Yummy Rainbow Fruit Popsicle Recipe

Here’s a refreshing and healthy summer treat for your little ones. These fruit and greens packed rainbow popsicles are a great snack option on a hot summer day.

They are colorful, fun and have no artificial colors or flavors making it nutritious and delicious.

These rainbow popsicles are a fun alternative to such summer treats and they are always a big hit amongst kids all ages.

- Strawberries - Orange juice - Spinach - Banana - Mangoes - Pineapple - Lemon juice - Blueberries


Wash and prep all the fruits needed for the popsicle. Set it aside.


Combine the ingredients mentioned for the red layer in a blender. Pour a tbsp or more so that less than ¼th of the popsicle mold is full.

step 2:

Make the Green layer by blending all the ingredients needed for the green layer.

step 3:

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