I am the kinda person who is always cold. When I say always, I mean ALWAYS. I used to go out wearing socks even during summer. In my defense, I was from India and summer temperatures in Canada was still way too cold for me.

When I got pregnant,I thought atleast I won’t be shivering anymore, you know, how they say that pregnancy makes women feel warmer than usual.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky.

I felt the other extreme, feeling super cold to the point that I thought I am going to freeze.

To make the matters worse, I had sudden heat flashes. So one moment, I am bundled up in blankets and woolen sweaters and the next moment , I felt so warm that I would start to sweat.

It was just too weird and I am sure the folks at my work thought I was crazy.

If you are here you are either waiting for the line to turn pink? and wondering if feeling cold usually is an early sign of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and not sure if feeling cold is normal or worried if something is wrong, read on. I think I have addressed all the concerns for you.

What Do I Mean By Feeling Cold?

I just want to clarify what I really mean when I talk about feeling cold. It doesn’t mean that you are actually coming down with cold or flu.

Of-course it is quite possible to feel cold and shiver when you catch a cold and when it advances to a flu.

If you notice other symptoms like runny nose,headache, fever, sore throat or a cough, then it is better to give your doctor a call or even a visit to make sure there is infection.

It was so hard for me to believe that feeling cold can be one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. The more is researched about the more I found that that many moms feel unusually cold during their first and early trimesters.

It was hard to believe because I have heard pregnant mamas complaining about how hot they feel.

Why Do Pregnant Women Feel Cold?

Many moms report that they start to feel cold during the start of first trimester and then feeling goes away in the second trimester.? This was my experience as well.

When you think about some of the reasons below it makes total sense why you would feel cold during early pregnancy.


Also known as morning sickness. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness when it is clearly not the case for some of us.

Nausea can really bring your mood down and make you feel so weak physically. It kills your appetite and your nutritional intake takes a hit.

Because you are consuming less calories, you can feel weak and cold. Even though, I had no desire to eat anything, I forced myself to drink lots of hot water, teas, soup, broth, to keep myself hydrated.

High Basal Body Temperature:

If you are Trying to Conceive (TTC), you might be very familiar with Basal Body Temperature and how it rises and falls all through ovulation to early pregnancy. Just prior to ovulation, your BBT dips a bit, due to the presence of the hormone, estrogen. Once the egg is released, your body starts to produce progesterone, which drives the BBT higher.

One theory behind feeling cold during early pregnancy is attributed to higher Basal Body Temperature. Since your core body temperature is relatively higher than your surroundings you can feel colder than usual.


I remember being extremely fatigued during the whole first trimester . Even though your baby is so tiny,your body is working over time to develop your baby which leaves you exhausted.

Did you ever feel like just wanted to cuddle inside a blanket and not do anything? That’s how I felt.

Once I got home from work I would jump into the bed and doze off. All the exhaustion,hormonal changes, and nausea made me dead tired. I distinctly remember waking up shivering and my teeth chatting when I got out of the bed.

Not moving around much causes low metabolism which can make you feel cold.

Can It Be A Concern?

All the reasons discussed above seems harmless but if you are constantly feeling like you are freezing to the point that you are shivering and getting chills then it is better to raise this with your doctor.? There can be some concerning causes why you might be feeling unusually cold and it is better to get it checked .

Low Blood Pressure

If you are constantly cold combined with feeling dizzy it can be a symptom of? low blood pressure. While it is normal for pregnant ladies to to expect a slight dip in the mercury level, anything less than 90/60 mm Hg? ( known as hypo-tension) can be a concern and must be checked.

According to health line, one of the common symptoms of low blood is dizziness along with pale, cold skin.


Iron deficiency is one of the common pregnancy problems. When you have low iron in your blood there is less oxygen carried to the cells that is required for metabolism.

WebMd stresses that you should watch your Iron, Folate and Vitamin B12 intake to prevent becoming dangerously anemic during pregnancy. Severe anemia can have serious consequences like preterm labor or cause birth defects.

Taking a good pre-natal vitamin should make sure that you meet the required vitamin and minerals daily. Apart from supplements, I always recommend pregnant mom friends to eat lots of greens and cooked red meat to stock up on iron right from the start to end of pregnancy.

A quick blood test will tell your doctor if you need any additional iron or other vitamin supplement.

Nutrition Deficiency:

The nausea combined with raised levels of food sensitivities can make it hard to eat and keep food inside . But it is important to make sure you are still getting the nutrients you (and your baby) need.

While I don’t agree with the’eat for two people’ old-wives tale, I do believe that eating healthy, well-balanced food is vital for a healthy pregnancy and baby development.

Thyroid Problem

Sometimes thyroid deficiency can be the underlying reason for your unexplained sense of cold. The condition is called hypothyroidism and a simple blood test will let you know the results.

Hypothyroidism is also linked to pregnancy loss or miscarriage. It is crucial to treat thyroid deficiency properly to avoid any complications during r pregnancy.

Tips To Stay Warm:

1.Bundle Up: Dress in layers to keep you warm. A sweater and socks will do a great job in retaining the body heat and won’t leave you freezing.

2. Prenatals: If you are not taking prenatal vitamins, then you might want to get started. Along with a well-balanced diet, prenatal supplements make your that you get all the important minerals and vitamins, you need. Prenatal tablets also make sure that you get your daily dose of iron and folate, which can reduce tiredness.

3. Eat Warm Food: A warm bowl of soup or a cup of tea can make you feel warm instantly. Sipping warm water can also help.

Final Word:

While a lot of pregnant women complain about feeling hot and sweaty through out pregnancy, there is a bunch of us who feel the opposite. Feeling cold during pregnancy, especially during the early first trimester, is indeed a normal pregnancy symptom.

I wouldn’t worry too much if you only feel cold here and there. But, if you constantly find yourselves shivering and feeling ‘chilly’ then it doesn’t hurt to discuss this with your doctor.

You might want to consider taking a blood test to ensure that your iron and thyroid levels are normal.

Just like many other pregnancy symptoms, this too shall pass away soon. Hang in there, mama!

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