Congrats on your new arrival! Naming your baby is an exciting and important task. Choosing a middle name for your baby is a daunting task. You want to choose a name that is meaningful, but not too out there.

There are several inspirations for naming your baby. You can choose a name based on family tradition, or the meaning of the name. You can also choose a name that is unique and has personal significance. It could be a special place, special person or even a favorite fictional character.

If you have chosen Madeline as a first name for your little baby girl and are looking for middle name ideas for Madeline, look no further. We have put together 100+ cute middle name that goes good with Madeline.

Madeline name – Origin and Meaning:

Madeline meaning and origin

The name Madeline is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Madeline is “woman from Magdala”. It comes from the Hebrew work Migdal meaning “tower” and the feminine suffix -el. Magdala was a town on the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Madeline is a diminutive form of Madeleine. Madeleine is the French form of Margaret, which ultimately comes from the Greek Margarites. Margarites means “pearl”.


Madeline also has biblical origins . In the bible, Mary Magdalene was a woman who followed Jesus and was present at his crucifixion. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to her first.

Madeline is also a saint’s name. Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat was a French nun who founded the Society of the Sacred Heart which focuses on education of young girls.

Madeline is such a beautiful and classic name. Spelling variations of Madeline includes Maddeline, Madelin, Madelyn, and Madalyn.


The name Madeline was ranked #46 in popularity for girls in the United States in 2018.

Famous people named Madeline:

-Madeline Kahn, American actress 

-Madeline Carroll, American actress 

-Madeline Zima, American actress 

Choosing the Best Middle Name for Madeline:

Family Ties

There are plenty of family members who could be sources of inspiration, such as aunts, grandmothers, sisters, or cousins. You could also choose a male family name or gender neutral name as Madeline’s middle name. 

If you would like to go with a classic or traditional middle name for Madeline, looking back through your family tree can be a great way to come up with ideas. My husband’s grandmother’s name is Rosalyn, and we’ve loved the idea of passing along her name (she is currently 93 years old) to a little girl and giving her the nickname “Rosie.”

There may be names of family members that you haven’t heard yet!

Traditional and classic middle names for Madeline:

Madeline middle name


  • Madeline Ann
  • Madeline Elizabeth
  • Madeline Grace
  • Madeline Kate
  • Madeline Rose
  • Madeline Ruth

Special Places

Do you have a favorite city, town, park, or place? Have you visited another country that left a special impression on you?

My friend named her baby Sydney for the famed town in Australia. She spent a summer there and loved the atmosphere. There are many names of special places that make creative and beautiful names for baby girls.

Consider Shannon, London, Ireland, Victoria, Madison, Elizabeth, Savannah, Alexandria, Ravenna, Carmel, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Helena, or Cheyenne.

If you don’t want to go with the name of a city or town, you can consider important places around you, including parks, nature trails, and street names. 

Here are some ideas:

Madeline middle name

  • Madeline Brooke
  • Madeline Skye
  • Madeline Geneva
  • Madeline Rio
  • Madeline Carolina
  • Madeline Sahara

Celebrity Names

Celebrities are not only people who are in TV shows and movies. You could also consider the names of other famous people, including speakers, authors, DJs, musicians, and news anchors.

Have you heard an original or unique name that you love? Sometimes people use their middle name as a stage name, so this can be an important consideration when choosing your middle name for Madeline!

You could go with something more classic like Marilyn or a name more modern like Vera. 


Nature Inspired

Madeline middle name

If you would like to give Madeline a complementary middle name inspired by nature, here are some other ideas:

Willow – A name that evokes the image of a graceful tree bending in the wind. It is a delicate and pretty name that would go well with Amber.

Pearl – A classic middle name that has been used for generations. It is simple and elegant, and it goes well with many different first names.

Rose – A romantic name that conjures up the image of a beautiful flower. It would be a perfect middle name for a girl with a delicate name like Madeline.

Ivy – A strong and beautiful name that evokes the image of a climbing plant. It would be a perfect middle name for a girl who is adventurous and spirited.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Madeline Lily
  • Madeline Jade
  • Madeline Aurora
  • Madeline Summer
  • Madeline Crystal
  • Madeline Dawn
  • Madeline Fern

Favorite Books or Shows

Another option is to choose a name inspired by your favorite book or television show.

This could be a great way to introduce your child to some favored elements of childhood or culture. If your family has mixed backgrounds and cultures, you could choose a popular movie name that honors your heritage.

Think Maribel, Isabella, or Luisa from the hit movie Encanto. (But…we don’t talk about Bruno, no, no, no.)

Old Disney movies offer names like Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Alice, Jane, and Tiana. Newer movies include some of our favorite characters like Moana, Anna, Kiara, and Elsa.


Double Names

Have you considered making Madeline a double name?

For example, you might do Madeline Rose or Madeline Jade. You could also do a longer double name such as Madeline Elizabeth, which sounds elegant and timeless. Double names are popular in the southern United States and have a way of sticking around!


Syllable Balance

Madeline middle name

Since Madeline is a three-syllable name, either a short or long middle name can work well. Of course, this depends on your last name.

Most memorable names are between four to six syllables. Anything longer than that can sometimes be challenging to commit to memory (but, of course, that’s not a hard and fast rule).

So when you are considering the best middle name for Madeline, consider how many syllables her entire name will be, as well as how it all flows together. Does it sound better to have a short middle name or a long one?

Both of my boys have a 1:2:1 syllable ratio for their names. My name is 3:2:1, and while it’s not the most original and exciting name (Jennifer was an entirely common name in the 80s!), it does flow with my middle and last name. 

One syllable middle names:

  • Madeline Anne
  • Madeline Bree
  • Madeline Eve
  • Madeline Mae
  • Madeline Paige
  • Madeline Wren


Put simply, cadence is the flow or rhythm of sounds or words. It is generally a musical term and refers to that special quality that makes notes sound good together.

The question is: how do we create cadence with our names? Is there a way to make them sound almost lyrical?

Syllable balance is one way to create cadence, but there are other elements too, such as alliteration. Saying your daughter’s name aloud is a great way to test for cadence, or flow.

Consider the middle names you’ve chosen for Madeline. How do they sound with your last name? Do all names flow well together? 



There are some cute nicknames for Madeline like Maddy, Madz, Maddie, Lynn, and Del. You could also combine her first and middle name initials to create nicknames like MJ – Madeline Joy , Madeline June or Madeline Jade!

MZ – Madeline Zoey or Madeline Zora. MM – Madeline Mae or Madeline Marie

Without further adieu, let’s look at some beloved middle names for Madeline!

Best Middle names for Madeline:

Here are 100+ cute middle names that pairs well with first name Madeline.

  1. Madeline Abigail
  2. Madeline Ada
  3. Madeline Adair
  4. Madeline Adelaide
  5. Madeline Alexa
  6. Madeline Alexandra
  7. Madeline Alice
  8. Madeline Allison
  9. Madeline Alma
  10. Madeline Amalia
  11. Madeline Amanda
  12. Madeline Amelia
  13. Madeline Amelie
  14. Madeline Angelica
  15. Madeline Ann
  16. Madeline Anna
  17. Madeline Annabel
  18. Madeline Anne
  19. Madeline Annette
  20. Madeline April
  21. Madeline Arabella
  22. Madeline Aurora
  23. Madeline Ava
  24. Madeline Aveline
  25. Madeline Bailey
  26. Madeline Bay
  27. Madeline Beatrice
  28. Madeline Bella
  29. Madeline Belle
  30. Madeline Beth
  31. Madeline Betsy
  32. Madeline Bree
  33. Madeline Brenna
  34. Madeline Briar
  35. Madeline Bridget
  36. Madeline Brielle
  37. Madeline Brooke
  38. Madeline Calista
  39. Madeline Camille
  40. Madeline Candace
  41. Madeline Carmina
  42. Madeline Caroline
  43. Madeline Carys
  44. Madeline Cecile
  45. Madeline Celeste
  46. Madeline Celia
  47. Madeline Charlotte
  48. Madeline Chelsea
  49. Madeline Christine
  50. Madeline Claire
  51. Madeline Clara
  52. Madeline Cleo
  53. Madeline Colette
  54. Madeline Constance
  55. Madeline Cora
  56. Madeline Coral
  57. Madeline Cordelia
  58. Madeline Corinne
  59. Madeline Daisy
  60. Madeline Delphine
  61. Madeline Delta
  62. Madeline Diane
  63. Madeline Doris
  64. Madeline Dylan
  65. Madeline Edith
  66. Madeline Eleanor
  67. Madeline Eleanora
  68. Madeline Elise
  69. Madeline Eliza
  70. Madeline Elizabeth
  71. Madeline Elodie
  72. Madeline Eloisa
  73. Madeline Eloise
  74. Madeline Ember
  75. Madeline Emilia
  76. Madeline Emily
  77. Madeline Emma
  78. Madeline Esme
  79. Madeline Estelle
  80. Madeline Esther
  81. Madeline Eugenia
  82. Madeline Eve
  83. Madeline Eva
  84. Madeline Faith
  85. Madeline Faye
  86. Madeline Felicity
  87. Madeline Fern
  88. Madeline Fiona
  89. Madeline Flora
  90. Madeline Florence
  91. Madeline Frances
  92. Madeline Freya
  93. Madeline Gemma
  94. Madeline Geneva
  95. Madeline Georgette
  96. Madeline Georgia
  97. Madeline Germaine
  98. Madeline Gia
  99. Madeline Giselle
  100. Madeline Grace
  101. Madeline Hannah
  102. Madeline Harper
  103. Madeline Hazel
  104. Madeline Heidi
  105. Madeline Hermione
  106. Madeline Holly
  107. Madeline Honora
  108. Madeline Hope
  109. Madeline Iris
  110. Madeline Isabel
  111. Madeline Isabella
  112. Madeline Isla
  113. Madeline Isobel
  114. Madeline Isolde
  115. Madeline Ivy
  116. Madeline Jade
  117. Madeline Jane
  118. Madeline Jean
  119. Madeline Jeannine
  120. Madeline Jewel
  121. Madeline Jolie
  122. Madeline Joy
  123. Madeline Julia
  124. Madeline Juliana
  125. Madeline Juliet
  126. Madeline June
  127. Madeline Juno
  128. Madeline Justine
  129. Madeline Kate
  130. Madeline Katherine
  131. Madeline Kay
  132. Madeline Keely
  133. Madeline Kerry
  134. Madeline Lake
  135. Madeline Lark
  136. Madeline Lauren
  137. Madeline Lauretta
  138. Madeline Lea
  139. Madeline Leona
  140. Madeline Lily
  141. Madeline Lisa
  142. Madeline Liv
  143. Madeline Lou
  144. Madeline Louisa
  145. Madeline Louise
  146. Madeline Lucia
  147. Madeline Luciana
  148. Madeline Lucille
  149. Madeline Lucinda
  150. Madeline Lucy
  151. Madeline Mae
  152. Madeline Maisie
  153. Madeline Marie
  154. Madeline May
  155. Madeline Mia
  156. Madeline Miranda
  157. Madeline Misha
  158. Madeline Monique
  159. Madeline Nicole
  160. Madeline Noelle
  161. Madeline Nora
  162. Madeline Olive
  163. Madeline Olivia
  164. Madeline Opal
  165. Madeline Ophelia
  166. Madeline Orchid
  167. Madeline Paige
  168. Madeline Pearl
  169. Madeline Phoebe
  170. Madeline Piper
  171. Madeline Rae
  172. Madeline Reese
  173. Madeline Renata
  174. Madeline Renee
  175. Madeline River
  176. Madeline Rosalie
  177. Madeline Rose
  178. Madeline Rosella
  179. Madeline Rosemary
  180. Madeline Roxane
  181. Madeline Ruby
  182. Madeline Ruth
  183. Madeline Sabina
  184. Madeline Sage
  185. Madeline Saoirse
  186. Madeline Sarah
  187. Madeline Seraphina
  188. Madeline Seren
  189. Madeline Serena
  190. Madeline Shiloh
  191. Madeline Sierra
  192. Madeline Simone
  193. Madeline Skye
  194. Madeline Snow
  195. Madeline Sophia
  196. Madeline Sophie
  197. Madeline Sparrow
  198. Madeline Stella
  199. Madeline Suzanne
  200. Madeline Talia
  201. Madeline Tara
  202. Madeline Taylor
  203. Madeline Tess
  204. Madeline Tessa
  205. Madeline Thea
  206. Madeline Therese
  207. Madeline Tulip
  208. Madeline Vera
  209. Madeline Vesper
  210. Madeline Victoria
  211. Madeline Viola
  212. Madeline Violet
  213. Madeline Virginia
  214. Madeline Willa
  215. Madeline Willow
  216. Madeline Winter
  217. Madeline Wren
  218. Madeline Yvette
  219. Madeline Yvonne
  220. Madeline Zara
  221. Madeline Zora

Final Thoughts:

We hope this list of middle name ideas helped you choose a middle name for your little Madeline. Go through the list of names and write down the ones which appeal to you. And then say the names out loud to see if it sounds good and feels right for you. 

We would love to know which middle name you choose for your baby girl. Please do let us know in the comments. 

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