If this is your first child, there is a great chance that your pet has been your first baby for a long time. But now you are ready to add a new little human baby to your family. That doesn’t mean your pet isn’t still your first baby. So why not feature them in your pregnancy announcement? Whether you have a cat, dog, horse, or another animal close to your heart, these pet pregnancy announcement ideas are sure to be perfect.

pet pregnancy announcement ideas

Choosing The Right Time to Announce Your Pregnancy

One great thing about doing a pet pregnancy announcement is that it is perfect any time of year. It can be really fun to announce your pregnancy with a holiday theme like Christmas pregnancy announcementsHalloween pregnancy announcementsFall pregnancy announcements, or Valentine’s pregnancy announcements but it’s not necessary. 

With a pet pregnancy announcement or a sibling pregnancy announcement you need less props and decor because your “first child” is already adorable enough.

Many women choose to share their pregnancy news at 12 weeks, when the miscarriage rate drastically drops. But others with high-risk pregnancies wait a bit longer until 20 weeks while others may be so excited to share the news they announce their pregnancies immediately.

Neither is right or wrong. You can choose to announce your pregnancy at whichever time feels perfect for you. These announcement ideas will be perfect for whenever you are ready to share the news.


Great Dog Ideas for Pet Pregnancy Announcements

Why not get a professional photoshoot of your partner, your pooch, and yourself. You’ll always remember the calm life you had when your puppy was your only baby.

pet pregnancy announcement


If you have one child already there’s no reason you need to exclude your pet from the pregnancy announcement too. Why not try a mom, dog, and big brother or big sister pregnancy announcement?

pet pregnancy announcement


A pregnancy announcement doesn’t have to be fancy. A beautiful shot your partner catches of your puppy snuggling your newly forming baby bump makes a perfect pregnancy announcement.

pet pregnancy announcement


You can get clever and take a photo of your dog next to some baby shoes to let family and friends know you are expecting. This is a great idea if you aren’t really showing yet when you choose to share the news.

pet pregnancy announcement dog

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Perfect  Cat Pet Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Most cats don’t love being dressed up and posing the way you want for a photo. But they sure do love snuggles and cuddles on their terms. Have a friend or partner take a photo of you loving your kitty near your baby bump.

pet pregnancy announcement


Depending on how you’re carrying your baby, a lying down photo with your cat may show your bump more. (This is true for ladies with narrow rib cages.) Don’t forget to push out that bump a bit.

pet pregnancy announcement cat


Other Pet Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If the animal love of your life isn’t a dog or cat, that doesn’t mean you can’t feature them in your pregnancy announcement. You can snuggle your bunny in your lap close to your new baby bump too.

pet pregnancy announcement bunny rabbit


Find your best outfit to show off your growing bump and hold your small pet up; like a turtle or guinea pig. If you have a larger animal, just stand next to them showing your bump. Maybe you can even hold an ultrasound or a letterboard. See below for adorable letterboard announcement ideas. 

 pet pregnancy announcement turtle


Pet Pregnancy Announcements with Letterboards and Ultrasounds

Any of these letterboard pregnancy announcement ideas you can not only recreate but have customized on Etsy! The link will be below each photo. All you need is to customize the words and submit your ultrasound image.

pet pregnancy announcement with letterboard

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Use clever wording on any letterboard design you use like, “My parents are getting a human” or “I thought I was the baby.”

pet pregnancy announcement with ultrasound

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For props behind a letterboard, you can use a photo of your pet, or your pet themselves. You can also add in an ultrasound image and some baby items.

pets pregnancy announcement idea

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My human is having a baby just makes me smile for some reason.

pet pregnancy announcement

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You can make your letterboard and prop set-up as busy and fun or as simple and classy as you want. Make sure the design you pick fits your personality.

pets pregnancy announcement idea

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If you order a custom-made design like this on Etsy it is really easy to submit your ultrasound images and pet images so it looks homemade… but better.

pets pregnancy announcement idea

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If there is a holiday coming up near when you are announcing your pregnancy or when your baby is due you can use that theme in your pregnancy announcement design.

pets pregnancy announcement idea

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You can even customize a onesie to use in the photo that is something clever that matches your personality and your pet like, “We’re adding to our wolfpack.”

pets pregnancy announcements

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Wrapping Up Pet Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Whether you decide to hire a photographer, have a friend or spouse snap a nice photo of you and your pet, or decide to custom order off Etsy, I hope you have enough fantastic ideas from this post to know exactly how you want your pet pregnancy announcement to look.

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