Peri bottle aka the perineal bottle will quickly become your best friend after giving birth.

Peeing and pooping postpartum without a peri bottle is unimaginable.period!

You will probably get one at the hospital, but you are going to need more than one. If you have more than one bathroom at your home or you might want to keep one in the diaper bag to use when you go out. Even though the one you get at the hospital will get the job done, there are better bottles that you can buy that reaches down there at a better angle.

What is? Perineum?

Don’t worry if you have no idea what perineum is. I didn’t remember the term either despite being extremely good at high school biology.

The perineum is the area that runs from your vagina to anus. When you are pushing your baby out, the perineal muscle is stretched and in some cases can also tear.

If you had a vaginal delivery, you would most likely experience some degree of soreness and pain around the perineum during the postpartum period.If you had an episiotomy, you would have stitches that will take time to heal.

During the postpartum period, it is crucial to take good care of your perineum to avoid possible infections. One of the best ways to keep your lady bit clean is by using the Peri Bottle every time you use the toilet.

What is a Perineal Bottle?

If you are a first-time mom doing your research about your postpartum needs, then you might be wondering what’s all the fuss about peri bottles.

There are also known as perineal irrigation bottles because they are used to cleanse your perineum and the neighboring areas. Basically, peri bottles are squirt bottles that you fill it with water and squirt it to wash your perineum area after using the toilet.

3 Reasons To Use A Peri Bottle.

Hygiene: After childbirth, you will still be bleeding ( a lot!), and it is not pleasant to use toilet paper down there. Your perineum will be so sore and sensitive that you will loathe anything touching it. A peri wash bottle comes in handy as you can squirt the bottle and clean the area with water.

Soothing:Many women have experienced pain and burning sensation when trying to pass pee postpartum. Even if that’s not the case with you, you might still feel some soreness and pain around the perineum. A warm stream of water can be very soothing and refreshing.

Fasten Healing:You can encourage postpartum perineal healing by peri bottles filled with ‘peri-solution’. A peri solution can be a herbal infused water that promotes healing and prevents infection. You can mix Epsom salts, Witch Hazel. Aleo gel along with some powerful herbs like Calendula and Chamomile. You can use the same recipe I used for sitz bath to make a peri bottle solution.

Why Buy A Peri Bottle?

You might be thinking if you really need to buy a fancy peri bottle. I mean you can even make cheap DIY peri bottles by using these ketchup/mustard bottles if you want,right?

While you can get away with the one, your hospital sends you home with I think that you are a better one. In all honesty, I only used the hospital ones after my first delivery and wished that I had something better.

Why? Because the regular peri bottles are looking nothing better than your condiment containers. While there is nothing wrong with using those, I just felt like they didn’t perform well. Here is why:

Not Angled :Regular peri bottles are not angled enough to point and shoot at your vagina. Trying to do this while sitting on the potty is more complicated than you can imagine.

Not continuous flow :Regular bottles do not have an airlock system, so they inherently get filled with air every time you squeeze the bottle. You will have wait until the air releases to squeeze it again. It can be annoying to do this over and over again every time you pee.

Not so convenient to use: Overall, I find them not very comfortable to use. You will be using the peri bottles for alteast a few weeks, so I highly recommend getting a good one (from the list below).

Even if you do like the peri bottle that your hospital gave you, you might need some extras to keep in the spare bathroom or in your diaper bag for on the go.

Best Peri Bottles To Buy:

Fridet – Frida Baby

The Mom Washer Fridet by Frida Baby is AH-MAZING! It is everything you would expect in a peri bottle. I love the angled neck design of the Fridet. Angled neck means no more crouching down in awkward positions to get your lady parts clean.

The nozzles have tiny holes instead of one big opening so you can experience a gentle shower instead of a big squirt. Trust me; you will appreciate this because your downstairs will be so tender and sensitive.

The body of the bottle is also soft and easy to squeeze. The bottle is designed in such a way that air is not sucked into the bottle, so you get a continuous stream of water that thoroughly cleanses your vagina and does it quickly.

Frida Baby Fridet also is compact and fits into your diaper bag to take care of your business while traveling. Frida Baby is so confident about their product that they offer 100% guarantee and you can happily return it back.

iBzera Portable Peri Bottle:

iBreza holds much more than a regular peri bottle. It has the capacity to hold 15 oz of water. iBreza also features the convenient angled neck design for easy access to private parts.

The nozzle of the cap is detachable and has seven tiny holes that give you a gentle, uniform spray of water. The body of the bottle offers excellent grip and is soft to squeeze.

It comes with a carrying case that makes it travel-friendly. They also come in three different colors to choose from. iBreza is designed to use as a travel bidet, so you can continue using it postpartum if you like it. iBreza offers 1-year warranty and a 30-day hassle free return policy.

Medline Squirt Bottle, Postpartum Peri Bottle:

If you don’t want a fancy peri bottle like the ones above or if you are looking for a back up in a spare bathroom, then these peri bottles offer the best value for your money.

These look and feel like the ones you get from the hospital, and they get the job done. Each of these bottles can hold 8 ounces of water. If that sounds less to you, then you can fill two bottles at a time, instead of having to get up in the middle to re-fill the bottle.

How To Use A Peri Bottle:

If you buy Fridet or iBreza, they will come with the instructions on how to use them.No matter which Peri Bottle you have, just follow these simple steps and you will be good.

  1. Fill it with water : You can either use warm or cold water. I only used warm water,but you can use cold water to reduce swelling and soothe inflammation. You can also add witch hazel to the water to promote healing. Adding this herbal solution to the peri bottle was a game changer for me, as it was a great natural option to prevent any infection and fasten healing. Unscrew the top of the peri bottle and fill it with whichever solution you like.
  2. Squirt,Squirt,Squirt! : Once you are done using the potty, hold the bottle facing your lady parts and squeeze the bottle. Keep squeezing while moving the bottle until you get each and every part clean.
  3. Pat Dry:?Don’t rub a toilet paper after using the peri bottle. Remember, your downstairs is still sore,and it is going to hurt. Instead gently pat dry. Many moms find using cloth wipes or wash clothes to pat dry worked much better.

Let’s Wrap Up:

A Peri Bottle is one thing that you would definitely want in your hospital bag. It was a total game changer for me. If I have to pick one from the bottles listed above, I would go with Frida Baby Fridet. It is a simple yet clever design that does the job wonderfully. I would put the Fridet in the main washroom and have a couple of these as a back up.

Have you used a Postpartum Peri Bottle? Let me know in the comments which one you used and how did you like it.




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