There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to nursing your newborn. Having the right products by your side will put you and your baby in a more comfortable position.

Almost every new mom will have a nursing pillow on their baby registry. I used my nursing pillow every single day with both my babies. Not just for breastfeeding, I used the pillow during tummy time, propping my babies up, or to support them while they are sitting.

Since your baby will be spending a lot of time during the newborn stage, it is important to consider a organic nursing pillow for the health and comfort of your baby.

What Is A Nursing Pillow?

A nursing pillow is crescent or ‘C’ shaped pillow that can be wrapped around your tummy to bring your baby closer to the boobs while nursing.

Do You Need a Nursing pillow?

I do highly recommend getting a nursing pillow, if your budget allows for it. You will be spending a lot of time nursing your baby for the first few months. Even if you plan to supplement your baby with formula, nursing pillows can help you prop your baby and bottle-feed with ease.

Many popular commercial nursing pillows are made of petroleum based materials like polyester or polyurethane which may emit flame retardant materials or Volatile organic compounds that your baby will end up inhaling.

However, most companies now don’t use flame retardant chemicals on nursing pillows, it is better to use a pillow made of organic and natural materials.

Organic nursing pillows are expensive, but considering the amount of time your baby will be spending on the pillow, it can give you a peace of mind, knowing that there are no harmful chemicals affecting your baby’s health.

Best Organic Nursing Pillows:

Here are a list of organic nursing pillows that are made with natural materials like buck wheat hull or organic cotton.

1.The Nesting Pillow By Blessed Nest:

The Nesting Pillow is a breastfeeding pillow by Blessed Nest that is made of 100% natural materials. The inside of the pillow is filled with buck wheat hull and the outer cover is made of organic cotton.

All of their fabrics are certified organic by GOTS (global organic textile standards).

The best thing about the pillow is that it is very mold-able. Just like a bean bag, it conforms to the shape of your baby and offers great support. You don’t have to shove extra pillows underneath to avoid hunching or stooping down to get a good latch.

The Nesting Pillow is uniquely shaped like a Crescent and measures 26? wide, 16? deep and 5? high. Because of its shape and size, it can be very well used as a pregnancy pillow. The only grip about the pillow I have is the weight of the pillow. It weighs around 51/2 pounds and can be heavy to carry around after C section or a strenuous labor.

The pillow comes with a removable , washable cover. You can buy additional slip on covers for rotation.

2. Holy Lamb Organics Bo Beep Nursing Pillow:

If you are looking for an organic version of something similar to a Boppy Pillow, then you might like the Bo Beep Nursing Pillow from Holy Lamb Organics.

Holy Lamb is a small manufacturing company based WA, USA. They specialize in creating natural bedding products made out of organic cotton and local Premium Eco Wool. They are an Eco-conscious company adopting zero waste manufacturing processes and adhering to sustainable business practices.

Their Nursing Pillow is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and wool. Wool is an excellent material to use with babies as they are breathable and thermal regulating.

The pillow itself is spot clean only while the cover can be gently washed. You can buy additional covers to keep at hand ad use it in rotation when one gets dirty. You can even pair this pillow with an organic boppy cover.

3.Organic Nursing Pillow by Purerest:

Purerest is committed to delivering the best natural bedding products for your family. They only use GOTS and Oeko tex certified materials that is free of any harmful substances.

They even go to extent of hiring people who do no use scented products and those who do not live with a smoker, to ensure that their raw materials do not come in contact with harmful chemicals.

Purerest Nursing pillow is another organic option if you like the shape of the popular Boppy pillow. However, the purerest pillow is more ‘U’ shaped providing more support and firmness compared to ‘C’ shaped nursing pillows. The Purerest Organic nursing pillow can be used while nursing twins in the football hold position because of the ‘U’shape.

It is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and organic wool. This pillow does not come with a cover though. It looks very similar to the Holy Lamb Bo Beep pillow but is less expensive than the former ( because of the lack of cover) . You can choose to buy an Organic Boppy pillow cover or through an organic blanket over it and call it a day.

4.Organic Caboose Cotton Nursing Pillow:



The Organic Caboose nursing pillow is not ‘C’ shaped but rather has an ergonomic design that makes breastfeeding comfortable. The pillow is made of 100% organic cotton filling. For the outer part you can either choose a pure cotton exterior or a blend of bamboo and cotton.

The pillow is designed to last even after your nursing days are over. The pillow grows with the baby and can be used for tummy time, sitting etc.,

5. The Moon Womb By Sustainable Baby Co.

The Moon Womb pillow is made from sustainable and Eco -friendly materials. The pillow cover is made of organic cotton canvas, the inner filing is stuffed with ?100% Certified organic buckwheat hulls sourced from organic farms in USA. Even the zipper is made of lead -free brass.

The pillow comes with a removable aromatherapy pouch filled with certified organic lavender and chamomile flowers, that will help your baby calm down.

Materials aside, the Moon Womb Organic pillow is one gorgeous looking pillow that will lighten up any nursery. Due to the crescent shape of the pillow it can double as a pregnancy pillow as well.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Nursing pillow is one of the essential breastfeeding item that you will be using a lot. Choosing an organic breastfeeding pillow has so many health benefits for your baby. Organic pillows do not off gas harmful chemicals like commercial nursing pillows which are made of synthetic materials like polyester and ploy urethane.

Here are my Top Non Toxic Organic Nursing Pillow Picks:

1.The Nesting Pillow By Blessed Nest

2. Holy Lamb Organics Bo Beep Nursing Pillow

3.Organic Nursing Pillow by Purerest

4.Organic Caboose Cotton Nursing Pillow

5. The Moon Womb By Sustainable Baby Co

If you are looking for a nursing pillow that can double as a pregnancy pillow, then I would recommend going with The Nesting Pillow or the Moon Womb. If you want something that looks like a Boppy pillow then Holy Lamb, Caboose or Purerest looks promising.

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