Whether you hail from ancestors that came from the land of exotic beaches and magnificent volcanos that is Hawaii, or whether you fell in love with its clear waters and abundant nature , you wouldn’t be the first to be inspired by the diversity, beauty and splendor of the state of Hawaii.

A truly exotic location, Hawaii is famous for its colorful beaches, its tropical nature, and the strength and uniqueness of its people. Although Hawaii has been touched by modernity as the rest of the world has, it still retains its unique native charms.

Today, we try to harness some of that exotic and local flavor in choosing baby names for boys that are of Hawaiian origin or are popular in the Island of Hawaii.

As most of these names carry some meaning (well known or obscure), as with choosing any name for you baby boy, it is important that you recognize and understand the meaning and its cultural nuances.

After all, this is the first and most important of decisions that your baby will have made for him and it requires extra loving care and attention.

Before we begin the exploration of names, its important to mention a few things regarding choosing names in general:

Names on a roll

If you are opting for a Hawaiian name for your child’s first name, make sure that it can fit nicely with his middle name (if you have one or are planning on choosing one). Middle names are commonly family names, passed down through generations, and may be already be pre-approved.

Sometimes, it is the parent’s choice to honor a special or dear person to them by giving his name to their child. Other times, it can just be a name they like. Regardless of how you came by your choice of middle name, you should make sure that the names go well together.

The best way to test your theory, is to put it into action. Call out your baby’s names in their natural sequence, both separately and together, along with the last name, and test to see if the names flow nicely together, or if they feel abrupt and disjointed. The names should be harmonious together and should not leave an awkward after-taste in your mouth.

Consider meanings

Most names carry meanings, and it can be disheartening, if names that sound well together turn out to be contradictory in meaning, but think of what a lucky finding it is to know now, rather than later when it is too late. It’s important to look into the meanings of the names you choose, especially if you are pairing two of them together.

Cultural nuances

By choosing a Hawaiian first name, you are unconsciously paying tribute to that culture and its nation. Make sure that the middle name will mesh well with that inference.

Nicknames and Initials

There is a JayJay for every Jayden and a Kiki for Every Kai. Children love using nicknames (and so do most adults) so listen carefully to hear nicknames that come with your chosen names, and make sure you are happy with them. Also, check out your baby’s initials.

They would be listed at the top of a school form one day, and your boy will thank you for thinking ahead and ensuring that his initials do not spell out an awkward word. Or perhaps, you have already settled on initials that mean something to you ( to match yours, your husbands, or your last names) in which case, make sure that the name lives up to the initials you picked.


Native Hawaiian names tend to be melodic and musical. The number of syllables can sometimes determine which names will flow smoothly with others, so watch out for the tempo and the harmony of the names as you spell them out or write them down.

After all, music is part and one of Hawaiian native culture, and it follows that the music will flow through Hawaiian names too, so enjoy that tempo.

As we begin listing the popular Hawaiian boys’ names, enjoy the tour and the nuances and meanings to follow.

Hawaiian Baby Boy Names with Meanings:


A name that is found in multiple Polynesian cultures, it is thought of as the Hawaiian version of other international names, such as Tor, And Antonino as well as Tobias. Its meaning in Hawaiian is: “Priceless, or inestimable.” (3)


A multi syllable name, its thought of as the Hawaiian equivalent of a large multitude of international names and nicknames; including Alex, Alik, Aleko as well as Shurik, Sasha, Sandy and Sander, to mention some of them. (1)

The Hawaiian meaning is: “Protector.” (4)


Multi-syllable name thought to be the Hawaiian equivalent of Anthony. The corresponding meaning is: “Valuable.” (5)


Hawaiian meaning: “The long-awaited child.” (1)


The Hawaiian form of the common name Edward, the nicknames Edd and Eddie have been known to go with it. (1) It carries the meaning of: “Wealthy protector.” (6)


Traditional Hawaiian name meaning: “Alert” and “lively.” (10)


Triple-syllable Hawaiian name meaning: “Renowned brother.” (1)


A single syllable name meaning: “From the remote valley” and “healthy.” It is also found in the form of an English surname and is believed to be the Hawaiian version of the name Harry. (1)


A three-syllable name, it is thought of as the Hawaiian equivalent of David, and it can be shortened to Dai, and Dave, as well. It carries the meaning of: “Dearly Loved.” (1)


A single syllable name carrying so many meanings. According to the Wehewehe.org and the Hawaiian dictionary, the name can have multiple meanings; amongst them: “A cluster; such as of grapes or coconuts, the chorus of a song, or a band a league” and as a verb it carries multiple meanings, amongst them “ To join, unite and combine.”(7)


Along the themes of nature, this name means: “Flower of Oahu.” (1)


The Hawaiian equivalent of Jonathan, it means: “Gift from God.” (1)


The Hawaiian form or Juliun / Julius, it can be shortened to Julio, or Julito.

The meaning: “Youthful, or with a downy beard.” (1)(8)


A three syllable Hawaiian traditional name, with bold notes and strong sounds, meaning: “Strong” and “Powerful.” (10)


Another name that is unisex, it carries the meaning of: “The sky” as well as “the chieftain.” (1)


A name that has been made famous by renowned actor and celebrity Keanu Reeves, the name is of Hawaiian origin and means: “Cool breeze over the mountain.” (1)


Amongst the most popular of names, Kai is a unisex name that works for both girls and boys, it is melodic and simple and carries a wealth of meaning in its single syllable. Kai means: “The sea”, in Hawaiian, and has meaning in the Native American culture: “The Willow tree” and “graceful.” (1)


A boy’s name meaning: “Style”. (1)


A boy’s name meaning: “Strong and manly”. (1)


Carrying a truly mystical and powerful meaning, Kana is a Maui Demigod, who it was believed could take the form of a rope and stretch himself all the way from Molokai to Hawaii. (1)


Meaning: “One Voice.” (1)


A strong boy’s name Meaning: “The brave one.” (1)


The Hawaiian version of Troy, Koi carries the meaning of: “To Urge” or “to implore.” In native American culture, it means “Panther.” (1)


A three syllable Hawaiian name meaning: “The righteous one, the Proper one.” (1) 


The Hawaiian equivalent to John, also the Hawaiian form of Sean and Hans, it can be shortened to Jon, Jax and a few other nicknames like Gino. The meaning of it is: “God is gracious.” (1)


The Hawaiian version of James and can be nicknamed as Jamie, Jim and Jimmie. It means: “The Supplanter.” (1)(9)


A melodic triple-syllable name meaning: “The wind, The breeze.” (1)


A melodic traditional boys name of two syllables, that seems infused with its meaning, it means “Calm.” (10)


An endearing and simple name of two syllables, it means: “Beautiful.” (10)

The Hawaiian culture and literature are rich in beautiful melodic and powerful names that can be the perfect fit for your baby. We hope you found the perfect names or names for your little one here!


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