An elephant themed nursery has been a popular trend for many years. That means there are a lot of choices when it comes to decor and it is known to turn out adorable. While there are many accessories to make an elephant nursery for a baby girl, a boy, or one that’s gender-neutral this post will be aimed at designing a baby boy elephant themed nursery with a blue color scheme. Within this post, we will cover how to set up the perfect nursery theme from start to finish, where you can find cute and unique accessories for your nursery and more.

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elephant themed nursery for a boy

​Elephant Theme Nursery for Your Baby Boy

When selecting a theme for your nursery there are so many options! An arrow themed nursery, safari nursery, or airplane nursery might be ideas that have gone through your mind. If you’ve found your way here you may have considered all the nursery themes and be ready to settle on a baby elephant themed nursery for your little boy. If you are settled on your theme (or close to it) and looking for inspiration and the latest trends this post will help you out.

An elephant nursery theme can have strictly elephant nursery decor or can be blended with other safari animals. It can be a great choice for anyone who loves African animals, elephants in particular, or maybe even the movie Dumbo.


How to Set Up a Baby Boy Elephant Themed Nursery

When selecting a nursery theme you want it to look cohesive throughout the entire room. First select the color palette that you would like to stay within for your baby’s room. Light blue and gray is a popular perfect choice for an elephant-themed nursery for your baby boy, but other color schemes work as well.

You can add in greens, other hues of blue, black, or white.

Begin with the walls when designing a room. You can pick one paint color to paint on all the walls, an elephant wallpaper for all of the walls, or some elephant wall stickers that cause no damage when removed.

NuWallpaper NU1405 Gray Elephant Parade Peel and Stick Wallpaper

You can also select a blend of these wall finish options by using a fresh coat of paint and some little elephant wall stickers or painting three walls and wallpapering the fourth. There are a lot of creative ways to begin your walls that make a great choice for an elephant nursery theme.

Cozy Baby Elephant Family Wall Stickers, sacinora Cute Cartoon Animal Wall Decals Removable Vinyl Peel and Stick for Kids Boy Girl Nursery Living Room Bedroom Art Decorations


Select the Perfect Wall Art

The best place to get custom orders of wall art for your nursery is Etsy. Whether you would like a framed large size poster, a couple smaller size posters, or unique canvas prints, Etsy is the best place to shop.

baby boy elephant themed nursery ideas

From @RetroVisualStudio

You can find adorable high quilty larger size posters of sweet elephant cartoons printed on professional paper that you can simply frame and hang in your nursery.

baby boy elephant themed nursery

From @CanvasArtisan

There are also top deals on canvas prints of elephants that you can get in different sizes for your kid’s room. A nursery wall art elephant family is a classy and sweet way to decorate your nursery walls.

baby boy elephant themed nursery

From @RetroVisualStudio

If you like the appearance of a more full wall when decorating, consider a set of smaller elephant art prints instead. These retro book cover designs are perfect for a baby nursery.


Selecting Crib Bedding for Your Baby Boy Elephant Nursery

Once your walls are painted, wallpapered, and decorated, select the perfect crib bedding set with baby animals on it. A baby elephant theme has been popular in nurseries for decades, so you will have a large selection of elephant crib bedding to choose from. There are many elephant crib sets with a blue and grey color scheme like this below.

The Peanutshell Elephant Crib Bedding Set for Boys or Girls, 5 Pieces

If you’ve chosen to go with a trendy neutral nursery theme for your nursery there are nice grey and white elephant crib bedding sets that are adorable.

The Peanutshell Elephant Walk Crib Bedding Set - 3 Piece Unisex Nursery Set - Crib Quilt, Crib Sheet, Crib Skirt

A final style of crib bedding you will want to consider is a set that features not only elephants but other safari animals as well. You may want to expand your theme slightly, whether on only the crib bedding and mobile or throughout the room.

The Peanutshell Safari Crib Bedding Set for Boys or Girls, 4pc Organic Cotton Crib Comforter Set, Elephant Giraffe Monkey Zebra Nursery Decor, Neutral Grey, White, Tan, Green


Add in Additional Elephant Nursery Decor

By this time your nursery decorating is coming along quite nicely. It is time to pull the theme together with various accessories with matching designs to expand your nursery décor throughout the entire room. 

Adding accessories will not only tie together your theme so that it looks professionally designed, but will make a more cohesive happier place for you and your baby to be in. 


Wrapping Up Designing Your Baby Boy Elephant Themed Nursery

baby boy elephant themed nursery

An elephant nursery theme is a classic theme that has stood the test of time. With this guide you are well on your way to setting up the perfect nursery for your little one to grow up in. Some other ideas to include that can make a nursery even more modern and cozy are a custom name sign hanging over the crib, a fuzzy rug, and an elephant mobile above the crib. 


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