Baby French Toast Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good French toast for breakfast? Topped with lots of fruits, delicious syrup it is a perfect dish to start the day with.

This baby French toast is so easy to make and is always a hit amongst babies and toddlers.

Eggs are a common allergen. So many of us postpone giving eggs to babies. But research indicates introducing allergens early on reduces the chance of your child developing allergies later.

- Whole wheat bread - Eggs - Coconut milk - Cinnamon - Vanilla extract - Butter


Cut the bread in long strips. Remove the crust if serving to young babies.


Mix the eggs, milk, vanilla extract*, cinnamon, 1 tsp butter in a bowl.

step 2:

Coat the bread sticks in the egg batter so both the sides are coated in the mixture.

step 3:

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