Congratulations on your pregnancy and finally making it to the time you are ready to announce it to your family and friends! Starting the new year carrying a little one is definitely a reason to celebrate. There’s no better way to share your exciting news with friends, family, and the world than by using this holiday of rebirth and new things. In this blog post, we’ll explore how combining the excitement of a new year with the awesomeness of your pregnancy can make for perfect New-years pregnancy announcement ideas as well as a bunch of ideas you’ll want to recreate for yourself.

new-years pregnancy announcement ideas

Why Make a New-years Pregnancy Announcement

While announcing your pregnancy is exciting any time of year, I cannot think of a more perfect time to announce the arrival of a new life than at the beginning of the new year. New Year’s Eve celebrations are full of new beginnings, New Year’s resolutions, and new mantras to take into the year to come.

You might want to shift the date around a bit so check out Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas and Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas too!

But this year, you will be celebrating something even bigger and are finally sharing the excitement with your family, friends, and maybe even followers, a brand new life that will be joining your family soon.

new-years pregnancy announcement ideas

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Tips for Making a Perfect New-years Pregnancy Announcement

Yearning for ideas on how to make your New Year’s pregnancy announcement stand out? There are two main styles of New-years pregnancy announcement ideas that are popular right now.

The first is setting up a photoshoot (whether DIY or professional) for the mom-to-be or the pregnant couple. The second popular style of New Year’s pregnancy announcement ideas featured letterboards with clever sayings and some props.

new year's eve pregnancy announcement ideas

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No matter which style you choose to go with, adding in some cute props makes a great idea and the possibilities are endless! Some fun New Years pregnancy announcement prop ideas are:

  • New Year’s balloons
  • confetti (either sitting behind a letterboard or being thrown in the air if you can capture a motion shot)
  • countdown signs
  • clocks
  • champagne bottles
  • party blowers
  • silly New Year’s hats
  • letterboard
  • baby items
  • your ultrasound images

If you’re interested in doing a photoshoot, there are plenty of ways to work that festive spirit into the shots. Dressing up is an excellent way to add excitement to the overall announcement, like wearing a pregnancy-friendly New Year’s dress. Additionally, you could get together some cute accessories like hats, tiaras, and party poppers for a more lively and fun idea.

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new years eve pregnancy announcement ideas

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Letter boards and pregnancy announcement props have been a trendy way to announce pregnancy in recent years. They come in a wide variety of sizes and formats and are an excellent choice if you’re not the artistic type. You could pick up a letterboard and spell out “2024: Adding One More” or “Ready to Pop in 2024,” “No toasting for us tonight! Baby Smith due June 2024,” etc. 

Check out these adorable ideas to use for your New-years pregnancy announcement. Some of them you can even personalize and buy on Etsy if you want to go that route.


Have to Copy New-Years Eve Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Try Featuring Your Ultrasound Images

Whether you want to be featured in your pregnancy announcement or not you can use your ultrasound images. Any time someone sees a blurry black-and-white graphic of something resembling a blob or a dinosaur, they know what that means!

The ultrasound images can either be the main feature of your photo or nestled in the background. Either way gets the point across.

new-years pregnancy announcement ideas

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You can use traditional black and gold New Year’s colors, use pink or blue, or stay more neutral with your announcement.

new years eve pregnancy announcement ideas

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You can recreate a backdrop with your personal letterboard, props, and baby items if you want it super personal and are a creative person and great at taking photos. If that is NOT you (or you are still too nauseous or exhausted) you can click on the link below any of the photos featured here and customize them and use that exact photo!

new years eve pregnancy announcement ideas

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If you don’t want to use too many New Year’s props, use new years colors and verbiage and baby items instead for your New Year’s pregnancy announcement.

new years eve pregnancy announcement ideas

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If you waited long enough that you already know the gender of your baby to be, you can feature a pop of blue or pink in your announcement as well.

new years eve pregnancy announcement ideas

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There are so many cute play-on-words that you can feature on your new-years pregnancy announcement. 

new-years pregnancy announcement ideas

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Use New Year’s Props

Set a table full of New Year’s decor. Black, gold, and glitter are perfect. You can use champagne glasses, festive hats, those silly glasses that have the year on them, or anything you can find on the New Year’s aisle of your local party store.

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If you are a setting  festive table for a New Year’s Eve party, you can just add a few baby items and a letterboard on top for a stunning pregnancy announcement idea.

new year's eve pregnancy announcements

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Since it’s the time of year to order holiday cards (and there are probably some really good deals running on them right now), consider using a customized New Year’s card to announce the big news.

new-years pregnancy announcement idea

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A neutral new year’s announcement can be a subtle but classy way to announce your new little bundle of joy that will be arriving soon.

new-years pregnancy announcement ideas to try this year

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Wrapping Up New-Years Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Try This Year

The New Year’s holiday offers a fantastic opportunity for expecting moms to announce their pregnancy, and congrats on your pregnancy again! This is such an exciting time.

There are a wide range of possibilities for making use of the New Year’s holiday to introduce baby-to-be to the world. It can require a bit of creativity, or you can customize any of the Etsy announcements above with your own name, verbiage, and ultrasound! Talk about an easy and impressive pregnancy announcement.

Whichever way you decide to recreate these ideas, you’ll be giving the world the best New Year’s present of all. Though you’ll probably be toasting with sparkling cider this year, here’s to an exciting year, filled with love, joy, and happiness – happy announcing!

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