What Can You Say to Someone Who Just Had a Miscarriage

The time after having my miscarriage was one of the loneliest times of my life. I was new to Canada and had very few friends to call my own.

Luckily, I was blessed with a great church family, that took me in and helped me through it.

Here are five ways how you can support a friend and help her through this painful episode of her life.

If there is a time in your friends life that she needs you the most, its probably after a loss of her baby. If you can, visit her. If not, talk over the phone, text or even Skype.

1. Be there

Along with emotional trauma, she can be physically exhausted. Loss of sleep, forgoing meals would leave her with little energy.

2. Bring a meal or help with other chores

Make her a comforting meal and drop it at her place. Does she need some groceries, Offer to pick some for her or if she feels up for it, take her out for some grocery shopping.

It is very common in our society to not talk about miscarriage. Value her loss, make her feel comfortable sharing her loss with you.

3. Value her loss

Guilt and self-blaming can peak after a miscarriage/ infant loss. As mothers, we are designed to protect and nourish our babies.

4. Reassure her

Reassure her that is it not her fault. Tell her that she is a wonderful mother and what happened was beyond her control.

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