I am a cloth diaper advocate. I am someone who recommends cloth diapers to anyone who asks me which brand diapers they should buy. 

But,let me assure you that my bias towards cloth diapers is not the reason why I recommend using cloth diapers as burp cloths for your baby.  

Many non-cloth diapering moms of mine are obsessed with burp cloths and they attest that diaper burp cloths are better than fancy burp cloths. 

Why should you use cloth diapers as burp cloths?

Best thing about cloth diapers is that they are so versatile and multi-functional.Even parents who are not using cloth diapers for diapering their baby can use them as swim diapers, burp clothes or find multiple uses for them. 

Cloth diapers do a great job in absorbing pee and poop, but they also do an equally good job at absorbing spit ups as well.

But, there are so many cloth diaper types and not all of them can be used as burp cloths. In my experience and from what I have seen other moms do, prefolds and diaper inserts are the two kinds that are commonly used.

I do not want to bore you with explaining all the cloth diaper types, but if you are interested you are more than welcome to read this detailed post I wrote about cloth diaper types

Here are two styles that are used as burp cloths:


In short, prefolds are rectangular shaped cloth that has multiple layers of fabric sewn together. Prefolds are often referred to as 4 by 8 by 4  which simply means that they have 8 layers of fabric in the middle and 4 layers on either side. The thicker the burp cloth the better, especially when your baby has reflux and spits up a ton.

Flat Diapers:

Flats are another fantastic option to be used as burp cloths. Unlike prefolds (which are thicker), flats are made of only a single layer of fabric. They are longer and wider than prefolds and needs to be folded to be used.

There are pros and cons for choosing flat as burp cloths, and it totally depends on your preference and convenience. 

Many prefer to use flat diapers as burp cloths because of its versatility. Since flats are longer, they can also be used as a nursing cover and can double as a light baby blanket.

You simply have to fold them in half and put them over your shoulder to use them as a burp cloth.

Here are some reasons why cloth diapers make great burp cloths.

They are the perfect size:

Whether you use prefolds or flat diapers, they both are longer than traditional burp cloths that you can get in the stores.

The bigger size offers more coverage, and stays put on your shoulders. Bigger size also means that you go through less number of  burp cloths in case of a mega throw up. 

They are super absorbent:

Unlike regular burp cloths, cloth diaper inserts are built to be super absorbent. Depending on the size of the insert, they can hold anywhere between 6 to 10 oz of liquid (on an average) which is considerably higher than any regular burp cloth can contain.

Cloth diapers are also super thick. 8 layers of cotton fabric at your arsenal can take care of any messes that parenthood might throw at you.

Cloth diapers can work excellent especially during the newborn stage when babies tend to spit up a lot. Cloth diaper inserts can catch almost all of the spit ups protecting your clothes from all the yuckiness.

They are durable:

Many of the prefolds that I have used are tagged as ?Diaper Service Quality, DSQ?. DSQ is used to denote premium-quality diapers that are durable and  last longer. They are built to withstand the wear and tear that comes from repetitive usage and washing.

Prefolds also get softer, fluffier and more absorbent with each wash.

During the initial days you will be washing burp cloths very often and I can?t think of any other burp cloths that washes better than cloth diaper prefolds. 

They are multi functional:

Prefolds are so versatile and we use them all around our house. I always keep a prefold in my diaper bag because they come in very handy to clean car seats, as an extra diaper, or just to wipe faces.

Here are a few genius ways to use prefolds :

In the Kitchen – Use them as unpaper towels (instead of paper towels), kitchen rags or dish clothes.

In the Bathroom – As a hand towel, face cloth or as bath rugs. I have even heard people using them as family cloth. Using family cloth is a sustainable alternative to using toilet paper. It is definitely not everyone?s cup of tea, but if you are up for it prefolds are great choice.

For kids – As a change mat, kiddie blanket, car seat protector, and for wiping crusty noses. One of the phenomenal use of prefolds is to use them as a pee protector. If you have a baby boy, you must know what I mean.

Every time I change my boy?s diaper, I ran the risk of being peed on my face. I would just throw a prefold on top of his wee-wee and cover it until I put his diaper on. Genius, right?

And, they are cheaper:

Regular cotton prefolds cost somewhere around 35 $ for a 12-pack which is approximately 3$ per burp cloth. Cloth diaper prefolds are considerably cheaper than cotton burp cloths for sure.

You can probably find some cheaper burp cloths made of flannel or fleece, but they do not last long and often not very absorbent either. 

I know many parents would only prefer to use organic burp cloths and I am happy to share that there are many 100% organic cotton prefold options available (I will list them below). 

Even when comparing organic cotton prefolds and organic burp cloths, I found that prefolds tend to cost less. Getting high quality organic products while saving money is always a win in my books.

Not just cotton, prefolds also come in other fabrics like bamboo and hemp, if that?s something you prefer.

Best Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths To Buy:

ProductGerber Prefold Gauze Diaper
Size14 inches x 20 inches
CountPack of 5
PriceCheck Here

These are the ultimate diaper burp cloths. Made of 100% cotton, these have raving reviews on Amazon. Many parents have commented that these work exceptionally well in absorbing larger messes which even towels fail to handle.

Gerber prefolds needs to be washed before using. These prefolds gets softer with each use and is gentle enough to use on baby?s skin.

These will prove to be a useful baby shower gift for new moms.


OsoCozy Organic Cotton Prefolds

Size14.5 inches x 22 inches
CountPack of 6
PriceCheck Here

This is the brand that we used and loved.

Unlike Gerber prefolds, these prefolds come in a natural cream color because they are unbleached.

If you are looking for organic burp cloths, then I highly recommend this brand. OsoCozy sells both organic as well regular cotton, look for 100% Gots certified cotton if you want organic material.

Osocozy also sells other sizes and cuts as well. The one I recommend is getting the large size traditional fit. This particular size is large enough to cover your shoulders completely and will offer greater protection. If your baby has severe reflux, then this size will be best suited.

If you have a light spitter, then you can always get the smaller size.


OsoCozy Bamboo Organic Prefolds

Size14.5 inches x 16" inches
CountPack of 6
PriceCheck Here

Many parents prefer to use bamboo fabric because bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and breathable. Since bamboo fabric also contains odor better.

Osocozy bamboo prefolds are a blend of bamboo and cotton, and they measure similar to their cotton prefolds. Bamboo is a great eco-friendly and sustainable option than cotton.


OsoCoz Bamboo Organic Prefolds

Size27 inches x 30.5 inches
CountPack of 12
PriceCheck Here

If you prefer using flat diapers as burp cloths, then OsoCozy also makes organic flats. They measure 20 by 30 inches, you would have to fold them in half and use them. They are large compared to prefolds, but I know some parents like using flats more than prefolds.

so, what do you think? Have you used cloth diapers as burp cloths or planning to? Which brand did you use and how did you like them?






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