pays tribute to John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States. It is both classic and modern.


This name has English origins and means “will, determination, and protection.” It is another great option for a middle name because it is strong and timeless.


This name has Greek origins and means “manly.” It is a great option for a middle name because it is strong and classic.


This name has German origins and means “free man.” It is a perfect choice for a middle name because it is unique and interesting.


This name has Hebrew origins and means “supplanter.” It is a great option for a middle name because it is strong and biblical.


This name has Hebrew origins and means “God is gracious.” It is a perfect choice for a middle name because it is traditional and has such an encouraging meaning.


This name is of German origin and means “peaceful ruler.” What a perfectly similar fit for Henry!


Popular People Named Henry

Henry Cavill, American actor

Henry Winkler, American actor and producer

Prince Harry of Wales (whose real name is Henry!)

Henry James, British writer

Henry David Thoreau, Philosopher, poet, and environmental scientist


How to Choose a Perfect Middle Name

Family Ties

Starting with the names of relatives is a great way to be inspired by a wonderful middle name for your little one. Sometimes there may even be names in your family tree that you love although you did not get a chance to know that family member!

Old-fashioned names, as some call them, can be a great source of inspiration for unique baby names. Consider names like Charles, Frank, Archie, Arthur, Robert, George, Oliver, Peter, and Samuel.

You may also have a grandfather, uncle, or brother whose first or middle name would be a great fit for Henry. My dad’s middle name is William, and we loved this name to pass down to our oldest son as a way to honor him.

My friends gave their son the name Jefferson as a tribute to a great-grandfather. There may also be some gender neutral names in your family that will be complementary to Henry. 


Special Places

Does your family have a special vacation spot or place to visit? Have you spent time somewhere and that area now holds a special place in your heart?

One of my friends went for long walks in Edwin Warner Park when she was pregnant. It was such a sweet and special time for her. So much so that she fell in love with the name Warner and made it her son’s middle name!

Another friend grew up in Dallas, Texas but relocated to Europe when her husband accepted a new job. In an effort to pay homage to the town that had shaped her, they named their first son Jude Dallas.

Other boy names inspired by beautiful places include Phoenix, Kent, Boston, Jackson, Lucca, Shannon, and Zaire, to name a few. 


Double Names

Here’s a novel idea – double names!

You may or may not be interested in a double name, but sometimes it’s fun to try on for size. Henry is a two-syllable name, so generally speaking, a one-syllable or two-syllable middle name could set Henry up for a double name.

Some good names for this option include Henry Luke, Henry Jack, Henry Tate, Henry John, Henry David, Henry Crew, Henry Jay, or Henry Blaine.


Favorite Shows or Books

If you don’t find any family or friends’ names that inspire you, consider books you’ve read or shows you’ve watched!

There’s Noah from The Notebook Gale from The Hunger Games series, or Oliver from so many kids’ shows and movies. There are also many Disney-inspired middle names for boys, such as James, Peter, Jock, Louie, Lyle, Max, Milo, Philip, Preston, Sebastian, and Victor. 

When taking the literary route, you could choose from the names of authors or characters from their books!

Famous authors with classic names include Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and plenty more!

You may also consider this list of great character names: Asher, Augustus, Byron, Dante, Dorian, Finn, Heathcliffe, Holden, Jude, Milo, Oliver, Roland, Rome, and Tristan. 



For those of us who do not have a musical background, cadence simply refers to the harmonious pairing of certain sounds to make them memorable and pleasing to the ear. In music, they can be upbeat, ominous, rising, falling, you name it! The important part is that they create rhythm and flow.

Think of some of your favorite names from movies, television, books, and childhood stories. Which names stand out and why?

Did the first and last name begin with the same letter? Was the name unusual or strong? How did the last name complement the first?

Besides choosing words or letters that pair well together (think of literary tools such as alliteration), we can also create cadence through our use of syllable balance.



When we count syllables, our last name is an important piece of the puzzle. Based on first and last name, do we need a short or long middle name? What gives our child’s name the best flow?

It’s not a perfect science – actually it’s more of an art form – but paying attention to the flow of middle names helps to create a name we love!


Best Middle Names for Henry

  1. Henry Adair
  2. Henry Alban
  3. Henry Alexander
  4. Henry Alexei
  5. Henry Alfred
  6. Henry Alistair
  7. Henry Allen
  8. Henry Alonzo
  9. Henry Amadeus
  10. Henry Ambrose
  11. Henry Andrew
  12. Henry Anton
  13. Henry Apollo
  14. Henry Asher
  15. Henry Aslan
  16. Henry Atlas
  17. Henry Atticus
  18. Henry August
  19. Henry Augustine
  20. Henry Augustus
  21. Henry Austin
  22. Henry Aymes
  23. Henry Beckett
  24. Henry Benjamin
  25. Henry Bennett
  26. Henry Birch
  27. Henry Blaine
  28. Henry Blaise
  29. Henry Brandon
  30. Henry Carter
  31. Henry Caspian
  32. Henry Cassius
  33. Henry Cavanaugh
  34. Henry Cedar
  35. Henry Charles
  36. Henry Chase
  37. Henry Christopher
  38. Henry Clark
  39. Henry Cole
  40. Henry Conner
  41. Henry Conrad
  42. Henry Cornelius
  43. Henry Crew
  44. Henry Cruz
  45. Henry Curtis
  46. Henry Dale
  47. Henry Daniel
  48. Henry David
  49. Henry Davis
  50. Henry Dawson
  51. Henry Declan
  52. Henry Desmond
  53. Henry Dominic
  54. Henry Dorian
  55. Henry Douglas
  56. Henry Drake
  57. Henry Duke
  58. Henry Edmond
  59. Henry Edward
  60. Henry Elezar
  61. Henry Elias
  62. Henry Elijah
  63. Henry Elliot
  64. Henry Ellis
  65. Henry Ember
  66. Henry Emerson
  67. Henry Emilio
  68. Henry Emmanuel
  69. Henry Evan
  70. Henry Evander
  71. Henry Everest
  72. Henry Everett
  73. Henry Ezekiel
  74. Henry Felix
  75. Henry Ferdinand
  76. Henry Finbar
  77. Henry Finch
  78. Henry Finn
  79. Henry Fitzroy
  80. Henry Fletcher
  81. Henry Florestan
  82. Henry Florian
  83. Henry Flynn
  84. Henry Forrest
  85. Henry Fox
  86. Henry Francis
  87. Henry Fredrick
  88. Henry Gabriel
  89. Henry Garrett
  90. Henry George
  91. Henry Gerald
  92. Henry Godfrey
  93. Henry Graham
  94. Henry Grant
  95. Henry Gray
  96. Henry Hadrian
  97. Henry Hale
  98. Henry Halston
  99. Henry Hammond
  100. Henry Harding
  101. Henry Harlan
  102. Henry Harmon
  103. Henry Hawthorne
  104. Henry Hayes
  105. Henry Hayward
  106. Henry Heath
  107. Henry Holden
  108. Henry Houston
  109. Henry Hudson
  110. Henry Hughes
  111. Henry Hugo
  112. Henry Isidore
  113. Henry Issac
  114. Henry Jack
  115. Henry Jackson
  116. Henry Jacob
  117. Henry Jake
  118. Henry James
  119. Henry Jameson
  120. Henry Jasper
  121. Henry Jay
  122. Henry Jericho
  123. Henry John
  124. Henry Jonah
  125. Henry Joseph
  126. Henry Joshua
  127. Henry Jude
  128. Henry Julian
  129. Henry Knox
  130. Henry Kurt
  131. Henry Kyle
  132. Henry Lachlan
  133. Henry Lee
  134. Henry Leo
  135. Henry Lloyd
  136. Henry Logan
  137. Henry Lucas
  138. Henry Lucca
  139. Henry Ludovico
  140. Henry Luke
  141. Henry Maddox
  142. Henry Malachi
  143. Henry Mark
  144. Henry Marshall
  145. Henry Mason
  146. Henry Matteo
  147. Henry Matthew
  148. Henry Michael
  149. Henry Miles
  150. Henry Milo
  151. Henry Morgan
  152. Henry Nathan
  153. Henry Nathaniel
  154. Henry Noah
  155. Henry Oliver
  156. Henry Orion
  157. Henry Oscar
  158. Henry Owen
  159. Henry Parker
  160. Henry Patrick
  161. Henry Paul
  162. Henry Pierce
  163. Henry Quinn
  164. Henry Rafe
  165. Henry Ralph
  166. Henry Reid
  167. Henry Rivers
  168. Henry Robin
  169. Henry Roger
  170. Henry Ronan
  171. Henry Rowan
  172. Henry Samuel
  173. Henry Scott
  174. Henry Sebastian
  175. Henry Shawn
  176. Henry Silas
  177. Henry Simon
  178. Henry Skylar
  179. Henry Sylvan
  180. Henry Theodore
  181. Henry Thomas
  182. Henry Titus
  183. Henry Tobias
  184. Henry Ulysses
  185. Henry Vaughn
  186. Henry Vincent
  187. Henry Wade
  188. Henry Walden
  189. Henry Walt
  190. Henry Wayne
  191. Henry Wes
  192. Henry Wilder
  193. Henry William
  194. Henry Wolfe
  195. Henry Wyatt


Final Thoughts

We hope that this post has inspired you in your search for the perfect middle name for Henry. If one of the names on the list didn’t stand out, consider your places of inspiration – family, friends, a town or city, a favorite character or author, or something in nature. As you choose a name that has special meaning to you, we wish you all the best on your foray into parenthood!

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