Homemade Baby Yogurt Melts Recipe

These homemade baby yogurt melts are best suited for six months of age and older (when they get their first teeth). Toddlers will love eating these yogurt melts too!

These yogurt melts don’t contain any refined sugars and sweetened with fresh or frozen fruits.

You can also add some natural colouring like beet juice, turmeric powder, spinach juice and blueberry juice to create deeper colours for feeding a picky toddler.

- banana - blueberries - greek yogurt - strawberries - raspberries - nectarine


Take your greek yogurt and add to your blender or into a bowl if you are using a hand blender. Add in your chopped fresh or frozen fruit. Blend well.


Put yogurt mixture into a zip lock bag or piping bag. Cut a small hole in the end. The smaller the hole, the better.

step 2:

Pipe onto the lined cookie sheet. I made mine 5 cm in diameter Freeze for approx 2 hours.

step 3:

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