10 Essential Accessories for Cloth Diapers 

Must have cloth diaper accessories that will help make cloth diapering easy plus a few other products that are nice to have! Cloth diapering accessories are awesome.

Modern cloth diapering has come a long way than what our grandmothers were used to- no more plastic pants and poking babies with pins.

While cloth diapering accessories are awesome, please know that they are not necessary to cloth diaper.

Disposable diaper wipes have so many harmful ingredients that can severely impact your baby’s skin. Some babies react horribly after using disposable wipes.

1. Cloth wipes

You can make your own cloth wipe solution. All you need is a glass spray bottle, some soap, and a recipe. You can also buy these cloth wipe cubes and dilute them to make cloth wipe solution.


Diaper sprayer attaches to the toilet, come diaper cleaning time, simply spray the poop inside the toilet to remove poop without touching the mess.


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