Your baby’s name is one of the first and most important gifts you’ll give them. It’s a reflection of your family, your culture, and your values. Choosing your baby’s first name and middle name can be both exciting and challenging. There are so many options out there! How do you narrow it down? How do you know which is the best fit for your baby boy?

If you’re reading this article, then you are considering the name Paul for your baby and now need to know what middle name could be perfect for him!

Paul is a strong, timeless, and beloved first name for a boy. It’s also a versatile name that can be shortened to “Pauly” or “Paulie” if you want a more playful nickname for your little guy.

You could choose a more traditional middle name to go with Paul or something more modern and unique to give the name a lift!

There are many sources of inspiration, and we discuss them here as we consider some good middle names that go well with first name Paul. 


What Does the Name Paul Mean?

Paul is of Latin origin and means “humble.” It is a popular name for baby boys in many countries.

One well-known Paul who helped make the name popular is the author of several books of the Christian Bible.

Paul was a missionary who spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  He is also known as the “Apostle to the Gentiles” for spreading God’s message beyond the Jewish people. Initially a persecutor of Christians, he became one of God’s most persevering and committed followers. 

Variations of the name Paul include Paulo or Paolo. Feminine versions of the name include Paula or Paulina. Since it’s a short name, Paul doesn’t have many nicknames. The name can stand on its own rather well!


Famous People Named Paul

Some noteworthy people named Paul (and there are several!) include;

– Paul McCartney: British musician, singer, and songwriter who was a member of the Beatles

– Paul Bunyan: mythical lumberjack in American folklore

– Paul Newman: American actor, race car driver, and philanthropist. 

-Paul Rudd: American actor, comedian, and writer; also known as Ant Man

– Paul Walker: American actor best known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise.


Choosing the Best Middle Name for Paul

Family Ties

Do you have family members or friends who are endeared to you and could be good sources of inspiration for a middle name?

Uncles, brothers, cousins, fathers, and grandfathers often have names we don’t even know about yet!

Family names are a wonderful way to honor loved ones and carry on a family name. My sons carry on the names of beloved family members, and I’m thankful we made that choice.

Has anyone in your family compiled a family tree? You could peruse the family tree to see what other names would work well with Paul. 

If you like the idea of a traditional middle name with a complementary meaning to Paul, here are some traditional middle names that could be a great fit:

– Alexander – meaning “defender of men”

– Andrew – meaning “manly”

– Elliott – meaning “Yahweh is God”

– Thomas – meaning “twin”

Some modern middle name ideas for boys named Paul include:

– Arlo – meaning “fortified hill”

– Benjamin – meaning “son of the right hand”

– Brooks – meaning “lives near a stream”

– Finn – meaning “fair or white”

– Ford – meaning “river crossing”


Special Places

How about a special place that is meaningful to your family? A traditional family vacation spot or birthplace or city with lots of memories?

Maybe you could choose the middle name of a place with personal significance. Did you travel to a beautiful city during college? Do you have precious memories of a particular spot?

I used to walk the trails of a gorgeous park called Percy Warner, and I always thought the name Warner could be a great name for a little boy.

Common city inspired names that could partner well with Paul include Boston, Chandler, Dallas, Houston, Jackson, Lincoln, Memphis, Orlando, Warren, Kingston, Mason, Phoenix, Trenton, and Frederick.

There may even be a place you’ve read about – or the scene of your favorite novel – but you haven’t been there yet.

Choosing a name for a place that’s on your heart is a great way to keep you reminded that you have dreams and goals! Think of all the places that mean something to you and consider if any of them offer a natural middle name for Paul.


Celebrity Names

I’ll never forget hearing the news that Paul Walker had passed away. It was incredibly sad and surprising, but so many tributes poured in.

It may seem silly to choose a middle name for your baby based on celebrity names, but sometimes authors, speakers, philanthropists, and actors can be inspiring and have an impact on our lives without us fully realizing it until later!

Is there anyone well-known whose name you have thought, “That’s a cool name!” My friend always liked Tom Cruise movies, but instead of Tom, she chose the name “Cruz” for her son. Many actors go by middle names as well, which shows just how powerful middle names can be!


Nature Inspired

I mentioned earlier that one of my favorite parts was a good source of naming inspiration. There are several parks and trails in my local area that could make for great middle name ideas for Paul: Harvey, Benson, Edwin, Warner, Franklin, and Thompson.

You could also get more specific and choose a name inspired directly from nature, such as Bear, Forrest, Clint, Birch, Ash, Aspen, Lake, Linden, Reed, West, or Winter.

If you love nature, the elements, hiking, swimming, fishing, or being one with nature, then choosing a middle name that speaks to this aspect of your personality could be a special way to honor your love of nature.

At the same time, maybe you are a space lover! There are many space-inspired middle names that could work well with Paul, including Atlas, Castor, Apollo, Archer, Marz, Jett, and Saros.


Favorite Books or Shows

Another option is to choose a name inspired by your favorite book or television show. This could be a great way to introduce your child to some of your favorite things.

Growing up, my brother adored the Toy Story movies. I lost count of how many times we watched them. When he had a son, he wanted a classic name but didn’t like Woody or Buzz. Andy, however, made the cut!

Books can also be a wonderful source for inspiration because the names are often unique. If you’re not a big reader, then maybe your favorite movies or television shows have interesting character names. Perhaps a last name would even work for your son’s middle name!


Syllable Balance

Besides inspiration for names, there are other factors to consider when choosing the best middle name for Paul.

The number of syllables in each name and how they pair together can be an effective tool for choosing a middle name you love.

How many syllables are in your last name? Since Paul is a one-syllable name, if your last name is also short, you may want to choose a longer middle name.

Paul James Cartee is an interesting name, but it does feel a little too short. A middle name with at least two syllables would probably give the name better rhythm; for example, Paul Jameson Cartee or Paul Andrew Cartee.

Sometimes to create a balance of syllables, it can be helpful to switch your names around but still call your son by his middle name.

For example, you may choose to go with Andrew Paul Cartee if you like the flow better. We call our son by his middle name! And while many parents worry about paperwork, the doctor, school, sports, and so on, many places nowadays ask for a “preferred name” anyway!



Lastly, let’s talk about cadence and how it works with names! This can be a great way to add extra flair to your baby’s name.

Cadence is simply the flow or rhythm of a set of sounds or words. It’s that special thing that makes music and words and names sound pleasing or memorable to our ears.

Cadence can be achieved in many ways, including balancing syllables as we discussed above, but the best test is to say your son’s whole name aloud and see how it sounds. Does it flow and sound nice together? Does the name flow well?

It’s amazing what small changes and tweaks can do to help create a compelling name. Now, let’s consider some of the best paired middle names for Paul!


Best Middle Names for Paul

  1. Paul Aaron
  2. Paul Abraham
  3. Paul Adam
  4. Paul Aiden
  5. Paul Alexander
  6. Paul Alfred
  7. Paul Alistair
  8. Paul Allan
  9. Paul Andrew
  10. Paul Anthony
  11. Paul Archer
  12. Paul Asher
  13. Paul Ashton
  14. Paul August
  15. Paul Beckett
  16. Paul Benedict
  17. Paul Benett
  18. Paul Benjamin
  19. Paul Bradley
  20. Paul Braxton
  21. Paul Brian
  22. Paul Brooks
  23. Paul Callum
  24. Paul Cameron
  25. Paul Carson
  26. Paul Charles
  27. Paul Christian
  28. Paul Christopher
  29. Paul Clayton
  30. Paul Connelly
  31. Paul Cooper
  32. Paul Daniel
  33. Paul Dylan
  34. Paul Edmund
  35. Paul Edward
  36. Paul Edwin
  37. Paul Elijah
  38. Paul Emerson
  39. Paul Ethan
  40. Paul Ferdinand
  41. Paul Francis
  42. Paul Frederick
  43. Paul Gabriel
  44. Paul Geriant
  45. Paul Gideon
  46. Paul Gilbert
  47. Paul Graham
  48. Paul Grayson
  49. Paul Gregory
  50. Paul Griffin
  51. Paul Harrison
  52. Paul Henry
  53. Paul Houston
  54. Paul Hudson
  55. Paul Hunter
  56. Paul Issac
  57. Paul Jackson
  58. Paul James
  59. Paul Jared
  60. Paul Jasper
  61. Paul Jayden
  62. Paul Jefferey
  63. Paul Jefferson
  64. Paul Jeremiah
  65. Paul Jeremy
  66. Paul Jonas
  67. Paul Jonathan
  68. Paul Joseph
  69. Paul Joshua
  70. Paul Julian
  71. Paul Kennedy
  72. Paul Kenneth
  73. Paul Landon
  74. Paul Lawrence
  75. Paul Leander
  76. Paul Logan
  77. Paul Lucas
  78. Paul Maddox
  79. Paul Magnus
  80. Paul Martin
  81. Paul Mason
  82. Paul Matthew
  83. Paul Maximus
  84. Paul Maxmillian
  85. Paul Maxwell
  86. Paul Micheal
  87. Paul Mitchell
  88. Paul Nathan
  89. Paul Nicholas
  90. Paul Oliver
  91. Paul Owen
  92. Paul Patrick
  93. Paul Quincy
  94. Paul Richard
  95. Paul River
  96. Paul Robert
  97. Paul Roland
  98. Paul Roman
  99. Paul Rowan
  100. Paul Rupert
  101. Paul Russell
  102. Paul Ryder
  103. Paul Salvador
  104. Paul Samuel
  105. Paul Sebastian
  106. Paul Spencer
  107. Paul Stephan
  108. Paul Sutton
  109. Paul Thaddeus
  110. Paul Thedore
  111. Paul Theo
  112. Paul Thomas
  113. Paul Tiberius
  114. Paul Timothy
  115. Paul Trevor
  116. Paul Tristan
  117. Paul Tyler
  118. Paul Vincent
  119. Paul Walter
  120. Paul Warner
  121. Paul Watson
  122. Paul Wesley
  123. Paul William
  124. Paul Xavier
  125. Paul Zachary


Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your baby boy can be a tough decision. There are so many options out there, and you want to find the perfect name for your little one. You can choose a classic middle name for Paul like William, Joseph, or James. Or you can go with a more unique middle name like Ryder, Knox, or Beckett. No matter what you choose, Paul is sure to be a great name for your baby boy. It’s already proven that it can stand the test of time! We hope this list guides you in your search for the best middle name for Paul!


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