So many folks who cloth diaper still use disposable wipes for cleaning baby?s bums. I was one of those people who got into using cloth wipes way later in my cloth diaper journey. I understand why, though. When you start cloth diapering, you are trying to stay on top of so many things – which brand to choose? How to wash the diapers? How to get a right fit? Why does the damn thing leak?? It only makes sense that cloth wipes almost skip your mind and you conveniently thrash boxes of disposable wipes.

At least, this was the case for me. But Once I decided to give cloth wipes a shot, there was no turning back. Cloth wipes are way convenient to use than it appears to be. Best of all, they work so much better than the flimsy disposable wipes.

If you are hearing cloth wipes for the first time and wondering why should you be using cloth wipes, here are my reasons:

3 Reasons to switch to Cloth Wipes:

  1. Cloth wipes work way better than the disposable wipes
  2. Cloth wipes are safe for your baby.
  3. Cloth wipes are a greener choice for the environment.
  4. Cloth wipes save you money.

Getting Started ? How many cloth wipes do I need?

You will go through way fewer cloth wipes than you’d use disposable wipes. Personally, I would need only one cloth wipe for pee and two when dealing with poop. I find cloth wipes work way better? when it comes to dealing with liquidy newborn poop. Disposable wipes just don’t absorb that well as the cloth wipes do. You would need one wipe to clean the mess out, and one wipe to pat dry the bum or apply diaper cream or ointment.

Newborn babies: Newborns go through a lot of diaper changes than an infant or a toddler. We would need more wipes at this stage. It is difficult to give you a set number that you’d need because every baby is different. Generally, newborns poop 4- 6 times a day, but it is not unusual if your baby poops after every feeding. For the newborn stage, I recommend at least 50 wipes to get started with; you can definitely add more to your stash if need be.

Infants/ Toddlers: If you are switching to cloth wipes after the newborn stage, you can get by with fewer wipes. You can decide the number of wipes you’d need based on the number of diaper changes your child needs. 30 wipes is a good number for rotation.

Best material for Cloth wipes :

The options are endless! You can choose cloth wipes made of luxurious bamboo velour or choose to be as cheap as possible and make them from old t-shirts. But you can choose from a variety of options ? cotton terry, flannel, cotton, bamboo. Some babies can react to man-made fabrics, in such cases, pick organic cotton or bamboo. Typical materials that are used to make cloth wipes are:

  • Cotton terry / Cotton velour: My GroVia wipes are made of cotton terry and are absolutely fantastic. They are so soft on baby’s delicate skin and clean the messiest of messes like a pro.
  • Flannel: Cheaper and readily available option. This is the go-to material for moms who want a no fuss no sew DIY cloth wipes. There are a lot of tutorials online to help you make your own flannel wipes.?Single layer Flannel wipes can be less absorbent, buy many go for it to save some dollars because ultimately it’s only used to wipe butts.
  • There are lot of great brands that make cloth wipes.
    1. GroVia
    2. Thirsties
    3. Bummis
    4. Buttons
    5. Oko creations
    6. Omaiki

How to Use Cloth wipes: Dry vs. Wet wipes:

Dry Cloth Wipes:

Some prefer pre-wet cloth wipes just like the disposable wipes to make the job easier. Some store dry wipes and wet them as and when they need. Personally, I use dry wipes. I just too lazy to prepare a solution. So there are many ways you can use dry wipes.

1.With water: This was how I first used cloth wipes. I had a stack of cloth wipes waiting at the diaper change area. When it was time for a change, I would grab a wipe, wet it from the tap; and most of the time I waited until the water was lukewarm. If your baby doesn’t mind cold water, you can use that too. Some have a peri or spray bottle of water next to the changing station and spray some water on the wipe as they are getting ready for a diaper change.

2. DIY Cloth wipe solution: Instead of water, you can mix up some baby soap, water and few drops of essential oils and make your homemade cloth wipe solution.
3. Liniment: Ever heard this word before? Liniment is more like an ointment, but it is creamy that cleans poop exceptionally well. I almost exclusively use Les Produits De Maya liniment.

Wet Cloth Wipes:

Instead of moistening the wipe before the diaper change, some prefer to keep a stack of wet wipes ready. This can be handy when you are leaving your baby with your husband or other caregivers who wouldn’t be so inclined to go through the extra steps of wetting the cloth wipe.
Here’s how you can make wet wipes:

  • Take a container to store your wipes. I used the Huggies wipe container that I got as a gift.
  • Make a cloth wipe solution, it can be either homemade or store bought.
  • Stack the wipes one over another in the container and pour the solution over the wipes. Make sure that? every wipe gets soaked.
  • Tada! Your wet wipes are ready! Only make wet wipes for a day or two. Wet wipes can start to smell if they are sitting moist too long.

Can I use Cloth Wipes On the Go?

Yes! Absolutely! Whether you use dry wipes or wet wipes, there are no reasons why you can’t use cloth wipes while traveling. The only one thing that you need in addition to your wipes and water/wipe solution is a good quality wet bag.

Wet bags come in many sizes, and many brands sell waterproof small wet bags that are perfect to carry wipes. Since these bags are waterproof, these hold wetness and odor.? I usually choose a wet bag with dual pockets so I can take clean wipes on one pocket and store the dirty ones in the other pocket. Funky Fluff clutch works excellent for us.

How to wash & clean poop from Cloth Wipes?

Now let’s answer the mother of all questions. Since I already cloth diaper, I store all the dirty cloth wipes along with the soiled diapers in a large wet bag. I wash every three days, and my cloth wipes get washed along with the cloth diapers. For poop, I use toilet paper to remove the bulk of the poop and then use cloth wipes to clean the rest. I just shake the cloth wipes into the toilet and throw it in the wet bag. Easy Peasy!

Do you use Cloth Wipes?

Why did you switch to using Cloth wipes?

What type of system works for you?

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