Spinach Banana Pancakes Recipe

These Green Spinach banana pancakes will make a great breakfast that even your picky eater will love. Don ‘t let the colour of these spinach pancakes fool you!

They are delicious, and your little ones will think they are the coolest with their bright green colour.

These spinach pancakes are packed with all-natural ingredients with no added sugar unless you want to surprise them with a little maple syrup.

- Sprouted Spelt flour - Eggs - Banana - Spinach - Baking soda - Milk


Put spinach, banana, milk and eggs into a blender, then top with your flour and lastly, your baking soda.


Blend until smooth on medium-high. Don’t over blend.

step 2:

Once batter smooth, heat your pan with a spray of avocado oil to medium-low heat.

step 3:

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