11 Pacifier Alternatives For Babies and Toddlers

Deciding to use a pacifier with your baby can be a tricky decision, and learning about pacifier alternatives for babies and toddlers can help.

For some mamas, pacifiers provide a break they desperately need when they have a baby whose colicky or having a particularly fussy day.

We’ll also talk about pacifier alternatives for toddlers to help you get through the challenging phase of kicking the pacifier habit for good.

This has been proven in a research study that showed breastfeeding as the most effective tool for soothing a baby after receiving a heel prick over any other method.

1. Breastfeeding

Rocking, bouncing and swaying your baby can be highly effective ways to soothe them.

2. Rocking & Bouncing

Gliders are popular, bouncing or walking with your baby while wearing them, and even bouncing them on a yoga ball are all effective way to use movement to soothe your fussy baby instead of a pacifier.

While babies are in the womb, it’s anything but quiet. In fact, it probably sounds a lot like white noise.

3. White Noise

For this reason, making a shushing noise while you comfort your baby can be highly effective. To keep them calm, a white noise machine can function the same way.

Babies use their mouths to explore and learn more about the world. Offering teething toys and chew toys can be very soothing in these instances.

4. Teething toys

Be sure to pick toys made of natural materials like silicone or wood instead of potentially toxic plastics.

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